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0:00 Intro

1:51 Elden Ring Gets Free DLC

3:22 Vampire Survivors New DLC Announced

4:48 Microsoft Prepared to Fight the FTC over Activision Blizzard

10:28 Diablo IV Leak

11:57 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Leak

13:26 Poll of the Day ( $70 Games )


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Foreign To have a lot of noise with the Microsoft Activision Blizzard buyout I Know I know there's really just been This Rush of updates over the last Couple of weeks You know that does kind of make sense as We are getting closer to some of the Final decisions from these Regulators Well one regulator that a lot of us are Waiting to hear from is the FTC the Federal Trade Commission because there Is this belief that they could be the Big indicator on what will happen going Forward if they approve the buyout we Could possibly just maybe see the CMA And that EU follow suit of course that's All just a theory at the end of the day But the FTC they seem to have a lot on Their plate right now over the last few Weeks there's been some reports going Around that they're likely going to try To block the deal we heard all about That there's Rumblings that they're Searching for concessions that's very Likely and so on and so forth and while Things have gotten even more chaotic Over the last 24 hours as it appears That Microsoft has leaked out some Information of their own to put pressure On the FTC they also got a big public Supporter that could actually help get Things approved and also on top of that A new report points to trouble for the

FTC and their leadership with Tina Khan It's no secret that she might be in a Little over her head and could be Wasting people's time and and there Might be some pushback on that as well Like I said there's a lot going on here And I'll I'll try to summarize all this The best I can later on in the video and Try to keep that as concise as possible That way I don't take up too much of you All's time as always though I mean we do Have plenty of other news to talk about As well including some more game awards Announcements so definitely stay tuned For all of that but I mean you know what Let's just go and jump right into things Starting off with some DLC updates the First update being for the massively Popular Elden ring now I know Everybody's kind of hoping for that Expansion myself included I absolutely Love this game unfortunately though That's not what we're actually talking About here but instead bayana Namco Revealed a free update that will go live Tomorrow on December 7th Instead This is The much requested PVP Coliseum update Where it allows players to Duke it out In Solo duels free-for-alls and even Team battles now this is actually a very Welcome update as there is quite a Dedicated PVP Community when it comes to The soulsborne games these games do tend To have a vibrant PVP Community for

Years and years as there's something Truly genuinely special about the combat In these games and after putting just so Much effort into finding that perfect Build there's something quite satisfying Taking that build online and then Battling it out against live opponents Of course I mean there's always going to Be those specific builds that really Excels in PvP and people will search for The most OP setups that they possibly Can find there's definitely going to be Those cries for balance updates and all That but if you are in the PVP battles This here is an awesome update of course It's also free so I mean what's better Than that I am however just a little bit Surprised by the timing of this Announcement though I figured they would Have maybe shown this off at the game Awards alongside the highly rumored PVE Expansion I hope we still get that Announcement there but either way at Least we got something Elden ring Related here now as for this other game And this one's not quite as popular Though this is still an incredible game Being vampire survivors they did just Announce a DLC update that will go live On December 15th for an additional two Dollars and I am telling you that is an Absolute still as it includes eight Extra characters 13 new weapons six new Music tracks and to top it off it's also

Getting the game's biggest stage yet That's a lot of content for an Affordable price and and that's kind of The thing about this game you might not Expect it when you first see this game But this game is honestly outstanding I I was so impressed when I first played This game it's got such a simple concept You control the game by simply using Your analog stick and then try to stay Alive as long as you possibly can now That might not sound all that enticing But as you as you level up you choose How your character evolves and I mean it is just so much fun to play There's a reason that if you look on Steam vampire survivors has Overwhelmingly paused reviews I'm just Telling you right now this game is Absolutely incredible it is so much fun To play and now to top everything off it Is getting even more content again that Will be on December 15th for both Xbox As well as PC do keep in mind the Vampire survivors is also available on Xbox game pass and I do highly encourage You to try it out yourself you'll Quickly understand exactly why fans are Absolutely raving over this game myself Included All right so let's just go and get to The Xbox stuff though and like I said Before I'm gonna try to summarize this The best I possibly can give you the

Lowdown and all that because there does Seem to be a lot Brewing behind the Scenes so we'll kind of go over this one By one starting off with Microsoft Leaking information to Bloomberg of Course over the last couple of weeks There's been some Rumblings that the FTC Might seek concessions or they could Just flat out try to block the buyout Entirely Well if that were to happen and by the Way I do think that this situation is Doubtful but hypothetically if it does Come to that Microsoft is letting it be Known that they are willing to fight a Legal battle if they have to this was Posted by Bloomberg where it says in the Event the FTC tries to block the case Microsoft is gearing up to contest the Decision in court said the person who Was asked not to be identified speaking About internal strategy Bloomberg Intelligence Anti-Trust analyst Jennifer Rye said it wouldn't surprise her if the FTC follows a lawsuit seeking to block The deal but noted that a court fight Would be hard for enforcers to win and Microsoft could Prevail though a legal Battle could stretch beyond the deal's End date Microsoft has said it expects To close the transaction by June 30th Now we have actually talked about this Specific situation though and I don't Think that this really is in the best

Interest for anybody involved as this Very article says itself it would be Hard for the FTC to win because and we Can kind of all see this by this point That quite honestly don't have much of a Case basically What's Happening Here is That the FTC is trying to go against the Law and push against these big tech Companies just to try and make a point That right there though is the problem You can't punish a company just because They're big and successful that's not Against the law the FDC by law still has To operate under specific rules and Guidelines and that's why it's believed That this could end up being another Failed attempt by the FTC if they do Indeed decide to go to court they've Already failed in court a few different Times in recent years including their Lawsuit against Qualcomm as well as Their lawsuit against Altria and Illumina because of all this though There does seem to be some questions About Lena Khan's leadership and her Pursuit against these big tech companies This was reported by the New York Post Where it says a rift at the FTC stirs Hope for Microsoft's 69 billion dollar Activision merger this article describes A split decision for the Activision Buyout and says at least one Democrat on A four-member panel has recently taken a Sympathetic view of the merger according

To a source close to the situation that In turn could create a difficult path For FTC chairlina Khan who according to Insider says I Microsoft's deal as a Major Target as she looks to burnish her Credentials as a trust Buster of big Tech it later on goes to say a Democratic defection would leave Khan With a 2-2 tie in any vote to clamp down On the merger a result that would not Only effectively okay the dill but also Throws Khan's authority over the agency Into question that accordingly is a vote That Khan isn't likely to risk according To DC insiders Lena would probably not Put things in a position for that to Take place so instead of having that Vote she would make the motion to Approve the settlement said William a Former FTC chairman the way out is to Say we got a great deal and only got it Because we've been awesome like that now This is something else that we have Discussed this does seem to be the best Direction that the FTC can take where Everybody kind of wins now see if they Take this buyout to court like we've Already talked about they're likely Going to lose I just don't see them Having a case that can actually hold up In court and I think that they know that So Lena Khan's leadership will be in Question if all that does come to Fruition where they take it to court and

They lose another legal battle however If they take Microsoft's concessions Because Microsoft wants to close this Buyout sooner ran later Microsoft Doesn't want to go to court even though It sounds like they're confident if they Have to They'll win but you know if Lena Khan Does decide she wants to take these Concessions she can kind of spin this as A victory for the FTC so in that Situation everybody kind of wins Something else though that's going Against the FTC that could play a part In the finalized decision is the ftc's Concern with workers now we all know That Activision Blizzard has had some Problems in this area this is well well Documented by this point but Microsoft Is not only vowed to fix these issues But they've also gotten a major partner Being the CWA which is one of America's Largest unions well interestingly enough The CWA is now publicly calling for the FPC to approve the acquisition you can See here where they say if FTC approves The Microsoft Activision merger with the Labor agreement that we created to Protect collective bargaining rights it Would send a game-changing message to Corporations workers do have a seat at The table and their concerns must be Addressed this is the strategical move That further puts pressure on the FTC

Because they say that they're concerned With workers and with this news being Out in the wild there will be that Public outcry that Microsoft has Addressed this issue in a major way so The FTC will likely have to take this Into consideration like I said before There's a lot happening right now behind The scenes but I I think with everything That we're currently hearing everybody This is good news for Microsoft and the Activision Blizzard buyout yes there's a Lot of scrutiny and there's a lot of Questions I mean there's definitely not A 100 guarantee but the more we kind of Hear about this I I do expect this Buyout to go through I imagine that There will be concessions primarily Surrounding Call of Duty but as we are Starting to see those decisions are Looming and they're coming quick as Always though go and subscribe and hit That Bell and I'll continue to bring you These updates as soon as possible and Hopefully a concise and informative Manner Let's go and talk about the game awards Though as two more potential Announcements leaked out online yeah it Kind of seems like the entire showcase Is leaking out by this point if all this Does turn out to be true I'm sure There'll be some surprises here as well So don't worry about that too much one

Of the leaks include a big Activision Blizzard game being Diablo 4. yeah That's pretty exciting I'd have to say But Tom Henderson on Insider gaming Claim that Diablo 4 will make an Appearance at the game awards with a Suspicion of a confirmed release date However just Gordon quickly corroborated This rumor on Twitter as he responded by Saying this the big announcements are Early access to open Beta with Pre-orders also collector's edition Which has some kind of candle not sure 100 what that is I wrote April 2023 for Launch but now I think that that might Have been a Runway Target launch window With an eight week variance so really There's a few takeaways from this post One which is the most exciting part here Is that it appears that the before could Potentially release in the first half of 2023 and this I would say immediately Makes an already exciting early 2023 Even more exciting than what it already Is Diablo is one of those Premier RPGs With a massive fan following but there's Also the fact that jazz mentions an open Beta so you're likely going to get a Chance to play this game much sooner Than that official release I mean if You're a Diablo fan I I'd say that this Is more of a reason to tune in for the Game awards that also goes for you Star Wars fans out there really just fans of

Jedi Fallen order it is widely believed That Jedi Fallen order is one of the Best Star Wars games to date of course We probably shouldn't be too surprised By that considering respawn Entertainment is the studio behind this Game but we do know a sequel is planned For the first half of 2023 being Jedi Survivor well it looks like its release Date has been further narrowed down as Steam accidentally might have revealed Its release date on a steam page it did Briefly show a March 15th release date This was quickly taken down but I mean As we all kind of know when you make a Mistake on the internet Always gonna be some type of proof of Its existence so of course pictures were Taken for proof and this does include Some additional details pre-order Bonuses do seemingly include deluxe Edition content now I'm not gonna post Those pictures on the channel for Obvious reasons I however will leave a Link in the description below but it Does include different Cosmetics such as A lightsaber and Blaster set you can Also see what's included in the deluxe Survivor edition if you're interested in That as well either way though EA did Confirm that Jedi Survivor will be at The game awards after all this leaked Out online so do expect a full-blown Reveal in just a few short days I keep

Saying it but the game awards actually Does sound pretty good this year as we Talked about yesterday Jeff Keeley he's Trying to streamline things a little bit More and and it does sound like there's Some major beloved games that we'll be Making in appearance there Let's go take a look at the poll of the Day though where I asked you well if You're interested in the game are you Willing to pay that premium 70 price tag And as you can see here 32 percent of You said yes while 63 you said no you'll Wait for it to drop in price now I'm Actually a little surprised by the Results here and the reason I say that Is because I I feel like there might Actually be a little bit of a disconnect Here because We've been seeing these 70 games for a Couple years now and there's not really Been that major negative impact that Maybe some people might lead you to Believe that there would be I want to Use God of War Ragnarok as an example Here because this was a 70 game and not Only did this game have success but it's Actually the most successful it's it's The fastest selling PlayStation first party game ever made With like 5 million plus units sold in a Week's period That's a 70 game outpacing All of their previous releases including Spider-Man including the last as part 2

And so on and so forth so I think with That in mind there's a lot of people That are willing to pay that premium Dollar price tag if they're really Interested in the game of course that's Going to differ title to title I'm going To actually use a few different examples Here let's say something like the Cluster protocol that's a 70 game I feel Like people are going to be more willing To wait for that one to drop in price Because it's a new IP there's not that That huge attachment to it so Unless it reviews really really well I Think a lot of people just can kind of Be like okay I'll go ahead and wait for That one to drop in price but then There's also these beloved IP out there Let's say something like Zelda tears of The kingdom comes out and it's 70 Dollars I imagine people just gonna buy it Anyways because they're super excited to Play it and that's what we kind of saw With God of War Ragnarok it's this Insanely popular IP and despite it Costing more people were still willing To pay that premium price tag so I I Really believe that it just kind of Depends on the popularity of the game How much hype is building around and all That but I mean I I do completely Understand there's a lot of people That's upset about this situation I mean

Anytime we have to pay more money for Something that's that's not an ideal Situation for us as Gamers we would love For everything to be cheaper but you Know unfortunately that's just not how Everything played out I said it Yesterday but I think when Sony jumped To that 70 price tag I feel like Everything was just kind of written Stone after that all these different Publishers we're just kind of waiting to See how it played out they had success With us so now we're seeing how the Publishers jump on board as well Including Xbox being the most recent and I think that that will be the final nail To the coffin here I believe from this Point forward AAA releases well more Often than not be 7 70 dollars from this Point forward I do understand where You're all coming from though and I Think it's it's smart as well I mean I I Say it all the time though but I don't Even know why I buy games day one to be To be truthful with you everything seems To go on discount especially around the Holiday period Sonic Frontiers this is a Game that released back in November 8th And in like two weeks later it was it's 50 off and you see this type of stuff All the time cluster protocol that just Released I'm willing to bet that within Six months we see that game go on Discount it's going to happen it's just

A matter of when not rather than if so For all you that do wait out there you All are definitely being smart so I mean I completely completely understand where You're coming from Anyways that's it for this episode but If you liked the video don't forget About notification And subscribe button For more content just like this also if You'd like to support the channel to Patreon thank you for making this Content possible peace out

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