HW News – Ryzen 7000 DDR5 Speeds & Infinity Fabric, Intel 13th Gen, USB 4V2

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News this week talks about the ”sweet spot” for AMD AM5 CPU memory — the first time on DDR5 for AMD — alongside Infinity Fabric clocks, Intel 13th Gen CPUs, USB4 V 2.0, ASUS’ TUF GT502 case, and more.

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00:00 – Recapping the Week
05:59 – Leak: ASRock Warns of Long X670E Boot Times
07:07 – EK Water Blocks Still Isn’t a ”Sham”
09:42 – Rumor: AMD to Announce Ryzen 7000 with V-Cache at CES
11:21 – USB4 Version 2.0 Announced
13:23 – Leak: NVIDIA RTX 4080 Cooler
14:41 – ASUS TUF GT502 Case
18:13 – Leak: Intel Raptor Lake Launch
19:30 – US Government Restricts NVIDIA Exports
21:00 – Logitech G502 X Mice
22:36 – Small Form Factor Boom
24:51 – AeroCool Skribble Case
26:11 – Spider-Man Hard Drives

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Host: Steve Burke
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Andrew Coleman

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