VALIANT HEARTS Coming Home Trailer (2023)

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VALIANT HEARTS Coming Home Trailer (2023)
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Foreign [Music] ERS love [Music] Many brothers in arms [Music] Great War Our unsung hero Here Come Together United by their common Humanity There's James fighting to prove his Worth to himself And to his country He joins the Harlem Health Fighters Hoping to reunite with his heroic older Brother Freddie Caught up in the crossfire of the war The German diver Ernst a must emerge From the depths to battle for his Humanity [Music] From the tumult of the sea up to the Raging Skies George the British Aviator Captures the chaos down below foreign Shines like a ray of light breaking Through the Gloom of the wounded The war has shown no mercy to either Side Leaving mountains of casualties And many more broken Souls [Music] Desperate Find their way home [Music] Oh

[Music] [Music]

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