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Beyond Good and Evil 2 still coming


Witcher 1 remake open world

Callisto Protocol

Midnight Suns

Need for Speed Unbound



Amnesia: The Bunker (march 2023)

505 Games teasing new game at Game Awards, also FF16 news soon?

From Software development

Stadia refunds!

Hello folks today is Friday December 2nd 2022 as usual my name is Jake baldino Here to talk about all the video game News that has been going on this week It's quite a bit of stuff so let's just Get right into it the first big thing is We finally have something about uh Elder Scrolls six Todd Howard has spoken sort Of kind of it's real It is still officially real yes uh so Todd Howard did a long-form podcast Interview uh something called The Lex Friedman podcast uh where he spoke at Length about a lot of projects like Starfield and stuff like that but uh he Did talk about one of his biggest Regrets and it's with uh the Elder Scrolls six and seemingly how long it's Taking to make which doesn't really Sound like a lot but when he was asked About like when Elder Scrolls 6 is Coming out he said and I quote I have a Vague idea of when it's coming out I Wish it was soon we want it out too and I wish they didn't take as long as they Did but they do and look I mean if I Could go back in time it would have Never been my plan to wait as long as It's taken for it we're going to make Sure we do it right for everybody people Are playing our games for a long time You know Skyrim is 11 years old and Still probably our most played game uh He also went in depth talking about how

They know that with the legs that Skyrim Had their next game is also going to be One that's played by people for probably Like a decade or so so I assume there's A lot of pressure that comes with that So it's an interesting conversation not A ton of new information or anything Like that but just just a little Perspective uh you know breaking news Guy who is making product wants to put That product out as soon as possible I Will say like I still get why they Announced Elder Scrolls 6 so early to be Like and they've said this they put it Out to be like yes we're making it leave Us alone but also then you have Todd Howard saying something like this where I wish we could put it out sooner I wish It wasn't taking so long well just Button that up keep a quiet and then for You it'll feel like a long time but at Least for us the audience maybe it won't I don't know another little note uh in Terms of Bethesda news uh if you saw This uh there's the whole thing going on Still with uh Xbox and the regulatory Bodies throughout the world doing Hearings and interviews and stuff about Their Activision Blizzard purchase and In all those documents a bunch of things Come out about what they're working on And like we we've covered these Headlines before but the newest one uh In some UK documentation just describing

Their business and stuff like that they Listed Bethesda games like Starfield and The next Elder Scroll as like mid-tier Games which sounds really funny because You think they're like the biggest thing In the world so a lot of people were Laughing about that but it is in the Context of them as a business like They're real Heavy Hitters are those big Games that people buy every year the Call of Duties the sports games and Stuff like that so those are top tier And then the middle of the road are like The Bethesda RPGs and stuff games that Are going to be bought and played by a Ton of people but still not as Mainstream as some of those top Heavy Hitters like fortnite and Call of Duty That being said it's got to come pretty Close I mean in terms of like RPGs I Think Skyrim was probably one of the Most accessible and most play like I Knew some very casual gamers who know What Skyrim is so curious to see if that Can punch up to the top spot with the Next game we've talked a lot about Elder Scrolls 6 considering there's not a lot Of new stuff so let's move on Beyond Good and Evil too Coming apparently this is according why Are you laughing don't laugh they're Working on it okay leave them alone yeah No Insider gaming is reporting that they Have seen images of the game in progress

And it is still very much a thing it's Probably still going to be a long time And uh the report actually suggested That it may have been and we've heard This a little bit in the past that it May have been kind of soft rebooted uh They said that they're still like big Stuff big worlds less detail but still Like the same types of spaceships and Stuff really not too much to go on but Other than just like a glimmer and it is Of course a rumor uh you know it is Insider sources so take it with a grain Of salt but hey it's still out there and Apparently Ubisoft is still working on It and spending money on it so I'm Really curious to see what it could Become now when there were talks of It Kind of being rebooted like development Or whatever I was hoping they just went Back to like making a traditional ass Follow-up to the original game instead Of this big highbrow weird ongoing Experience but maybe that's what they're Still working on either way it's gonna Be a long time what's going on with Ubisoft man I mean I know they have a Lot of things going on uh legally and Like all those things but what's going On with your games uh it was the same Thing with skull and bones skull and Bones like disappeared forever it took So long to make they've dumped tons of Money in it into what I would assume uh

We have Beyond Good and Evil the same Thing the Prince of Persia remake a lot Of things really falling to the Wayside While other developers are getting out Games and you know some pretty quality Games in a shorter period of time hey Next up this episode is brought to you By raycon these are the go-to wireless Earbuds headphones and speakers that Have quality sound and performance but Come in at about half the price of other Premium audio Brands and it's that time Of year where things get pretty hectic And they can make for a pretty good Holiday gift I use their earbuds here All the time they still offer eight Hours of play time and a 32 hour battery Life thanks to this charging case right Here these stay in for a long period of Time and they're comfortable I wear them For work calls and when I'm outside Doing stuff because these are pretty Durable they pair up nice and simple With Bluetooth they have sound profiles Smart compatibility and all raycon Products come in a variety of styles and Color ways so you can make everyone Happy for the holidays whether it be a Nice surprise or a last minute stocking Stuffer gift for anyone special in your Life everybody needs earbuds or Headphones for something right so click That link in the description the site Offers free shipping free returns and a

30-day happiness guarantee and for the Next month raycon will have a countdown To Christmas when the new pop-up flash Deal for you to take advantage of every Single day once again that's by game ranks use code holiday Click that link in the description get Shopping and thanks to raycon for Sponsoring this video and in other news Just an update about things very much Far off uh from uh see project red Financial quarterly reporting stuff that They do we know that the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 is uh not being worked on Yet apparently according to this and I Will link The Source uh the Gamespot Article and everything I talk about in The description down below uh 2023 is When they're going to start Pre-production as of right now they're Still working on that DLC apparently There is a big team on it for that Cyberpunk 2077 DLC that releases in 2023 And then apparently after that they are Going to move on to pre-production for The cyberpunk sequel now pre-production It's a very early phase it's like the Coming up with stuff phase so it's not Like active crazy development where all Of a sudden they're building stuff so It's still going to be a very long time But that's what we know now obviously There's still a lot of focus on The Witcher games CD projekt Red did reveal

This week that the remake of The Witcher 1 which I'm very excited for is going to Be an open world thing so it's going to Be more like something I guess you'd Expect with like The Witcher 3. that Being said personal not to get weird but I I thought like uh The Witcher 2 was Like this happy medium between open and Very linear I thought that did a really Good job I thought they could have just Done that but hey they're going full Open world because that's what sells so We'll just have to wait and see how that Turns out next up a bunch of stuff I Want to link in the description down Below a lot of games coming out uh worth Highlighting uh the first is it's now Out reviews are dropping for the Callisto protocol all I have played Through the entire game uh reviews are Very much all over the place I'd say Consult multiple reviews I think it's Okay uh I don't think it's that terrible A lot of people really don't like it I Think it's okay I don't think Necessarily run out and buy it now for Full price uh also be aware the PC Version is apparently buff screwed right Now can I say that do we still curse on The show I don't know yeah PC version uh For a lot of folks seems to be in a very Unacceptable state right now so there's That keep in mind that uh but the before You buy should be dropping uh it should

Be out before this video so I will link That keep your eyes peeled on that also Uh Marvel's midnight Suns is out I I Played through that I'm surprised how Much I actually like it it's weird it's Not what you'd expect and it's for very Specific types of audiences I'm talking Like uh social simulator Persona fans And also card strategy simulator fans It's weird it's hard to explain so check Out that video also out this week uh They kind of just dropped it and we're On the street is that it's actually Decent Need for Speed speed Unbound We're working on a video for that I'm Not on that one Falcon and Eric are Working on that but as a person who has Played every single goddamn Need for Speed game and people are saying with This one that Need for Speed is back Where were you for Need for Speed heat And Need for Speed 2016. I said those Games were good no one wanted to listen To me here we are anyway rant over one Interesting thing that popped up is a Trailer for amnesia the bunker this is a New amnesia game we got a brief teaser Of it it's coming March 2023 and it's Amnesia with a gun finally you shoot Those gross things I assume uh not too Much to go on other than that it is uh The same developers uh who I think after The original Amnesia their track record Is kind of like you know it's okay but

They've never done anything as a crazy And groundbreaking as that original Amnesia so I'm still looking forward to Seeing how this one goes down also just Wanted to link something fun and stupid Uh the latest from Eli handle B on YouTube who uh we wait with baited Breath for every one of their uploads This one is uh they put Ace Ventura Pet Detective Into The Witcher 3. these are Funny uh these are technically Impressive with how they do it uh and I Just I just love to see it stuff I I Subscribe I'm excited I love every Single video and this is just another Killer one so I think this is a good Example to show if you guys haven't seen Their work yet good also mark your Calendars next week of course uh December 8th is the game awards now okay Though Awards whatever people like to Argue about them but gaming news that's What I'm here to talk about and uh we're Probably gonna get some new game reveals And stuff like that so keep your eyes Peeled we'll be covering that I'll also Be there but uh also it is worth noting That we got some previews already we Know what's coming uh 505 the Publishers Are teasing a new game they put out a Pretty cool image uh some people are Throwing out like is this like a Sleeping Dogs type game I think it's too Early to tell but that could be

Potentially something also uh Final Fantasy XV it seems like we're going to Be getting some news with some of the of Developers showing up there but as of Right now that's all we know but usually The days leading up we get more trickles Of like what's going to be seen lots of Rumors lots of crazy stuff flying around There but hopefully we get some good Stuff I could definitely eat also one Interesting thing I wanted to link in The comments uh something to read I Always say we got to read up on video Games more we talk so much about it we Should do our homework this is a pretty Good article a pretty good uh look into Uh development at from software and how It all works uh with obviously crunch Being a thing so much in game Development but also the work culture of Japan uh this kind of takes some people Anonymous people because they can't they Can't comment publicly but people who Have apparently worked at from software And just uh how it all goes down and how Development goes down and uh it's pretty Interesting also no confirmation in this Article whether or not they're working On a follow-up to Sakura I have that I Have seen that rumor floating around Could be could be crazy we'll just have To wait and see also uh in other news It's just just a follow-up uh Christmas Has come early for some people uh Google

Stadia is now officially processing Refunds as you guys remember we talked About it like a month or so ago uh Google stadia is no more but along with That they're refunding all of your Purchases uh is that Google just trying To keep the Goodwill of the gamers do They not want to piss off us the gamers TM I don't know but now we've got Reports that those refunds are starting To roll out and I am very excited I Could definitely use a couple bucks for Christmas you know what I'm saying I Just think it's pretty crazy and Unprecedented that we're getting refunds For the hardware and uh the games we Bought I paid out the ass for that stuff But I'm looking forward to seeing uh how This rolls out hopefully it's all clean And smooth and I get money back in my Bank account but yeah just wanted to Spread that little holiday cheer with You guys but that's it we gotta go back To work finish up some videos about Callisto protocol and stuff so that's The video game news for this week the Stuff we thought was interesting uh so Let me know in the comments what you Think about everything from Callisto Protocol if you jumped in immediately uh To the other games dropping this week Midnight Suns Need for Speed Unbound Stuff like that how long are you willing To wait for The Elder Scrolls 6. I can

Wait forever there are so many other Games take your time guys I think that Should be the case for every game but Yeah what are you looking forward to uh Do you have any dream announcements or World premieres from the game awards are There any rumors that have really caught Your eye about stuff possibly getting Revealed let's talk let's talk about all This stuff down in the comments Definitely hit me up if you like what we Do here we're here every single Friday We've never really missed one uh Clicking the like button helps us out we Very much appreciate that you know where You can find me on my other YouTube Channel Jake baldino just type in my Name uh also Twitter and Instagram and All that but thank you guys for being Here hope you have a very nice weekend Be safe be well see you next time Pizza's on me

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