Top 10 NEW Games of December 2022

Looking for something to play on pC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One or Nintendo Switch this December? We got you covered with these video game release dates.
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0:00 Intro
0:15 Choo-Choo Charles
1:34 Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion
2:40 The Witcher 3
3:41 Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign
4:46 Samurai Maiden
5:51 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution
6:45 High On Life
8:05 Marvel’s Midnight Suns
9:21 Need For Speed Unbound
10:32 The Callisto Protocol
11:36 BONUS

10 Choo-Choo Charles

Platform :- PC

Release Date :- December 9, 2022

9 Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion


Release Date :- December 13, 2022

8 The Witcher 3

Platform :- PS5 XSX|S

Release Date :- December 14, 2022

7 Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign

Platform :- PC

Release Date :- December 6, 2022

6 Samurai Maiden

Platform :- PC Switch PS4 PS5

Release Date :- December 8, 2022

5 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

Platform :- PC Meta Quest 2

Release Date :- December 1, 2022

4 High On Life

Platform :- PC XSX|S Xbox One

Release Date :- December 13, 2022

3 Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Platform :- PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date :- December 2, 2022

2 Need For Speed Unbound

Platform :- PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date :- December 2, 2022

1 The Callisto Protocol

Platform :- PC PS5 XSX|S PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date :- December 2, 2022


Back 4 Blood: River of Blood DLC

Platform :- PC PS5 XSX|S PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date :- December 6

Hello Neighbor 2

Platform :- PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S PC

Release Date :- December 6, 2022

December 2022 is coming up fast and There are for sure some interesting Titles that are landing for us to play Hi folks it's Falcon and today on game Ranks the top 10 new games worth your Interest in December 2022. starting off At number 10 it is choo choo Charles Choo choo Charles builds itself as an Open world survival horror train Simulation game so hey you ever thought Oh what would it be like if a spider Train was chasing me I I don't know Maybe that's not something you really Thought of but uh it's something that You can experience choo choo Charles has Been like a huge Indie news item for a While now basically you're on an open World Island that's inhabited by a Spider train the spider train spooky Looking and you gotta avoid them until You can fight him now you might think That this has something to do with Stephen King's Choo Choo Charlie book Which was originally a dark tower in World book that a character bought and Served as foreshadowing for something That happened later and I guess in some Ways choo choo Charles is uh inspired by It but there's no spider train in that Book just a vaguely creepy train that Doesn't actually do anything evil in the Course of the in-world book this is a Spider train that he's hunting you I Mean there's some simulation elements

You have to upgrade the train you have To get weapons and all that but it's a Spider train hunting you on an open World Island like there's really not a Lot else to say I'm in choo choo Charles Lands on PC on December 9th And number nine is Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII reunion can I just say how Excited I am for this game to have a Remake this is a game I loved when it Came out on PSP and it was also a game That I just thought wow it really sucks That this is on PSP this is a remaster And I am really excited to go through it Partially because the nature of the Remaster they've done a lot with like 3D Models with environments with the music They've added voice acting but at the Same time it also kind of retains that Arcadey feel even in the graphics and That's something I really like about it This was a game that really did have a Lot of arcade routes and I'm very very Excited to play this game again on a big Screen with nice graphics with better Music with fully voiced everything it's Just exactly what I would have asked for With this and it's coming to PC the play PlayStations the Xboxes and switch on December 13th At number Eight or three Nation update an enhanced port with Dozens of graphical and Technical

Enhancements integrated mods and new Content I mean hell yes absolutely of Course now if you have The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt on PS4 or Xbox One you'll be Able to upgrade to the new technical Stuff free it'll be available as a patch For anybody playing the game on PS5 Xbox Series X or PC which is absolutely Fantastic I am really excited to see This game looking better this game still Looks good after all these years and It's easily one of the best open world RPGs of all time I am so excited to sit Down and do another playthrough of this Because in all seriousness it's one of The defining RPGs of all time it's just So good The Witcher 3 update is landing On PS5 and Xbox series as well as PC on December 14th And number seven is Knights of Honor 2 Sovereign a grand strategy game in which You become the king and try to conquer Europe in a uh medieval RTS now see What's fun about this is it's not just Like hey you've got lots of units on a Map and you manipulate them there's also You're a king you have a court you have To choose them carefully and do strategy With this sort of inner political Workings of it so you've got City Development you've got diplomacy Politics religion and the thing that They're boasting is that they'll have All of this stuff in a way that doesn't

Suck but is also accessible now I don't Know exactly what that means because I Obviously haven't played the game but I Like the idea that they're trying to do All of that and keep it at a level that People will like while also making it Not confusing for people who are maybe Just coming to the game it's also got Multiplayer conquer with your friends or Against them in all truth it really Looks like a good game not lights of Honor 2 Sovereign is landing on the PC On December 6th at number six is Samurai Maiden a action sort of hack and slash Looking game that takes a a let's just Say it cheesy setup and actually looks Like a fairly impressive hack and slash Action game in part just because they've Really like done an incredible job with Some cell shaded Graphics here like We've all kind of marveled at how good Cartoon cell shading can be done Nowadays in 3D but this one struck me as Particularly good now the plot's anime School girl went back in time to Samurai Times and as it turns out there's lots Of monsters and stuff to attack it's a Blatantly silly looking game but one That looks like it really puts together All of the mechanical elements and Visual elements pretty well I don't know That it's going to be revolutionary or Anything but as far as the kind of game It is it looks well above average maybe

Even just simply a good hack and slash Altogether Samurai Maiden is landing on The PlayStations Nintendo switch and PC On December 8th At number five is The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners chapter 2 retribution A VR FPS survival horror game and the Sequel to what is considered a pretty Darn good one a lot of people have Regarded this as one of the better VR Games period not just fps's but just a Really good example of a physics-based VR experience that adopts a lot more Traditional gameplay mechanics and feels Like a complete thing chapter 2 as its Name implies continues the story of the First and you'll be able to use new Weapons and items like a sawed-off Shotgun and and I think this is going to Be the best part for the VR elements of The game a chainsaw The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners chapter 2 retribution Will be landing on the PlayStation VR Platforms as well as the meta Quest 2 on December 1st And number four is high on life a first Person shooter that is by squanch games The uh Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty Fam video game company it is a game that Has a lot of talking guns in it now I I'm gonna say right off that I enjoy Justin roiland's humor and I do think That this is going to be funny and from All accounts everything I can find on it

Makes it sound like it actually is a Good first person shooter in terms of Function I'm not saying that this is Definitely going to be what happens with This game but the thing that I'm just Slightly worried about is that it's Going to be repetitive in terms of Comedy that's my worry I I'm worried That even if it is a good first person Shooter certain lines repeating Themselves or Guns Never shutting up at Specific times I don't know there's an Element of me that is worried about that That being said if it manages to not do That this is gonna be fantastic plastic So I'm looking forward to it if it Doesn't work out fine but if it does Maybe we'll see more comedy in games That would be great I love funny games There's not enough of it high on life is Coming to the Xboxes and Microsoft Windows December 13th At number three three is Marvel's Midnight Sun's a tactical RPG from fire Axis which relative to midnight suns are The absolutely fantastic developers of The x-com games this is basically XCOM With mutants from the Marvel Universe And I think even for people who may not Care so much about Marvel or comic books This looks like the game that would make That stuff work for you because Seriously is there another kind of Universe more perfectly suited for the

XCOM style of gameplay outside of XCOM I Don't think so midnight Sun's having a Bunch of different mutants with Different powers doing the same kind of Turn base x-com combat that's exactly The thing that you need to say to get me In the door this looks great this game Looks good enough and knowing what it is Is interesting enough for me to buy it Without Really knowing a lot about it There's not a lot of games that can do That anymore granted I have kept up with It and I am aware care of what it is and How it works making me more excited for It um Marvel's midnight Sons is landing On PS5 Xbox series and PC on December 2nd gonna be one that I cannot miss this Month And number two is Need for Speed Unbound A new Direction at very least visually For the 25th installment of the Need for Speed series like I said this game looks Pretty significantly different from Previous games particularly in character Models because we see cell shading and They're using the aesthetic of graffiti Art kind of taking a departure from the More realistic style at least of other Need for Speed games in some ways I Almost want to call it Jet Set Need for Speed because it does in some ways Remind me of Jet Set Radio obviously It's a lot more detailed but uh Unbound Plops you into an open world based on

Chicago called Lakeshore City now Visually it's a departure but it looks Like it's retaining a lot of really good Elements from previous Need for Speed Games uh the heat system from Need for Speed heat is coming back you got a lot Of customization uh body kits etc etc Stuff that's really very Need for Speed I'm excited for it I love this series And I hope hope that it's a big return To Forum and grab at the former glory of Need for Speed because it's been a while Unbounds landing on PC PS5 and Xbox Series on December 2nd And finally at number one and this is One that I'm just really excited for is The Callisto protocol which is it's dead Space it's different from dead space in A lot of ways you're in a facility on The Callisto Moon and there's an alien Invasion and it's very dead space-like Everything you look at with footage Instead space like why because it was Made by the Dead Space Creator if you Want to play a new Dead Space game That's more like dead space than Dead Space 3 Callisto protocol is where to go Although there are some new things in it I don't think you're gonna be saying to Yourself wow this is nothing like dead Space and that's great that's exactly What I want from the creator of Dead Space he knows what happened he knows What we want the Callisto protocol is

Landing on PC the PlayStations the Xboxes and it's landing on December 2nd A quick bonus for you there's also hello Neighbor 2 which improves on the Dynamics of the original game by making It so that the neighbor actually learns From you and continually becomes more Adapted to the player and their play Style hello neighbor 2 lands on the PlayStations the Xboxes and PC December 6th that's all for today leave us a Comment let us know what you think if You like this video click like if you're Not subscribed now's a great time to do So we upload brand new videos every day Of the week best way to see them first Is of course a subscription so click Subscribe don't forget to enable Notifications and as always we thank you Very much for watching this video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon the hero we'll see you next time Right here on game ranks

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