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0:00 Intro

1:12 Gran Turismo 7 Coming to PC?

3:37 Street Fighter 6 Release Date Reveal

5:25 Nintendo and Sega Sees Big Increases During Black Friday

8:20 Xbox Series X Gets Unexpected Win?

11:22 Modders Fix Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

14:23 Poll of the Day ( Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation )


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Foreign Welcome back to news dose and we are Coming off Black Friday week I hope you All got everything that you were looking For if you were in on the hunt but Interestingly enough some Black Friday Data is starting to make its way online This includes some pretty major spikes Over in the UK and then also a Surprising Trend revealing a possible Unexpected winner for Black Friday being The Xbox series X now not the Xbox Series s not the Nintendo switch or even The PlayStation 5 but according to a new Report the series X might have came away As a big winner during Black Friday week So we are going to dive into all that Today also a little bit of an amusing Story some new footage is making its way Around revealing modders might have Fixed Pokemon scarlet and violet and We'll just call it in unofficial terms It does highlight something though that Probably isn't necessarily a great look For Game Freak or really Nintendo for That matter so we'll get into that as Well before we get started though if you Do find yourself enjoying the video make Sure to hit those buttons below like Subscribe and because it is the holiday Season go ahead and ring that Bell as Well without a further Ado though let's Just go and jump right into it starting Off with another PlayStation game that

Could be heading to a PC near you Sometime here soon of course Sony is Taking the PC side of things much more Seriously we all know this by this point So I don't think it's really all that Surprising when we hear about these PlayStation PC ports anymore and really I I think we're kind of getting to that Point of asking ourselves Which one's next well this time it could Actually be for one of their biggest Franchises ever made being Gran Turismo This is coming directly from the Gran Turismo Creator as he was asked on Whether or not he would consider porting Gran Turismo 7 over to PC and yeah let's Just go check out his response here he Said yes I do think so and then he went On to say Gran Turismo is a very finely Tuned title there are not many platforms Which could run the game in 4k 60 frames Per second natively so one way we make That possible is to narrow down the Platform it's not a very easy subject But of course we are looking into it and Considering it so on one side this isn't Necessarily a flat out yes so don't look At this as a confirmation or anything Like that but he does very specifically In his explanation with we are looking Into it and we are considering it yeah I Don't think that you can be much more Straightforward than that Gran Turismo 7 On PC is an absolute possibility based

On his response here and honestly I Think it makes a lot of sense for Sony For the most part PlayStation has had a Lot of success on PC and of course they Also acquired Nexus which specializes in Porting games over the PC they did that For a reason and that's because their Eyes are now open to the fact that There's a lot of money laying on a table Here you know I think that they've Really just kind of figured out that Porting these games doesn't really Interfere with their console business Too much especially with how they Stagger their releases so this is Relatively easy money for Sony and it Just kind of expands on their ecosystem Even more I also do firmly believe that Gran Turismo 7 would be a great fit for PC in the sense that there's not really A lot of these top tier racing Simulation experiences on PC now next Year that might be a little bit Different because the next Forza Motorsports will likely head over to PC But gt7 could be another one here and Then suddenly PC games will have some of The best racing simulation experiences Just period I mean I could easily easily See these games having a ton of success On PC and I think it's just great for Fans all around Next up here it is starting to sound Like we're closing in on a release date

For the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6. right now we only have a Release window being sometime in 2023 But over the weekend it was spotted that Street Fighter 6 was raided in South Korea here recently now one thing that We have seen a lot in recent years is That it seems like more often than not When you see these ratings pop up online Some type of an announcement is made Soon thereafter no that's not always the Case but we do have one of the biggest Showcases next month on December 8th Being the game awards so yeah you can You can kind of put two and two together Here of course there's no 100 guarantee But considering the magnitude of the Street Fighter brand it would make a lot Of sense to show it at one of the most Viewed Showcases of the entire year and Then give it an official release date to Really get that hype train rolling they Could also announce it with some other Things as well I mean they could Announce it alongside a beta they could They could reveal new character they Could talk about the story a little bit More I mean there's a lot that they Could show alongside a release date if That's something that they want to do I Will say this much though I think this Game looks really good based on what They've shown so far I think it's going To be even more hype than usual because

It is the return of it being Multi-platform last generation of course Only had it locked down as a PlayStation Console exclusive but this time it is Back on Xbox alongside PC and Playstation so I think with how good This game looks and and with the return Of it being multi-platform I think There's going to be a ton of hype this Time for that matter the game awards is Looking pretty hype right now as well I Mean just go ahead and add Street Fighter 6 to the game awards rumors Alongside Final Fantasy 16 and possibly An Elden ring expansion reveal that Alone would make the game Wars very very Exciting All right so let's just go and get into The Black Friday sales data here I mean This is such a massive week that really Just kind of sets the tone for the Holiday period and air we're definitely Definitely some big winners here now We'll first start off with the UK box Charts as gfk reported the best selling Games in that particular region and if You look here you can see the top 10 Best-selling games now most of these I Wouldn't necessarily say is a huge Surprise FIFA 23 which is huge over in The UK did come away as the number one Bestseller though it did actually see a 95 increase compared to its previous Week this was because it did have a

Discount and it was also included in Some Hardware bundles as well either way I'd say that that's pretty impressive Stuff Call of Duty meanwhile reclaimed Its number two spot surpassing Pokemon While Pokemon Violet sits at number Three and Scarlet at number six with Those two combined though it'd be Interesting to see if those surpass Call Of Duty and actually the likes of FIFA All those though were pretty much Expected to remain in the top 10 however But the big increases was in regards to Sonic Frontiers and then pretty much Across the port Nintendo's first party Games saw a major major increase as you Can see Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which just Continues to sell shot up to the number Four best-selling game with a massive 226 increase and yes you did hear that Right a 226 increase and I mean this Game was already selling well and Everything but thanks to their Black Friday switch bundle it's once again Proving to be a hot holiday item check Out what game said about Some of these other Nintendo games Though they said retail copies of switch Games performed very well over Black Friday and yes they got that right Because as you can see Nintendo switch Sports is number eight it enjoyed a Sales rise of 138 percent Animal Crossing New Horizons number 10 is up 85

Percent and then you have the Legends of Zelda breath of the wild number 11 that Jumped up 426 and they said the latter was part of A Hardware bundle from Amazon so yeah Nintendo is looking to have another Massive holiday and really this just Follows the news we heard last week Where Pokemon scarlet and violet sold a Whopping 10 million units in just three Single days yeah I am very curious to See their finalized results for the Holiday now as for Sonic though this was One of the really good discounts that we Saw throughout Black Friday week I mean This game just released earlier this Month and already it's been getting a Pretty enticing 50 discount taking it All the way down to thirty dollars again We're basically talking about a brand New game here already 50 off honestly When things like this happen I I really Do wonder about purchasing games day one At all but thanks to these discounts Sonic frontier saw a 203 increase Putting it at the number seven spot so Big congrats to both Sega and Nintendo Here now there's also another report Going around though that claimed to Reveal some of the hottest items in General that were sold during last Week's Black Friday now we don't have Official numbers just yet so do just Kind of keep that in mind but Adobe

Posted a 2022 holiday shopping Trends Report revealing the five hottest items During this period and that was the Xbox Series X toys for a children's cartoon Called Bluey Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 drones and then MacBook computers now It is important to note here that we Don't know exactly how Adobe puts Together these analytics but it is Rather interesting that according to Their data that the Xbox series X was The only console in the top 5 hottest Items so I mean at the very least it Appears the Xbox series X was a very Sought after and popular item this did Kind of surprise me though because even In terms of Xbox consoles I figured the Xbox series s would be the more popular Device this Black Friday considering I Mean it has some great discounts some Places were selling it for 200 so I am a Little surprised to see the Xbox series X lead in terms of the results here Again this doesn't include official Numbers so we'll still have to wait for More information on all that and see if These Adobe analytics hold up but I do Want to take this moment to kind of Highlight something and that's the Xbox's strategy it's paying off I mean If we're being honest here Xbox has Gotten off to a little bit of a slow Start this generation in terms of big Blockbuster first party releases it

Really seems like 2023 is when those Games will start coming a little bit More frequently but even without those Games without games like Starfield which Got delayed into 2023 they're still They're still holding their own to the Point that it looks like the Xbox series X could actually be the hottest item or At least during Black Friday week and That is incredibly incredibly impressive I mean if you look at just the United States alone you can see that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series have Been pretty much neck and neck all Generation long and that bodes very well For Xbox considering again they still Have their big games looming so I think If anything Xbox game pass their their Two skew platform strategy and just just Being a really good console for those Big third party titles they're showing That these things are winning for Xbox I Mean even with their big first party Releases and all the different Acquisitions that they've made there's a Lot of excitement surrounding Xbox right Now and I think that that bleeds over Into how well this console has has done This generation their future is very Very bright and I think it's kind of got To the point that it's now their present Is very very bright I always like to say It but competition breeds excellence and With PlayStation and Xbox being more

Competitive to this generation it should Be a fantastic and I mean an absolutely Fantastic for all Gamers on all sides It's it's really going to be a fun Generation and I am all for it I I love Seeing all three of these platforms just Be competitive and successful because I Know for us Gamers that means good Things are about to follow Let's go talk about that Pokemon scarlet And violet situation again though Because this story just keeps evolving Of course this game has gone on to break Records it sold 10 million units in Three days and the game itself is a lot Of fun I'm personally having an absolute Blast with this game but there's still Those technical issues looming and this Conversation seems to dominate social Media alongside nimona basically being Goku but there are a lot of fans Patiently or not so patiently waiting For some fixes well actually a fix was Posted this weekend but it wasn't by Game Freak instead a modern posted Footage of Pokemon scarlet and violet Running at 60 frames per second on an Emulator now I have to say it actually Looks beautiful in motion now I'm not Gonna post it for obvious reasons you Know Nintendo they don't necessarily Take kindly to this type of stuff but if You are interested in finding that Footage it's it's pretty easily found

Nonetheless you can see that it looks Great running at 60 frames but that's Also kind of a strange situation for Nintendo something that we are starting To see is that which emulation is Advancing pretty quick earlier this year Xenoblade 3 was playable through Emulation before even officially Released and now you have a brand new Game here the biggest game for the Entire year and it has issues on the Nintendo switch while on the other side Of the coin it's running pretty well Through emulation so that's not Particularly a great look for Nintendo Now to be clear though that is to be Expected when you have an ultra powerful PC of course it's going to look better On PC but the reason I think that this Particular mod is getting so much Attention is because it highlights the Issues Pokemon scarlet and violet is Having on switch Hardware I think that If the game was running a stable 30 Frames per second on the switch this Wouldn't necessarily be all that big of A deal but because it's having all these Issues on the switch and then you see it On emulation just kind of running Perfectly yeah that's yeah it's going to Get a little bit more attention now There is differing opinions on all the Problems that it's having on the switch Though is it just game freak not being

Very good on a technical side of things Things or is it some type of evidence That we need a switch successor I believe that it's a little bit of both I mean I mean we've seen other games Like Xenoblade 3 and zeld breath of the Wild perform pretty well on the switch So you would think that Pokemon Scarlet Violet can achieve something similar and That's where you kind of look at game Freak as like you know maybe they could Do something better here but at the same Time we are closing in on the switch's Sixth year and it is starting to show Its age a little bit and not just Necessarily with Pokemon so disregarding Pokemon here for a moment I'm still Hoping for as soon as switch successor Going back to Pokemon though I mean Ultimately I think most of this game's Problems lies with game freak and I do Believe that we will get a patch Sometime down the road fixing up some of Its issues in the meantime I still think That this game is incredibly fun I'll Actually go so far as to say that it's Some of the most fun that I've had in Any game this year just as a whole and That's even with its issues so I really Hope that they get that patch out soon To make it even better Let's go take a look at the pull of the Day though where I asked you all if you Were Sony would you allow Xbox game pass

On PlayStation consoles and as you can See here the results were actually Pretty close with 49 of you saying yes About 42 of you said no so opinions vary Quite a bit on this one and I wanted to Understand exactly as to why so I want To highlight two different comments here One from each side here you have Dustin C saying by allowing game pass on PlayStation Sony would give its Customers access to same games as Xbox Users plus they would have the exclusive Sony games if anything that would make Customers want to get a PlayStation 5 Over Xbox series s and x and that would Also take fire out of Sony's argument That game pass hurts their console cells So this is a pretty sound debate here Xbox game pass on Playstation would Really catapult PlayStation 5 sells to Just be dominant as we talked about Earlier this generation in terms of Consoles sold has been pretty Competitive so far but if Xbox game pass Was pathetically available on Playstation 5. there's a chance that PlayStation 5 would really run away with Things like they did with the PlayStation 4. Now with that said if This hypothetically were to happen you Have to remember that those Xbox series Exclusives would very possibly run Through cloud gaming and not necessarily Be native experiences and that could

Actually be an important part of this Situation now as for the other side of The debate here Kayla Nord said no I Wouldn't want that if I were the head of Sony that just means decreased profits As I would now have to share my own Platform with a competitor from a Business perspective it makes no sense Just think about it for a minute Sony Would not only lose cells from people Not purchasing as many games but they Lose subscribers to their own Subscription service and this is Actually the side I fall on for pretty Much the exact same reason for me Personally if we're looking at it from a Consumer standpoint obviously game pass On Playstation would be good for Gamers On Playstation but when it comes down to The business side of things it's a Little bit more tricky than just that Software is typically how console makers Make most of their money so if you had a Competing subscription service that's Widely viewed to be a better service Than your own then that could take a lot Of subscribers away from PlayStation Plus which makes them a lot of money Same thing when it comes to their games If people are subscribing to Xbox game Pass instead of buying games on PlayStation that affects them as well so Looking from the outside in I personally Believe that no I would not want game

Pass on Playstation if I were Sony Obviously though this is a very divisive Topic as you can see with the results They are very close so do sound off Below let me hear all of y'all's Opinions in the comments below anyways Though that's it for this episode if you Liked the video don't forget about Notification And subscribe button for More content just like this also if You'd like to support the channel Through patreon thank you for making This content possible peace out

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