Round 3: “Is Intel Actually Screwed?” Ft. Gordon of PC World

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In this video, we meet with PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung (formerly Max PC) to answer the question we talk about every* year: ”Is Intel Screwed?” This topic started a few years ago, back when Intel was on the ropes, and now it’s coming back as we talk about 13th Gen, Arc GPUs and drivers, AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs (Zen 4, like the 7950X), and more.

Watch ”Is Intel Actually Screwed?” Part 1, where Gordon makes angry faces about internet commenters:
Watch ”Is Intel Actually Screwed?” Part 2, where Gordon rants more:
Check out PC World’s video with Steve & Gordon on Power Supplies:

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00:00 – Gordon Off the Rails
01:15 – 2 Years of Is Intel Screwed?!
02:42 – It Was Really, Really Bad for Intel
03:38 – Ian Cuttress Cameo
05:21 – Intel is Coming Back
05:52 – Gordon Risks His Career
06:52 – GPUs… ”They’re screwed”
09:20 – Is There Hope?
12:48 – Is Third Place Good Enough?
13:58 – These Are Not Sports Teams!
17:09 – Intel is Important
19:34 – Beep, beep, BEEP, beep, bEeP!
21:30 – Gordon Forgets the Year, Steve Forgets the Month

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Hosts: Steve Burke, Gordon Mah Ung
Video: Andrew Coleman

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