Top 20 Xbox Series X|S Games That You Should Play Right Now | 2022

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Immortals Fenyx Rising
The Forgotten City
Gears Tactics
Hitman 3
Flight Simulator
Tales of Arise
A Plague Tale Requiem
Resident Evil Village Gold
It Takes Two
Persona 5 Royal
Forza Horizon 5
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Halo Infinite
Psychonauts 2
Elden Ring


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Foreign Hey what's up everybody and welcome back To the channel so the Xbox Series has Now been on the market for two whole Years which is almost hard to believe I Mean time time really does fly but I I Thought it was a good time to take a Look at some of the best games that's Released so far this generation for the Xbox series X and also the Xbox series s Now not last generation games that run Through backwards compatibility but Rather native Xbox series games that's The games that we are going to look at Today and it's actually a pretty strong Library as well I've been very impressed By Xbox so far this generation and That's kind of the crazy thing here Because they're first party studios are Only just now getting started I mean 2023 it's still looking pretty insane But this list does include 20 different Games there are some first party games Here there's some big AAA Blockbusters And also a few Indies as well I think There's a lot of variety here and just a Little bit of something for everybody so If you are new to the Xbox ecosystem or Maybe you're just looking for a new Xbox Game well here's the list for you Because we do have some good ones here I Have to say without a further Ado though You know it let's just gun jump right Into it so to start off this list I have

Immortals Phoenix Rising which I like to Describe as the most overlooked open World game on the market right now it's Actually Criminal on how Underappreciated this game actually is And I think a lot of that comes down to Its art style it doesn't necessarily Seem to immediately grab everybody's Attention but it's actually very pretty On screen when you see it in motion and Most importantly it's very fun it does Play a lot like Zelda breath of the wild And you can clearly see that with its Climb mechanics its Dungeons and and Really even with its gliding but it Still plays like its own thing as well It's not just some simple clone and Nothing more and and hey XBox doesn't Have Zelda so I mean if anything this is A good alternative in that sense Definitely though don't overlook Immortals Phoenix Rising Now here I have the Forgotten city which I mean this is a game that actually took Me by a complete surprise I kept hearing About how good this game was so I just Kind of went in blind one day but once I Turned this game on I mean I just I Never went back this game's narrative And setting is so unique in how it's Laid out on a Surface the Forgotten city Is a mystery Adventure game of Exploration and deduction but Essentially you find yourself

Transported to a cursed Roman city where If one person sins the whole city will Die now what actually qualifies as a sin That's a little bit of a mystery however Though you for some reason are stuck in A Time Loop which allows you to uncover The mystery and why the city is cursed And find a way to save the few civilians That are left it's not necessarily an Action-packed game but if you're looking For a gripping and unique narrative I Would highly recommend the Forgotten City All right so next up here I have gears Tactics which is a perfect combination Of Gears of War and a turn-based Tactical format it is a different way to Play Gears but the gameplay translates In a really satisfying way it is a Little bit more tactical in the sense That you're controlling various units in An almost chess-like match but however They also managed to keep the aggressive Nature from the gear series by Encouraging players to execute their Enemies by doing this you'll gain an Additional move which adds both to the Game's speed as well as to a strategy as This can also put your units in more of A disadvantageous position if anything Though I'd say the gears tactics is Worthy of the series name and whether You like the franchise or really if you Just like this genre games like x-com

And things like that well here's tactics It's a good game either way In a world where we haven't seen Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid in Years come on let's let's bring those Games back but either way Hitman has Kind of taken up that mantle as arguably The best stealth base series on the Market right now in Hitman 3 is pure Genius in its gameplay and in its level Design in Hitman 3 you're basically Putting a playground where you're given A task to Simply assassinate a Target And that there that's where the fun Begins because it gives you the player The freedom of choice to deal with each Target as you see fit there's not Necessarily one set way to deal with the Situation which makes you feel like a Legitimate Hitman it's just a pure Sandbox of assassination now if you're Looking for a game to take advantage of The power of the Xbox series then flight Simulator is a stunning and I mean a Stunning game to watch in motion I mean Just look at this game it's almost Photorealistic at times now it is one of Those games though that might not Necessarily be for everybody per se but For those that do like these type of Games it's pure abs Asian Perfection you Can fly across the worlds and just Witness these gorgeous landmarks and Technically you can even fly over your

Very own house it's kind of surreal in a Way especially for those that's just Dreamed of flying their whole life and On top of that there's a lot of Aircrafts to mix things up in terms of Gameplay again flight simulator might Not necessarily be for everybody per se But if anything I'd say it's an Experience everybody should have at Least once Now Xbox fans for a long long time have Been asking for more jrpgs and one Trend That we are seeing this generation is That Xbox they're finally responding and You can very much see that here with Hells of a rise this is from the Long-running action jrpg tells of series But this time Bandai Namco gave tells of A rise more time in the oven and it paid Off in a major way I'd say the Telsa Verizon's quietly become one of the Better AAA jrpgs available it's got an Interesting story about a slave that Feels no pain and this mixes well with The Dynamics of the other characters It's got a beautiful Timeless R style And then in terms of combat you have to Work with your team to pull off these Smartly time Combos and it's just a lot Of fun tell us a horizon from top to Bottom it's just a really good game and If you are one of those fans that's been Wanting more jrpgs this is definitely One worth checking out

Now there's a lot of survival games out There where you build bases gather Resources try to get food and water Things like that and you pretty much Know what to expect from these type of Games I've greatly enjoyed some of these Games in my past and they can be very Very addictive with their gameplay Loops Where they just kind of embrace Creativity from players and what Grounded does all that but it's also a Really special game in the sense that It's not just a survival game but this Is also a legitimate RPG coming from The Fallout New Vegas and outer worlds Creators Obsidian Entertainment that's Right this is coming from some of the Best RPG developers period and they Brought that expertise to a survival Game and pulled it off phenomenally well On top of that one of the things I Really like about this game is that There's also an end goal as there's a Story here a quite interesting one at That so unlike other survival games out There there's an actual sense of Finality so grounded in the grand scheme Of things is not just yet another Survival game but rather I'd say it's an Evolution on the genre Now here's a unique game that really Stands out being a plague tale Requiem This is a game that fits more into that Modern cinematic Adventure mold but it

Really sticks out thanks to its Atmosphere stealth based gameplay and Emotionally driven story you do play as A young girl trying to protect her Sickly little brother as the two scour The rat infested world now as to the Reason why they set off on their own I'll kind of leave that as a mystery but Do know that the story is absolutely Gripping from beginning to end now as For gameplay it does center around Solving different puzzles and stealth Based mechanics but you do have a lot of Tools at your disposal this time around From a slingshot you have a crossbow Among several alchemy-based additives so You do have the option of being Completely stealth based or if you just Want to kill every enemy that you see Technically you can do that the way you Play though does impact your character And how she grows statistically which is A really interesting mechanic I actually Found myself working twice as hard not To kill people because of how your Character is impacted by your gameplay Decisions it's a neat idea that I think Works really well it is important to Note here though that this is a sequel To a very story-driven game so I do kind Of recommend checking out the first game As well being a Plato innocence both are However excellent games Now there's certain games that are just

So good that they've essentially created Their own genres you have your souls Likes and you have your Zelda likes but What if I told you there's actually a Game out there a really good one by the Way that captures both of those Experiences in one Fell Swoop well That's exactly what tunic is yeah now Don't let the dark stuff fool you here It might look cutesy and everything on The surface but this is a difficult game Inspired by the soulsborne series There's some awe-inspiring bosses that Are just going to destroy you in this Game it does have those quote-unquote Bonfires and it's also got that Methodical combat to it now it's Zelda-like nature though that's a little Bit more apparent here but there's also This engaging mystery that that just Kind of pushes you ever forward that's Actually one of the coolest things about This game though it's mystery in the way That you solve it you actually find These hidden Pages throughout this world That gives you Clues and where you go And and they show you hidden mechanics That you might not have necessarily Known about otherwise kind of like an Old strategy guide tunic though I mean What I'm going to just kind of say about This game is that it's quietly not only One of the best game that's released in 2022 but it's also just one of the best

Games available on the Xbox series right Now If you like good story driven single Player experiences I firmly believe There's not many games out there that Can stand Toe to Toe with the Yakuza in Judgment series The moment-to-moment Action in these games are just so Thrilling with twists and turns around Every single corner and they tie that in Nicely with its Japanese culture that Just bleeds atmosphere and then it also Has that over the top gameplay from top To bottom these are excellent games with Lots of things to do as you can also Freely explore their dense cities now There are two different styles of games Here though so in terms of native Xbox Series games you have Yakuza like a Dragon which is actually the seventh Installment to the series and this is a Turn-based erpg whereas judgment which Is a spin-off it's got beat em up stove Gameplay similar to the first six games Now if you are new to the series I would Recommend judgment as it does have a Completely different story and Characters but you can still technically Jump into Yakuza like a dragon as well With no previous knowledge of the series Either which way these are both top tier Single player experience One of Xbox's new premier first party Studios Arcane under Bethesda Studios is

Already showing their talent with death Loop now this was a timed PlayStation Exclusive there for a while but it is Now finally available on Xbox and this Is a creative first person shooter where You play as an assassin stuck in a death Loop hence the name of the game in order To break the loop though you'll need to Assassinate eight different targets in Quick succession but if you fail the Loop then resets that there though is Really where the fun begins as it gives You the player the creative freedom to Discover the best method and the best Route to take and because of its Brilliant level design and entertaining Story it's always always a pure joy to Play Now I don't typically like roguelites All that much where if you die you start Back from the beginning but Hades Have its own special breed of a game This game to put ashore is truly a Masterpiece in every sense of the word Essentially you play as zagreus the son Of Hades and he sets out to escape the Underworld and his father's rule in Order to do that zagarius will go room To roam and fight off the many enemies In his way but if you die you'll then Have to start back at the beginning and While that might sound like a grueling And repetitive task it never really Feels that way in Hades I mean it's so

Strange but in this game it actually Almost makes you feel rewarded when you Die and I know that sounds weird and Everything but it really does because The story itself is just so interesting The characters in the universe they're So captivating so when you die in this Game it just allows you to learn a Little bit more about his world his Story and also its characters on top of That each attempt to escape the Underworld it always feels different Because with each room that you clear You then have a choice of picking one of Multiple paths each path will then Reward you with an ability or an upgrade So there's a lot of strategy that can Completely change how this game is Played in terms of combat there's also Various weapons that you could choose From that again all felt vastly Different and seriously I mean you can Easily easily sync 50 plus or even 100 Plus hours in the Hades and it will Still be insanely fun that is a true Testament to how good this game actually Is so from a story perspective to its Characters to its just overall gameplay Hades is without a Shadow of Doubt a Masterpiece that you need to play In recent years Resident Evil has come Back in a pretty major way and that's Not only in the form of remakes but also With their completely new games like

Resident Evil Village Gold which now has Two campaigns including its Winter's Expansion in the main campaign you play As Ethan Winters trying to find his Daughter and must fight off the likes of Werewolves vampires among other Terrifying creatures to do so I'd say That it mixes in a good amount of horror Alongside its action really kind of Giving you the best of both rules but Thanks to its Smart Level design and the Way that the world interconnects it's a Slow terror that builds up as you Explore each new Locale the thing about Resident Evil Village though is that it Was already good with memorable villains And everything that you'd expect from The franchise but the Gold Edition did Add value by including a new third Person camera option in case you prefer That over first person then you also get The Winter's expansion that has you play As an entirely different character in a New campaign that also plays quite a bit Different now I won't explain why for Spoiler related reasons but Resident Evil Village Gold is a must own for fans Of the series or really for just fans of The horror genre Alright so next up here I have it takes Two which might actually be the most Creative game that I've ever played in My entire life now that's no Exaggeration either it is absolutely

Brilliant in how every single level in This game continuously changes up in Terms of gameplay and in its design so This is actually a mandatory Cooperative Game but don't let that stop you here it Does come with a free friend pass so you Can actually have anybody join you Online without them actually needing to Purchase the game themselves and you are Absolutely going to want to experience This one together first off the story is Very well done and highly amusing you Play as this troubled married couple Turn to dolls and the only way that They'll get the chance to go back to Normal is by working together now you're Kind of seeing where the immersion comes From but this is also done in a number Of different ways in one level you might Have to fly a piece together airplane Trying to escape killer squirrels out of All things where in another level it Might play like a third person shooter Instead while it might look like it this Is not just a 3D platformer there's just So much more going on here and I'm just Going to go out on a limb here and say This might actually be the best Cooperative game of all time yes it is That good After years and years of Atlas and Sega Just being big doofuses they have Finally finally brought Persona over to Xbox consoles I mean sure it took them

Long enough and everything but hey it's Better late than never however this does Include Persona 5 Royal which you can Actually pick up right now and then soon Also Persona 3 and Persona 4 Golden now Technically those two aren't out as of The making of this video but I have Actually played all three of these games And they are very much as good as Advertised these are without a doubt Among the very best turn-based arpgs to Ever exist now I will say even though Persona 5 Royal is the most popular Which I mean that's fine and everything Because it's a great game Persona 4 Golden however is actually my own Personal favorite in the series so Definitely don't sleep on that one when It does eventually release the way these Games work though is that you play as Your everyday high school student and It's more or less a social Sim where you Manage your time but then there's these Parallel worlds that you get sucked into Where they become more of a turn-based Dungeon Crawler this is where you fight Off demons and uncover the mysterious Happenings that intersects with the Human world their stories though their Characters their atmosphere and combat Are all just masterfully done in the Persona series again the weight was well Worth it definitely go play Persona 5 Right now and when Persona 4 and 3 comes

Out yeah you're going to want to go Check those ones out as well Alright so now here we are in the final Stretch the top five and that starts With Forza Horizon 5 and it's probably One of the greatest racing games ever Made it's a stunning spectacle of a game Set in an open world Mexico where it Ingrains car culture into its landscape Now being set in Mexico this time There's a wide range of locales to Explore from Lush jungles to vast Deserts or even an active volcano the Thing about Forza Horizon though is that They're never afraid to be creative and Mix in a lot of different ways to race This could be in the form of off-road Insane just over-the-top set pieces or Even with its Hot Wheels expansion now If you want to talk about a perfect Combination here Forza Horizon plus Hot Wheels both looks and bills amazing All right so technically or in the will Of the Wisp did release right before the Xbox series came out but it did get an Xbox series enhancement that was very Much needed now this already beautiful Quite frankly stunning game can run up To 4K resolution and 120 frames per Second and let me tell you if you like Metroidvania games it really is among The best of the best ever made I mean I'm talking right up there with games Like Castlevania Metroid and Hollow

Knight now or in the wilderness though Is a little bit different than a lot of Other games in the genre because it does Emphasize its platforming a lot more but Its platforming is so good that it Actually plays better than a lot of 2D Platformers on the market which is Something that you don't really see all That often when it comes to Metroidvanias you'll really see that Though in his boss sequences where it'll Really truly put your platforming skills To the test it's not just that though Because or in the world of wisps it also Has really good combat so it's not just A one-dimensional game this is a Complete metroidvania and to top it off It's also got an emotionally enticing Story I think this is one of those games Though that you're going to hear about For decades because it's always going to Feel and look good regardless of how Many years pass And next up here I have Xbox's Flagship Title Halo infinite and this is such an Interesting one in the aspect it's Multiplayer could still improve with More content but with that said halo Infinite is still an absolutely Excellent game especially when it comes To its single player campaign for the First time ever Halo is an open world Game and while I was originally Skeptical if they could actually mesh

Its core first person shooter gameplay Into more of an immersive open world Well 343 they pulled it off with flying Collars not only is it World fun to Explore with its new grappling hook that Basically makes you feel like you're Spider-Man but it also has one of the Better stories within the Halo franchise There were some true emotional beats This time around and the entire cast is Very well written I actually would put This as one of the better Halo campaigns All around and because of its open world Layout there's plenty to do besides just Its story as for its multiplayer though Like I said it does need more content Still but with that said from technical Standpoint it's absolutely fantastic Now for these next two games though they Both really just blew me away and they Very well might sit among my favorite Games of all time the first of which Being Psychonauts 2. this is actually One of the select few games ever that I Supported through crowdfunding because I Always viewed the first game as one of The all-time great collect-a-thon 3D Platformers that sadly was just really Overlooked for its time so I was Thrilled when Psychonauts had a chance To come back with a sequel well I'm Actually even more thrilled to say that Not only did it meet my expectations but Double fine they exceeded them by far

Psychonauts 2 takes everything from that Original game the quirky characters the Thai platforming the creativity that Comes from entering one's mind and it Just runs with all those things and Improves upon them now earlier I said it Takes two is the most creative game that I've ever played the Psychonauts 2 is Right there as well and when you combine That creativity with excellent Storytelling lovable characters with a Good sense of humor and also a well Realized world you get an instant Classic like you do here with Psychonauts too I mean you don't usually Think about storytelling when you talk About collect-a-thon 3D Platformers but Suck on us 2 really is a special breed There it does touch up on some mental Issues so it is a surprisingly deep Story but it also knows how to be Humorous and lighthearted as well so From its 3D collect-a-thon gameplay to Its just insane amount of creativity From level to level to its story Psychonauts 2 really is a special game And at the number one spot the other Game that truly blew me away is none Other than Eldon ring I mean this game Is so masterful in every single thing That it does I I absolutely got hooked On this game I put like 150 hours into This game in like a two-week period I Never do that type of thing but Elden

Ring is a brutally challenging action RPG kind of reminds me of an older 90s Game but thrown into more of this modern Package with more advanced gameplay it's Like an alternate history in a sense That what if games would have continued In that direction where they don't hold Your hands where they reward you for Investigating its world with Secrets I Mean you're gonna find optional bosses In this game and hidden but powerful Weapons and you can uncover more layers To its Story by piecing its world and Items together and to top everything off You just have that addictive and Challenging gameplay of course this is a From software game and everything so I Mean you do expect that challenging Gameplay but even then I'd still put Elder ring right at the top of from Software's best work ever and that's Already an achievement because pretty Much all the souls porn games are great I think one of the best parts about this Game though is is not just with its World that George RR Martin helped Create but also how much player choice Is involved with this gameplay there's a Lot of different builds thanks to its Many many weapons and abilities that Allows you to choose what type of combat Best fits you and that's going to be Important considering some of it's very You know I mean very very challenging

Bosses to say the least now in terms of Story though I do want to highlight that As well because if you truly do pay Attention and put its world together it Actually does have a really good story Elder ring though this game's not just a Simple Masterpiece but I want to go and Say it's one of the best games that I've Ever played Just period at the very Least it's one of my own personal Favorite games ever made and that is why It is number one on this list definitely Check out Elden ring Anyways though that's it for this list But hopefully you found some good games To play and if I did forget to mention Any of your favorite games let me know In the comments below that way we can All discover those as well with that Said though if you did find yourself Enjoying the video do make sure to hit Those buttons below like subscribe and Hit that Bell button and also if you'd Like to support the channel through Patreon thank you for making this Content possible peace out

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