THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA Season 2 Trailer (2023)

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THE LEGEND OF VOX MACHINA Season 2 Trailer (2023) Critical Role, Fantasy, Animated Series
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Gods above us Dragons attacking together It's like the end of the world and what Exactly is the plan against four dragons This is gonna be fun I am very flammable How about we get a drink I hope you've Fallen to Lava attack Oh that's a new record usually takes us 10 minutes to get kicked out of a palace Fox These weapons were created to strike Down the gods find them to defeat the Dragons We pissed it off we don't have that Effect on people You are super up That's new We need to get inside that Dragon you're A man full of acid no way The other way oh God The legend of fox Machina premieres January 20th only on Prime video my Balls are ice cubes This is actually kind of cozy

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