10 Alternate Paths That Took You Somewhere Completely DIFFERENT

– Not every game is like this, But some are pretty linear And give you a pretty good
idea of what you're gonna do. And then sometimes you
get a total curve ball. Hi folks, it's Falcon. And today on Gameranx 10 ridiculous alternate paths
games allowed you to take. Starting off with number 10, Far Cry 6, Just leaving the island. Like so many games, Start with your character
being the reluctant hero Who's not interested in saving the world, Or just their country in this game's case. But most of the time they
don't actually let you Go through with just not doing anything. Far Cry 6 is different. After liberating the
opening tutorial island, The rebels give your
character Danny a boat. Like the entire reason your
character was helping the rebels At first was just to break the blockades So they can enact their plan Of escaping the fictional
Caribbean country of Yara, And go to Miami. Cue the Will Smith song right here. Oh yeah, Big Willie style. Of course, what's supposed to happen Is that Danny ends up joining the rebels And helps free the country
from the tyrannical control Of Gus Fring, sorry, Anton Castillo. But if you're not buying that, You're just free to jump in the boat And ride off into the sunset. That's it. You head toward the edge of
the map and the game ends.

There's a cut scene of Danny in Miami Sitting on the beach, Again Big Willie style, While the news says the rebellion in Yara Was eventually crushed. It's not a happy ending for everyone else, But things work out pretty good for you. In comparison to previous Far Cry games That let you end things easier, It's probably the most like
selfish, maybe, I guess? It's grim. 'Cause walking away in
both like Far Cry 4 and 5 Are kind of the best
outcomes for those games. But this one, you're doing fine, But pretty much everybody else is crushed. And it's bizarre 'cause you're pretty much Just up in the US vibing, you know? – But first, how about
something a little more ubeat? ♪ Come on, shake your
body, baby, do that conga ♪ – And number nine is NieR:
Automata no I in team. There are a lot of
endings in NieR: Automata, 26 in total, Which is coincidentally
the same number of letters There are in the alphabet. Only five of them are
quote unquote real endings, And the rest are pretty much joke endings That you get for doing dumb
or counterintuitive stuff. Like there's a lot of
dumb things you can do In this game that trigger a bad ending, Like removing your OS
chip which just kills you. That's pretty dumb. But if you really want to
go for something ridiculous That makes no sense, No I in team is the
ending you're looking for.

This one triggers when you
go to the city to rescue 9S. After beating the boss, You just don't do the thing
that you came there for. Instead of going to help the injured 9S, You just walk away. Like, I don't know why you would Go to all the trouble of going down there And beat the boss and just like peace out, Leaving your partner for dead. Doesn't make sense. Very, very silly. Pointless, stupid. And also like really funny. Like, I'm one of those people
who gets curious in games, And I did this without
knowing that you can do it. It just cracked me the hell up. And number eight is
Metal Slug 3 Division 6. And this list isn't just
about alternate endings. Like, sometimes an alternate
path doesn't lead to an ending. It's just a weird direction That you can go on a game
with a branching path. Games with legitimately
different branching paths Are pretty rare. Probably the best is Metal Slug 3, A zany arcade shoot 'em up With a bunch of alternate
routes you can take Through many of its levels. And the most impressive thing about 'em Is that most of them are
just completely different. Now, if you want ridiculous, Mission four has you covered. It's crazy enough with it
mutated bugs and actual mummies, But if you take a specific
path through the level You can find these guys,
Division 6, holed up in a cave.

Like they're based on the real life Japanese Army's sixth division. They're holdouts from the second World War That have been hiding
out in this cave so long, They don't know that the war is over. All their equipment is so old
that it doesn't work anymore. Their tank is propelled by these two guys With their legs sticking out the bottom. And their airplanes are
just held up by string. Keep in mind, you never see 'em again. This whole little story
is completely contained In an optional side area that
is incredibly easy to miss. And, for many reasons, is ridiculous. (dramatic music)
(laser shots) And number seven, the Stanley
Parable's alternate endings, A game that is all
ridiculous alternate paths. The normal path is the most boring one Where you just follow the
narrator's instructions And play out the incredibly
basic story the way they want With not a lot of payoff at the end. The real meat of the game is In finding ways that go
against the narrator, Kind of disobeying them
and making your own fun. It's hard to narrow down
which ending is the goofiest, Because there's so many of them. But my personal favorite,
or at least one of them, Is the out of map ending. Like it's more quote unquote
alternative than normal 'cause it only triggers by finding a way To get outside the map in
the starting office room. So if you manage to get out of the window, You fall into the empty white void below. And you'd think that free
you from the narrator, But it doesn't.

The whole thing gets even more ridiculous In the ultra deluxe edition, Where you can bring along a bucket That drastically alters
the nature of the endings. If you get outside the map
with the bucket in hand, The bucket will actually
start to talk to you. Revealing that it is an evil bucket And you end up somehow killing it. Sometimes the alternate paths are goofy, Sometimes they get extremely grim, Like the skip button ending. But they're all pretty ridiculous. And number six is Mass Effect
two's siding with Morinth. This is a game that
gives you tons of choice, Really all of them do. But it's pretty rare to get
like a real alternate path That drastically affects
one of your party members. And that's what makes
this mission stand out. It's kind of a truly
ridiculous choice as well. The kind you're kind of just
making to see what happens, 'cause it doesn't make any
sense whatsoever otherwise. The kind you you save
right before you do it Because you don't really wanna pursue it, You just gotta know. I am of of course talking about
the Samara loyalty mission. The one where she asks
you to help her hunt down Her serial killer daughter Morinth. There's more to it than that, But that's what it boils down to. You're the bait. Morinth falls into the trap. And Samara is gonna take her down To stop her from killing more people. That's the idea anyways.

In the climax of the mission, You're actually given the choice Whether to side with Morinth
over Samara if you want. If you do, Samara is killed And Morinth replaces her in your party. Morinth is a cartoonishly evil character That essentially admits she's
gonna kill you eventually. But sure, side with her. It doesn't change as
much as you might expect. Morinth is somehow able to copy Samara's appearance quite
a bit, even her voice. And most of the time she's
just pretending to be Samara, So most of her dialogue is the same As it would've been otherwise. But still you killed one of your allies And replaced them with
a total psycho goodbye. – Goodbye, mother. – And number five is Contra: Hard Corps. Games don't get a lot more ridiculous Than Contra: Hard Corps. The game has a character named Brad Fang, Who is a wolf man with cyborg arms And a sweet pair of shaves. That is the kind of ridiculous
we are talking about here. So there's four main paths to the game, All of which lead to
different levels and bosses. But the most bizarre turn the game takes Is if you manage to find the
secret route in stage three. If you climb the wall
to start of stage three And talk to this goofy
looking top hat guy, He'll ask if you wanna
fight in a battle arena. If you say yes, You're transported this weird little area Where you have to fight
a series of new bosses,

That are all truly ridiculous might I add? First one's a guy named Simondo Belmont, Literally just the
protagonist from Castlevania. That's where the alternate route starts. And it, oof, does not make
more sense from that point. It doesn't get any less strange. Next fight is Psycho Mother, Which is a big monster pushing a stroller With another monster inside. The last fight is against
this ludicrously named Huge Face, which is, You guessed it, a big face. It is also a red face. So like the only way the name Could have been more obvious Is if it was Huge Red Face. So beat 'em all, And you immediately get an
ending, for some reason. Nothing is resolved. You don't kill any of the actual bad guys. But, hey, you won some
random secret tournament. That's cool, right? That makes perfect sense as to
why it's the end of the game, Despite the fact that, you know, The actual story being told, Even if relatively simple,
just stopped at a tournament. So, job well done. And number four is Star
Fox Out Of This Dimension. Games of this era just had all
these baffling secret routes. Star Fox, pretty
straightforward game normally. But if you manage to
find this secret level Called Out Of This Dimension, I would just say prepare to be confused. You can get here right in
the asteroid belt level

Where if you see this weird origami thing, You'll fly into it and get
sent to a bizarre level Filled with weird face asteroids. Yes, face asteroids, asteroids with faces. If there's classical music playing, There's paper airplanes that are enemies. The boss is also strange. It's a slot machine that
you can't damage normally. The only way you can beat it Is get all sevens on the slots, Which oh boy is a huge pain in the ass. None of this makes any sense. Like, I don't know what
purpose this serves. Is it just like a test level or something? Like I don't, I just don't know. Is it just something that had
a bunch of temporary graphics And they left it in because it was crazy, And then had a boss that
they were experimenting on And they just left that in too? I don't know. I don't know, really. And number three is Live A
Live, playing as the bad guy. The classic SNES JRPG finally
came to the west in 2022 In a way nicer version. And it was worth the wait. What makes this game unique, Instead of being one big linear
adventure, like most RPGs, You get six different
timelines to play in any order. And each one has a different
story in gameplay style. After finishing all of them, You unlock a seventh campaign Where you play as the character Oersted, Who at the end is revealed to be the one That unleashed the evil force That's a recurring element
of every other's chapter.

The game ends with the final eighth story Where you're free to choose
a character to play as To finally defeat the darkness, And bring the world back to normal. The funny thing is, The game lets you pick
Oersted for his final chapter, So you get a completely
different adventure Where instead of reuniting all the heroes And defeating the evil,
he plays the bad guy, And you control all the
bosses of every chapter. So instead of saving the heroes,
you just kill all of 'em. It's not really a like a
satisfying ending per se, But it's still pretty great. The game lets you beat
the game as the bad guy. And number two is Deltarune
Chapter 2, the weird route. Everybody and their mother's heard about Undertale's genocide route. And while it's pretty impressive,
it's not that ridiculous. You basically just kill everything, Which is, you know, how
most RPGs are anyway. I mean maybe not kill
everything, and leave something. But Deltarune Chapter
2's route alternative Is the weird route, or
the snow grave route. Much more difficult to trigger, And its outcome is much stranger. Like there is a good reason
it is called the weird route. The main thing you have to
do to trigger this route Is to meet Noelle. Then, instead of going forward, You backtrack as far as you can go. You use Noelle's ice shock
spell to freeze enemies, And it's the only
effective way to kill them. The thing about this path is
it's kind of uncomfortable, 'cause you're basically
bullying this character Noelle

Into doing what you want. You have to ignore her protests And do things that she says
are impossible to progress. It's also just kind of dark. But it's strange and mysterious In a way that makes it really hard Not to want to see how it plays out. And finally, at number one
is True Crime Streets Of LA, It's best ending route. First True Crime game, Pretty unique as far as
open world action games go. For a lot of reasons, But one of the biggest
is the branching story. At any point you're just
free to give up on missions And the game story will
just keep going whatever. Like fine, cool. Guess
you don't wanna do that. Of course, you skip too many of 'em And your cop rating drops. And if it's too low, You'll eventually get either
bad or neutral ending routes, With each one having its
own good or bad ending. But the most ridiculous
ending path is the good one. Most of the game you're taking on Yakuza, Triad and Russian mafia thugs
in a silly action movie plot. That's basically what you'd
expect from a game like this. But you get far enough
into the good ending And things take a turn for the mystical. You eventually meet a
guy named Ancient Wu, The leader of the Triad, Who happens to be a
Chinese wizard right outta Big trouble little China. And it's only slightly
less ridiculous than that. In his underground lair you
face off against zombies, Magic and a dragon.

Yes, really. To top things off. These aren't hallucinations
or tricks or anything. They actually happen in the game world. They chill out a little
bit for the actual ending. But this whole optional sequence Is one of the most
bizarre things to happen In like an ostensibly realistic
open world action game ever. Like, why is this stuff in the game? My guess, the developers
thought it was cool. Like, that seems to be all that
mattered back then anyways. That's all for today. Leave us a comment, let
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