AMD Gave Us Too Much Power | CPU Naming Problems

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Steve & Gordon discuss AMD’s new laptop CPU naming problem where, after 17 minutes of discussion, we determine that the year is ultimately the problem for AMD’s new naming scheme. This was mostly meant to be a fun discussion at an event where we had just been given a decoder wheel for AMD’s new CPU names. The wheel is genuinely really cool, but it does indicate a bigger problem — needing a decoder ring to understand a product name.

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00:00 – If You Need This, There’s a Problem
01:51 – Discussion
04:46 – First Name Makes No Sense
06:05 – AMD Selling Old Cores with New Names
07:44 – What They’re TRYING to Say
10:43 – Selling Lousy Things to Make Money
21:00 – A Good Problem to Have

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Hosts: Steve Burke, Gordon Mah Ung
Video: Andrew Coleman

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