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Foreign Actually I guess kind of me as well I Did miss yesterday is I've been sick for The last few days unfortunately but I am Feeling much much better now thank you All by the way for all the kind words You sent me yesterday you all just Continue to be absolutely awesome I do Appreciate each and every single one of You all however The Show Must Go On we Do have plenty of things to go over Today including some new Xbox game pass Games you always kind of love this time Of the month but we do have some new Game pass games for the month of November and this is actually just the First half of the month and I'm always In such all that they just continue to Get all these new and interesting day One releases on a monthly basis and well November just continues a fast streak With a few enticing titles that I very Much want to try out for myself also Sony revealed the PlayStation Plus Subscriber count for the first time Since introducing their new multi-fasted Tier system which has yielded some mixed Results but also I think interesting in A way as well I'll kind of explain that Here in just a bit per usual though if You do find yourself enjoying the video And if you're new to the channel make Sure to hit that like subscribe and yes Ring that Bell so that way you'll be

Able to stay up to date with all of the Latest gaming news with that said though Let's just go and Dive Right In starting Off with Call of Duty and the ongoing Questions surrounding the Xbox Activision Blizzard acquisition you know Because there's always some type of Question regarding this buyout but yes Will Call of Duty to be exclusive to Xbox or not after the buyout this is the One that a lot of people have been Asking pretty consistently and well Xbox Phil Spencer in an interview with same Brain did answer that question by saying This we're not taking Call of Duty from PlayStation that's not our intent our Intent is not to do that and as long as There's a PlayStation out there to ship To our intent is that we'll continue to Ship Call of Duty on Playstation similar To what we've done with Minecraft since We owned that so there you go I I think This is a pretty clear-cut answer I mean They've publicly said this a number of Different times by this point but still Even then not every gamer necessarily Chooses to believe it but I think that This answer is it's pretty Straightforward he directly Compares Call of Duty to Minecraft which remains Multi-platform to this day I think one Of the problems that Gamers have right Now though is that big corporations do Have a tendency of playing these word

Games so there is that healthy dose of Speculation that I think is very much Merited but the more information that Comes out on this acquisition it's it's Pretty evident that they truly do intend On treating it like Minecraft I know It's since come out that there is a Contract and play score platforms like PlayStation that will end in so many Years and then after that contract ends Technically Microsoft could take Call of Duty off of PlayStation PlayStation boss Jim Ryan made a big hoopla about it with Regulators and said publicly that it was Inadequate for their own consumers but I I really feel like Sony is kind of Playing a different game here I Personally feel that Sony's being Disingenuous because I think that they Know Microsoft intends to keep Call of Duty on Playstation they had personal Conversations with one another they just Don't want the acquisition to go through It all because that means that they can No longer lock down marketing rights and Things like exclusive content which has Been successful for them when it comes To Call of Duty so they're trying to use Anything that they possibly can to get These Regulators to take a closer look In the hopes that they'll stop it I Think that that's what it all really Just kind of boils down to here but let Me put it a different way Minecraft is

Owned by Microsoft as well we all know This and I assume that Minecraft Operates under very similar conditions They're not forced to put Minecraft on Other platforms but they choose to and That includes completely new games like Minecraft dungeons and Minecraft Legends There's a good chance that contracts Aren't in place for those as well we Just don't necessarily hear about these Type of things but Call of Duty from Everything that we've heard it's not Going to operate any different than Minecraft now as for all the other Activision Blizzard IP really I think That that's where Gamers should focus Their questions will future Crash Bandicoot games as an example be Exclusive to Xbox that type of stuff Still kind of remains to be seen because So much attention is being put on Call Of Duty but either way at the end of the Day I keep saying this but I really Think that this acquisition is much more For Xbox game pass than it is about Exclusivity even Phil Spencer alluded to That in this same interview Next up more Marvel games are on the way This is something that we are starting To see more of which I'll kind of come Back to here in just a second but EA and Disney announced a new partnership that Has them working on three new Marvel Related games now we already know one of

These games which is Iron Man developed By EA motive which is the same Studio That's currently working on the Dead Space remake that one could turn out to Be interesting I know there's a lot of Iron Man fans out there but as for these Other two they've yet to shed any light As to what they could be details Currently are sparse so we don't really Know the size of these games how far Along they are in development or Anything like that but if you are a Marvel fan I mean I think you have to be Pretty happy right now Disney is taking The game industry very serious and That's becoming more and more evident as We continue along I think after Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 had so Much success they kind of looked that And they thought hey there's a lot of Potential here because since then we've Seen countless Partnerships Bethesda They're working on Indiana Jones there's Countless and having countless Star Wars Games and development right now Wolverine is coming from Sony you have Avatar from Ubisoft skydance media They're working on a black panther and Captain America game and now they're Announcing even more Marvel related Games are coming so Disney seems to be Diving face first into the game industry Though I I do find their strategy to be Interesting so far they're they're just

Partnering up with various Publishers But I think if they continue to have a Lot of success I kind of wonder if they Maybe try to invest even more into the Game industry by you know doing Something like getting their own Studios With the acquisition season continuing On Disney could maybe swoop in and get Involved with all that no of course I'm Just speculating here but one thing is For sure more Marvel games are on the Way and actually about that let me know Which Marvel game you would like to see The most would you like to see something Like Daredevil would you like to see Something like the Hulk or maybe Something like uh Doctor Strange or the Many many others let me know which one You would like to see the most Let's go and get into the Xbox game pass News though we did get a release date For a big game and then we also got the First wave of November games yeah this Is uh some fun times here but we'll First uh touch up on this release date Though which is for atomic heart now This is a game that's caught a lot of Attention online since they first Announced it because I mean Just look at it it looks absolutely Gorgeous from a graphical standpoint the Gameplay looks insanely fun and creative With its first person action and all of Its abilities and then it's got this

Unique and interesting atmosphere it is Set in an alternate 1950s where you see All these futuristic robots and I mean If anything this game looks like it has Real potential and the cool thing here Is that it is launching directly into Xbox game pass me you just gotta love it But we do now have a release date it's Release date seemingly leaked ahead of Its full announcement revealing it will Be out on February 21st of 2023 which Technically means that they didn't quite Meet their goal to release it this year But the good news here is the weight Won't be much longer I do hope this one Turns out to be as good as it looks Though I mean you never really quite Know until you get to play it yourself But from what we've seen so far Atomic Car I mean it really does look like it Could be a special first person shooter When it releases and the fact that it is Launching day one into Xbox game pass The barrier to entry is pretty low and Affordable here again you just gotta Love it as for the November Xbox game Pass lineup though they did reveal that Earlier today and and this lineup is Really the exact reason I am such a big Supporter of the service because check This out in just the first 15 days of The month subscribers we get 10 new Games including return to Monkey Island Football manager 2023 for console Ghost

Song pentiment The Legend of tanding Vampire survivors Somerville football Manager 2023 for PC The Walking Dead a New frontier and then also The Walking Dead Michonne complete season now when You look at this lineup no it does not Include that big AAA release that some People just spawn over but the reason That I love these type of lineups so Much is because it includes several Several interesting day one releases Like immediately return to Monkey Island Stands out I mean the Monkey Island Series has such a die-hard dedicated fan Base and they've waited for this game For years and years and it is now Finally here well as it turns out the Weight was actually well worth it as it Turned out to be a great game it didn't Release back in September for the Nintendo switch and PC and it did get Rave reviews it does have an 86 overall Score on Metacritic with 52 reviews so We know for a fact that this game is It's pretty good or at least critically And it is now heading to Xbox with a day One release on November 8th that there I'd say is pretty awesome alone but There's other games here as well that I Think deserve some attention pentiment Being one such title this is actually a First party Xbox game developed by Obsidian Entertainment it's not really The type of game that you'd expect from

Them they tend to specialize when it Comes to RPGs but this instead is more Of a narrative Adventure game but I Think that it does have an interesting And unique premise to it in this game You actually play as a master artist in The 16th century that finds himself in The midst of a murder investigation you Then have to make decisions that can Impact the world around you again it is A narrative Adventure experience if Anything though I like that this game is Trying to do its own thing here and the Director is Josh Sawyer which is behind The pillows of Eternity Series so pin Intimate might be worth a try when it Releases on November 15th there's also Summersville which is releasing on November 15th as well we have talked About this game a few different times But this game looks ridiculously good This is coming from the co-creator of Inside and limbo so so you might notice Some similarities here but it's got such An ominous atmospheric vibe to it it is About an alien invasion and then the Character you play as has to venture out In its dangerous world the quote unquote Make his family whole once again I Believe this one might possibly turn out To be a surprise hit though I know I'm Personally excited to check this one out As limbo and inside for that matter were Absolutely fantastic games so maybe

We'll get another good game here in Summersville now go song I also think Looks highly interesting this one is Releasing on November 3rd so just a Couple of days from now and you can Clearly see it was heavily and I mean Heavily inspired by the 2D Metroid Series I mean the jump animation the Shooting mechanics and even the wall Jump I mean these look like it came Straight from the Metroid games now I Personally love the Metroid Series so I'm kind of curious in this game but I Mean in terms of quality is it in Similar quality I mean I guess we'll Have to see but it does at the very Least appear to be an interesting Metroidvania even the legend of tmdm This is a side-scrolling beat em Up game That's been available on PC for some Time but fans I mean they seem to love This game it does have overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam with 96 of all Reviews recommending it so yeah that's That's a pretty good sign right there And that's what I'm trying to say about This lineup there's a lot of really Interesting day one releases here and That also includes games like football Manager 2023 and vampire survivors which Is coming to console for the first time Ever vampire survivors is another one of Those games that's gotten a lot of Really good user reviews over on Steam

So yeah that's coming over to Game Pass As well so yeah I think that this is a Really sneaky good lineup of games here And I do always kind of like to go over Them that way you all can kind of know More about them heading into their Release it's kind of interesting to me Because Xbox they always highlight their New games coming over to Game Pass but a Lot of the times names of games alone it Doesn't really do much for fans but when You start to look into each individual Game then you're kind of like oh yeah That game actually looks pretty Interesting I think that's very much the Case for the first half of November let Me know though which game here are you Most looking forward to playing yourself I think for me I'm gonna have to go with Somerville I think that one looks really Really good Next up let's go and take a look at Police station and their quarterly Fiscal year report it did yield some Mixed results and specific with their PlayStation Plus subscribers but first Let's actually go ahead and take a look At the highlights here this was posted Up by Tom Horn and it says 3.3 million PlayStation 5 sells which is flat year Over year they ended the quarter with 45.4 million PlayStation Plus Subscribers which is down four percent Then 62.5 million in software cells

Which is down 18 and then they have 102 Million active PSN users which is down Two percent so not necessarily the Strongest results in the world but Overall I think that this is pretty much To be expected by this point we are Seeing similar things pretty much across The board especially with financial Tightening across much of the world so I'm not necessarily overly surprised by The results here what I thought was Interesting though is their PlayStation Plus subscriber count because they did Report that it has 2 million last Subscribers which is noteworthy because They did did just release their new Multi-faceted tier system so you would Think that they would have grown since Then but actually the opposite is Happening here instead now with that Said despite them losing subscribers There is a bit of a silver lining here Because they're actually making more Money from subscriptions they did post a 16 increase in Network Services which Includes PlayStation Plus so basically More or less they have less subscribers But because they're paying more for Services like PlayStation Plus extra and Premium overall Sony is actually making More money so maybe a little bit of Mixed results there depending on how you Look at it though I think that there is An important question to be asked here

Why are people unsubscribing to PlayStation Plus despite them revamping Their service and I think that there's Two different things happening here one Is what I noted before people's finances Are becoming a little tighter right now So that could possibly be a factor here But also the other is how enticing Sony's actually making these services And I think that there still needs to be Some work done Since they launched PlayStation Plus Extra in premium only one month has Stood out to me personally as being Impressive and that was the month that They released straight day one since Then it's pretty much mostly just been Older titles and I think that there's a Limited reach for that type of service I Do think that they need to commit more And get more day one releases whether it Be something like Xbox game pass you Have Netflix or whatever new content is What keeps people subscribed I am not Subscribing to a service to kind of you Know do a crap shoot where have I played This game before or have I not so I Think that they need to really invest Into day one titles but hey again they Did actually make more money here so That there is that I however did not Like their reasoning as to why they said That they lost subscribers and why third Party sells was down they actually

Blamed it on users going outdoors more I I don't know that seems kind of like a Strange excuse to me but hey whatever I Guess Let's go and take a look at the poll of The day though and I wanted to kind of Get into one of the all-time continuous Debates when it comes to gaming and that Is what type of controller do you prefer When it comes to analog sticks do you Prefer that asymmetrical style like the Xbox Nintendo switch Pro etc etc or do You prefer the symmetrical analog sticks Like PlayStation and as you can see here 67 of you do prefer asymmetrical where Only 13 of you all prefer symmetrical And yeah I'm with you all here as well Um I I always kind of preferred Asymmetrical as it feels like things are Really spaced out well there's also easy Access to things like the d-pad so Controllers like the GameCube Xbox 360 Which seems to be a fan favorite for a Lot of people out there have always been Insanely insanely comfortable to be fair Though I I will say that I think PlayStation has really improved there's Symmetrical design over the years and I'd say with both the PlayStation 4 and The PlayStation 5 I think that their Controllers are are still comfortable it Was really the PlayStation 3 controller That I did didn't like the PlayStation 3 Controller was just cramped in my

Opinion but pretty much since then I Think that they've done a pretty good Job I know that there's still going to Be preferences between you know one of The two but I don't think that any of The modern controllers per se Necessarily stands out to me personally As just being flat out uncomfortable I Mean I guess the switch joy-cons in Handheld mode I did have to get a switch Grip for that which you know that did Fix the problem but overall I think all The big three has kind of learned how to Make comfortable controllers throughout The years let's go take a look at one of The comments here though as chefy City Vibe said Nintendo 64 AKA Satan's Controller still just hit different even If it doesn't make sense and hey that's The best controller ever and I don't Know what you mean by Satan's controller You just have to grow a third arm and Then it just makes perfect sense after That seriously though it will always be A mystery on how Nintendo decided that Controller was actually a good idea Still though Nintendo 64 was still one Of my favorite consoles despite its Controller being a little questionable To say the link Anyways though that's it for this Episode if you liked the video don't Forget to hit the Bell notification And Subscribe button for more content just

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