HW News – RTX 4090 Adapter Cables, Weird Intel A770s, Razer Steam Deck Clone

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In the news this week, we follow-up with Corsair’s apology to GN (which we’ve accepted and are happy to move forward as normally!), the 4090 adapter cable confusion, a 4090 with a BUILT-IN level, ASRock graffiti motherboards, and more from the past week.

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00:00 – Recapping the Week
01:09 – GN Coaster Pack & Cat Angels Donation!
05:41 – Corsair Apologizes to GN for “Bullsh**” Comments
07:38 – About Those 4090 Adapter Cables
12:43 – RTX 4090 Has an Actual Level Built-In
14:00 – ASRock Launches Graffiti Motherboards
15:24 – Razer Competes with Valve on Steam Deck Clone
16:27 – More Steam Deck Accessories
17:28 – RTX 4090 Water Blocks
20:34 – Acer Predator BiFrost A770
22:02 – Noctua Ryzen 7000 Thermal Paste Guard

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video Editing: Mike Gaglione
Video Editing: Andrew Coleman

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