We React to the Nintendo Direct Our Bodies Have Been Craving – NVC 629

We got the thing, the ”thing” in this case being a fall Nintendo Direct, and what a roughly 40 minutes that was, am I right? The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a real game YOU can play this May. Join Brian Altano, Brendan Graeber, Rebekah Valentine and Seth Macy as we talk Nintendo Direct, Splatoon 3, and just a whole lot of Nintendo chatter for you to enjoy.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:30 – New Everything from the Nintendo Direct!
00:20:59 – Pikmin 4 is Finally Here
00:30:51 – “LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom” & Seth’s Theory
00:41:58 – Splatoon 3 Review & Outro

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Tips On How To Get Rare Pokemons In Pokemon Indigo

Pokemon Indigo is an online game in the Pokemon series. Just like other games in the series, the game is focused on capturing and training Pokemons in order to become the game’s strongest trainer. To form a strong party of Pokemon you need to have a well-rounded group that will include at least one rare or legendary Pokemon. While they are important, rare units are not only tough to find, but they are also difficult to catch. Although, this is the case, here are tips on how to find the rare units:

The Best Mobile Games

Mobile games are predominantly flooded by less ambitious productions. However, there are some which are worth investing our time. This article covers some of them.

Tips On How To Successfully Trade FIFA 15 Coins

FIFA coins are important as they allow you to continue playing the game. They also allow you to buy the player that you want to add to your team. Due to the importance of the money, it’s important that you have as much as you can. One of the best ways of accumulating a lot of coins is by buying cheap and selling expensive. For you to do this successfully you need to consider the following tips:

Tips On How To Get Many Coins In FIFA

FIFA is one of the most popular games in the world. While the game is popular, many people don’t know how to get many coins in the game. To help you out, here are tips on how to get many coins: Engage in single player games. Here you need to play against a machine. When playing, you should ensure that you win with a large margin for you to get many coins. For example, when you win with at least 3-0 you will fetch 400-500 coins in every game.

Transformers The Game Assessment

The hugely-successful Transformers movie franchise spawned a series of related games that performed nearly as well as the films; with each generation, many aspects improved. Here is an assessment of the very first, well-received product from High Moon Studios. Transformers – The Game, the first video game that formed the massive package of advertising that went along with Transformers 2007 live-action film, was supposed to be a huge success from the get-go, with scintillating graphics displayed in the video game trailers.

Different Cheating Methods in Video Games

Different Cheating Techniques – Cheats are fragments in a game which are widely used in immense video gaming. It is incorporated inside most games as an additional feature for game enthusiasts to further entertain themselves. Some cheats, like console commands, are integrated as a developer tool to improve and modify the game for a more balanced gameplay.

Which Next Generation Console Should You Choose?

Can’t decide which console to choose? All three consoles have their own disadvantages and advantages. Is cost important or exclusive games, or technical specifications more important to you? This article will help you decide which next generation console is the best.

The Benefits of Video Gaming

Video games are made to entertain people, which involve human interaction. Due to the portable size of electronic devices, modern technology made it possible to play electronic games almost anywhere. Playing these games are definitely entertaining, but then again, there are a lot of benefits attached to it.

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