Walmart’s $8 CPU Frame vs. $800 i9-12900KS | Cheukchi Frame Review

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As a final part of our CPU Contact Frame for Intel 12th Gen coverage, we’re testing and reviewing the Walmart CPU frame by putting it on our $800 test CPU — hopefully it goes OK. This CPU contact frame follows our previous reviews of Intel ”unbending” CPU frames, starting with the Thermal Grizzly contact frame and leading to the Thermalright contact frame. Now, we’re looking at the Binyou or Cheukchi frame from Walmart and Amazon only. We haven’t heard of these companies, but the product is simple enough, so it’s cheap enough. At $8 to $14 or so, these frames land between Thermalright (which is a known brand) and Thermal Grizzly (which bills itself as a ’premiere’ brand, priced at $35).

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Watch the video that started it all – our Thermal Grizzly Contact Frame review:
Watch our Thermalright $4 contact frame review:

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00:00 – Walmart CPU Frames
01:42 – What These Are
02:05 – Packaging
03:27 – Key Downsides vs. Thermalright & Thermal Grizzly
04:16 – Look & Naming
05:50 – Mounting Differences
06:00 – Pressure Testing
07:03 – 12700 Pressure Map
07:51 – 12900 Pressure Map
08:38 – 12900KS Pressure Map
09:32 – Thermal Testing Explainer
10:05 – Temperature Results
11:04 – Mike Talks Mechanical Design
14:03 – Criticisms of the Installation
14:48 – Steve on the Tricks & Differences
17:06 – Conclusion

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Host, Writing, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Testing, Research: Mike Gaglione
Video: Andrew Coleman

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