THE WITCHER 3 Next Gen Trailer (2022)

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THE WITCHER 3 Next Gen Trailer 4K (2022)
© 2022 – CD Projekt

Enough guards crossed the pontar in the East means Wars coming War Changes Everything by order of the Hierarchy whosoever conceals a mage in Their home shall burn alongside him or Her Nilfgaard on One Bank redania on the Other drooling over the city like dogs Over a juicy bone Exactly we are at War and she's in Danger You will find her and bring her to me She's a child of the Elder blood so now I've gotta find Siri Why are you helping her because she's a Danger a mortal one I'm power that can Destroy the world you must find her Geralt Before the wild Hunt does We'll find her or someone who knows what Happened to her Who are you You know who I am The legend cannot be killed can it I'll hunt will be here soon Thank you

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