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0:00 Intro

1:03 Legacy of Kain Revival

2:51 Final Fantasy Crisis Core Reunion Big Upgrade

4;49 Phil Spencer Talks About Starfield Delay

8:30 Fallout New Vegas Sequel

12:34 Xbox Series S Black Friday Deal

14:15 PlayStation Black Friday Deals

15:24 Nintendo Black Friday Deals

16:05 Poll of the Day ( Poor Performance at Launch )


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Foreign S are now officially upon us you can Tell because those Black Friday deals Are starting to pop up and this includes A pretty major Xbox discount that could Prove to be one of the better and more Popular deals this holiday also PlayStation has their own thing going on Here as well and if you're looking for Some good games well they got you Covered and if you're looking for some More Nintendo games well they they do Have their own little discounts as well So I'm gonna go over all that today also Since Microsoft has picked up Bethesda There's been a lot of discussion about Bringing back some of their IPs Specifically being with Fallout New Vegas well the thing about all this is Is that there doesn't seem to be a lot Of chatter about a desire to make a Sequel happen I know fans would Absolutely love this so we're going to Discuss that one as well as always Though if you're new to the channel do Hit those buttons below like subscribe And ring that Bell that way you'll be Able to get more content just like this With that said though you know it let's Just go and jump right into things Starting off with Crystal Dynamics as we All know they were acquired by Embrace a Group earlier this year so there's going To be some changes in how they operate

Going forward and something that we have Seen with the Embrace group and really Tsq Nordic for that matter is that They're not afraid to bring back older Dormant franchises think about games Like SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom You have Destroy All Humans or even Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning they are all About bringing these type of games back So when they snag Crystal Dynamics There's a host of Ip that comes along With them of course that includes the Iconic Tomb Raider franchise I mean we All know about that one but they also Have some other games like Legacy of Kane yeah you probably haven't heard About that franchise for a while the Last time we got a legacy of Kane game Was back in 2003 so yeah it's been a Little while but but back in October They launched a questionnaire where they Asked fans on whether or not they'd like To see Legacy of Kane make a comeback And yesterday they reveal build this Survey received more than one hundred Thousand responses which that that's not Typical at all they actually noted that Most questionnaires like this only Receives a couple thousand responses Usually so that is a pretty significant Response from fans and it goes to show You that all these years later there Still seems to be a pretty decent Following out there that still clings to

Hope that it might eventually return Well I'd say with this news here if you Are a legacy of Kane fan I think you'd Have to be pretty optimistic right now With embracer group as their publisher I Mean as we just talked about they do Like to bring back some of these older Franchises and now with a lot of fans Requesting a comeback yeah right now Might be the franchise's best Opportunity to finally return Now we did also get an update for Final Fantasy Crisis Court reunion this game Does launch next month on December 13th So swearing because marketing is Starting to ramp up now and that Includes a new trailer that really and I Mean really showcases why this is not Just your simple remaster they do show The original PSP game and how pixelated That looked and then cut away to reunion And it is a night and day difference I Mean it is clearly a massive upgrade I'd Say this is actually more in line with a Remake than a remaster the character Models have been redone they look Absolutely fantastic the cinematics they Look better than ever so does the Gameplay and again it's looking really Really good there however is a little Bit more to this news than just that Though they did also reveal that Resolution and frame rate targets for Each platform so that way you can kind

Of decide which version you want if you Do have multiple platforms as you can See here as expected both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 targets 4K resolution at 60 frames per second Then you have the the Xbox series s now We're going to talk about this console a Little bit more later on in the video But as you can see it's targeting 1080p With that buttery smooth 60 frames as For your last generation consoles your PlayStation 4 Pro and your Xbox One X They shoot for 4K resolution but at 30 Frames per second whereas the standard Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are 1080p at 30 frames per second now if you switch Owners out there though I mean this game Was actually a handheld game back in the Day if you want to play it on a handheld Again well both in handheld and docked Mode it will be targeting 720p at 30 Frames per second now we'll see if all This remains stable when it launches I Mean that still kind of remains to be Seen but just in terms of what they've Shown so far I'm actually pretty Impressed I mean if anything Square Enix Is really really doing a good job with Their remakes and remasters and this Looks like a pretty nice release for Next month again on December 13th Now one of the biggest talking points All year long has been about delays it Feels like almost every big AAA game has

Received some type of delay in 2022 with Most of them moving into 2023 and Xbox They were one of the companies that was Hit pretty hard by this them being a Platform holder you know it does affect Them a little differently as they're Trying to push console units and Exclusive games that does help with that Case but looking at this holiday they're Big games unfortunately was pushed into 2023 being of course Starfield and Red Bull now that decision with them being a Platform holder to move their two Biggest games for the entire year I'm Sure that's a tough thing to decide but Phil Spencer did touch upon his thought Process and why they delayed something Like Starfield and let's just go and Check out his response here so he said It isn't really a decision to move a Game after spinning the team's effort Over multiple years just to get to a Point where you know you're not going to Deliver the game you want on the day That was promised now it is at some Level because I have shipped games too Early we have experienced shipping games Too early in hindsight when you look at A game like Starfield it's taken so long And so much investment in a new IP from The team the decision to give the team The time to build the game that they Feel they should be building is just the Right thing to do there are financial

Implications to those decisions weighing That is going to happen whether it's Platform growth subscriber growth but Frankly the revenue that you generate When a new game launches those are Business decisions you definitely have To weigh the outcome of those decisions So something that he does here is that He acknowledges that they've made Mistakes by releasing games too soon in The past I mean he does note that you Have to weigh the financial implications Of delaying a big game like this and all That type of stuff but you know they've Invested in a team and a game for years And years So just kind of buckle down and give the Developers time to get the game right That there is the most important and That's kind of what he's saying here This is actually the exact reason as to Why I said as soon as the announcement Was made earlier this year that Starfield and redfall was delayed that I Didn't view that as bad news yes it's Disappointing and I understand that you Have to wait a little longer to play These games I'm not necessarily Celebrating a delay far from it but it's Also disappointing when a game comes out That clearly clearly should have been Delayed when games have major problems At launch it damages the reputation of Said games it leaves a sour taste in

Fans mouth and sometimes that can affect Their long-term growth look at something Like cyberpunk 2077 and how long it took That game to make a comeback and really One of the main reasons that had a big Comeback was because of the anime yes They've improved the game but it took Them a very very long time to get those Fans to get back on board look at Something like Battlefield 2042 and all The issues that it's had it's still Trying to make a comeback or really you Can even just look at Pokemon scarlet And violet that just released fans are Now claiming that Pokemon should have Been delayed because it has so so many Issues at launch so delays in itself are Not a bad thing disappointing yes but What people will ultimately remember is How good a game is when they played it Not necessarily when it released so I Completely completely agree if a delay Is necessary just do it yes it kind of Hurts their lineup this holiday but Again ultimately we're gonna remember if The game is good not necessarily when it Released so yeah I'll just go ahead and Wait the extra time and frankly I mean I Have a lot of other games to play Anyways I always hear people talk about Those backlogs so yeah let's just go Ahead and jump on to that backlog for The time being Now speaking of Xbox since they've

Acquired Bethesda one game that Continues to make the rounds is a Fallout New Vegas sequel a lot of fans Do view this as just the best in the Series which is kind of crazy when you Think about it this game was developed In like 18 months or something like that But the thing about this game is that it Was not developed by Bethesda it was Actually instead handled by Obsidian Entertainment and and this is where the Story gets really interesting because Well all Microsoft has also acquired Them so now you have both Bethesda and You have Obsidian Entertainment under The same umbrella so it's relatively Easy to put two and two together here a Fallout New Vegas sequel could actually Legitimately happen now that these two Studios are under the same umbrella fans At the very least I mean they want it to Happen but beyond just fans hopes and Speculation there actually does also Seem to be a real desire from developers To make this happen now this all started Earlier this year back in February when Jeff Grubb claimed that if Fallout New Vegas sequel is in early discussions Back then he stated this is very early But people have begun to have talks and Say these words and sentences and these Words are obsidian and New Vegas too We're talking years and years away There's at least an interest in

Conversations happening about making Something like that actually a reality Now this doesn't actually mean anything Will happen but he does claim that there Is an interest whether that's coming From obsidian themselves or or maybe Even within Microsoft's management we Don't really know where that interest is Coming from but that's where this story Just kind of continued to evolve Throughout the year because Fergus the Co-founder of Obsidian Entertainment Spoke about the possibility of a New Vegas sequel by saying this of course if We ever got the opportunity to make Another Fallout game we make it there's Not even a question of whether or not we Would do it it's just will the Opportunity arise now this was said just Last month in October so we are seeing a Real desire for this game all the way to The very top of Obsidian Entertainment So this does kind of line up with Jeff Grubb's original claim that there's some Interest here and well what do you know Another key obsidian developer said Something very very similar this week This time from Josh Sawyer the director Of pillars of Eternity pinchment and yes Fallout New Vegas he was also asked About a New Vegas sequel on the kind of Funny x-cast podcast and Josh responded That he loves the Fallout franchise and May work on another game in the future

If the stars align he also went on to Talk about locations the sequel could be Set in and he likes the idea of it being In California or the Midwest and being Such a good director though possibly Having a chance to work on a sequel for Fallout New Vegas yeah that actually Sounds really good in theory what we're Seeing here though are key developers From obsidian that are showing public Interest in making another Fallout game The question really then becomes will This actually happen and I think this is A little bit more complicated than just A simple yes or a simple no first off Right now as things currently stand Obsidian they seem to be pretty busy With games like avowed and the outer Rules I mean but these are Big AAA games So they do take up a lot of resources so They might currently have their hands Tied for the time being in terms of big AAA games now after a valid releases That's when things become a little bit More realistic and then it all just kind Of depends on if Todd Howard from Bethesda is willing to let obsidian work On another game and personally I think That would make a lot of sense if they Do I mean it certainly would be in my Microsoft's best interest and I think That it would also be in fans best Interest as well we already know that It's probably going to be a very long

Time before Bethesda can make another Fallout game because their next two Games are star filled and then you have The Elder Scrolls 6. so it'll probably Be a while before we get another Fallout Game from Bethesda and that's kind of Where obsidian can come in and give us That New Vegas sequel that I mean again Fans have been asking for years and Years anyways what do you all think About all this though would you like Obsidian Entertainment to work on a New Vegas sequel or not let me know in the Comments below Now I do also want to go over some Black Friday deals here because I mean who Doesn't like good discounts and and There's some pretty nice ones out there Right now of course each store will do Their own little thing but the big thing Xbox is doing this holiday is that They're dropping the price for the Xbox Series s by 50 so the already most Affordable Next Generation console just Got even more affordable instead of it Being 300 you'll now be able to get it For 250 this holiday and as we talked About earlier with Crisis Core reunion It really is a great way to jump into Next Generation gaming at an affordable Price you look at that Crisis Core Comparison and it showcases exactly why It's a console that targets 1080p at 60 Frames per second which that's 60 frames

Is a huge huge jump compared to what we Got with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. it is difficult going Back to that 30 frames now last Generation consoles they just couldn't Consistently hit that 60 frame Mark and Even with the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One they couldn't really do that because Their their CPUs are just not up to par Yes they shoot for higher resolution but In terms of performance the Xbox series S is a big jump and that also includes Its solid state drive for those Blazingly fast load times so if you are Looking for an affordable Next Generation console this holiday is a Great time to do exactly that it's also Going to be a great gift if you want to Pick it up for somebody else but yes do Check different retailers for this Discount actually I just got a Notification just a moment ago on Target And they're saying it's going for 250 Plus you get a 50 gift card on top of That so yeah just two hundred dollars on Target that is an extraordinary deal now As for PlayStation a lot of their top Tier games are currently on sale looks Like these games are discounted on Amazon Best Buy GameStop Playstation Direct Target Walmart and of course you Have PSN as well but this includes Horizon forbidden West that just Released earlier this year for forty

Dollars you have Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart that's thirty dollars miles morale Alice Ultimate Edition that's set at Forty dollars The Last of Us Part One Now this might actually look better now At fifty dollars that was a big Controversy earlier this year and I Guess you only had to wait a couple of Months to get that one for a discount Then you have ghosted tsuchima for the PlayStation 5 that's set at thirty Dollars twenty dollars on a PlayStation Four Uncharted Legacy of Thieves that's At twenty dollars Gran Turismo seven That's forty dollars Sackboy a big Adventure at twenty dollars that's Actually a great pickup for just twenty Dollars death stranding director's cut That's twenty dollars and then there's Multiple multiple PlayStation 4 games And all their PlayStation 5 controllers Are going for fifty dollars as well That's a lot of great games for a very Enticing price so do check those out I'll actually leave some links in the Description below now do check their Digital stores as well there's gonna be A ton of third-party games on sale and That also includes of course Nintendo as For Nintendo's official retail Black Friday deals this includes the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 bundle they did do This one last year as well but it goes For three hundred dollars I would have

Preferred that be the OLED model but Still they also have several games at Discount which includes Mario Party Superstars you have Zelda breath of the Wild animal crossing Zelda Link's Awakening Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Bravely Default 2 WarioWare Big Brand Academy and then Mario Kart live Home circuit I'll have the prices on Screen here but either way happy hunting For everybody hopefully this helps you Find some good discounts over the next Week or so Let's go and take a look at the poll of The day though where I asked you all When a game has performance problems at Launch is it a deal breaker for you and As you can see here 11 of you said yes Won't buy then 57 being the majority Said yes won't buy it launch but we'll Wait for a patch 13 of you said no still Will buy and then 14 of you said no will Buy but you'll wait for a patch so that Is 71 of you that prefers to wait for a Patch before you play a game at launch Because it's riddled by bugs I mean this Is what we were kind of talking about Earlier though if a game needs to be Delayed then just go ahead and delay it Yeah I I think whenever a game just Releases with a ton of issues like that I think that in terms of long-term trust It hurts that a little bit I think it Hurts the long-term growth of said game

That can impact the game because I want You that word of mouth starts to go Around like all this game's messed up That makes other people a little Hesitant on making that purchase so so I'd say just go ahead and delay the game If there are serious issues like that But one thing that I noticed in the Comments is that a lot of you all Mentioned that it just kind of depends On the situation now this could be Because you're just really really Excited to play the game so you just Can't wait and then there's other Situations like Mark Slattery pointed Out here depends on the nature of the Problems I played cyberpunk at launch Indeed plenty of problems on the series X crashed more than a couple of times Still really enjoyed it as a whole Though compared to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions though it was Really unplayable so I guess issues Don't always necessarily mean broken but Unfortunately sometimes do and yeah I Can definitely understand what you're Saying here it really does depend on how Big these problems are is it game Breaking uh you know is it just constant Frame rate issues that you just Absolutely can't put up with it really Just all kind of depends on the severity Of how bad these these issues actually Are I actually played cyberpunk at

Launch as well I played on the Xbox Series X I didn't really have any issues With that game I mean I had some very Minor bugs but nothing too much of no Coach so yeah I actually really enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077 launch but yeah I can Definitely understand a lot of you all That are saying that it just kind of Depends on the situation Anyways though that's it for this Episode but if you like the video don't Forget to buy notification And subscribe Button for more content just like this Also if you'd like to support the Channel to patreon thank you for making This content possible peace out

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