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The Witcher 3 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S) is now updated to take advantage of next gen systems. How is it? Let’s take a quick look at the upgrades and fixes.
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Hey and we're back with another episode Of before you buy that show we give you Some straight up gameplay and some first Impressions of the latest games Releasing and today we're talking about The Witcher 3 next gen and yes of course This is technically a free upgrade you Don't buy it uh chances are you've Already bought The Witcher 3 at some Point but the developers are providing This free next-gen patch upgrade that Takes advantage of the stronger newer Hardware and adds some new fixes and Features and frankly a new excuse to Talk about The Witcher is always good With us now as you know we really like The Witcher although the base game Released in 2015 and we actually weren't Doing before you buy videos yet believe It or not so uh we jumped in to check This out it's just a really good reason To replay now PC Xbox series X and S and PS5 get a nice free update for PC There's a few added features that Definitely help visually but I think for Console players there's a bigger jump And that's what we you had time to dive Into today I had a more recent save I Had played a couple months back for a Video on Xbox series X I play on both Platforms but I thought this was a good Point in the game so that's the footage You see mostly here I also have a little PS5 footage that I'll drop in and label

As well but predominantly I've been on Xbox series X for this one now let's Talk about what this brings obviously The first thing and the biggest thing is The visuals the game has a boost in Resolution and frame rate options across Both consoles now you'll have access to A performance mode and a ray tracing Mode depending on your preference Performance mode is 60fps which at least For my experience on Xbox is mostly 60 With occasional dips I noticed in busy Detailed city streets but Ray traced Mode prioritizes Fidelity and introduces Some additional lighting and reflection Tricks now I always say this so just for Newcomers we're not digital Foundry so a More technical analysis type thing we Suggest our peers but for us we just go With gut feeling on these videos and to Be honest it looks good and pretty Improved in both modes maybe not like an Insane jump if you're looking at it Through a compressed YouTube video or Anything but I will say like I can only Imagine going from playing on base PS4 And then never touching the game again And then jumping to this current Generation there is definitely a benefit Here uh The Witcher 3 experience is the Best it has ever been here lighting is Less choppy looking and overall more Realistic from like a tree branch Shadow Crossing a character's face to fires in

Dark Interiors to even just the way some Of the foliage on the ground is lit the Game's lighting and tweaks to lots of Textures make quite a difference CD Projekt Red has done a mountain of Little tweaks and additions here and There that add up they add up way more If you're extremely familiar with the Game some stuff you might not be Impressed by if you just played it and Never thought about it again but like if You've been all up in this game's guts You'll appreciate the smaller Differences for me hair and armor Clipping is much better enemies and Things have slightly better textures Thanks to CD projekt Red integrating Some mods into this The Witcher 3 HD Rework mod brings high quality smooth Texture meshes improved level of detail And better draw distances you'll notice It big picture really like head to the Top of a valley or say a mountain to Overlook the city or like some more Mountains and it just looks all more Detailed and stronger overall they're Still popping as you go around Unfortunately it's just really something With the game's age I guess but Distances still manage to look better Overall and you'll notice the textures Up close with certain Cobblestone areas Say like in novograd at least I did Vegetation is increased grass is thicker

And the Skybox has been updated I think With like a couple of more scenes and One I noticed is like where the sky is Just really gray and dreary but like Different than you've seen it already in The game and it's pretty awesome but You'll really notice this stuff when you Find some Deep Woods and just go for a Stroll I mean the game feels much more Dense here and the thick grass actually Shows some cool details it's nice The Witcher 3 for me was always visually Best out in the fields with the winds Blowing and the sun setting and uh that Is still the case here it's all just a Step nicer now a new Dynamic toggle that Allows the HUD stuff to only really show Up during combat or pressing The Witcher Sense button allows you to really soak It all in I mean of course you could Always have turned it all off in the Settings but yeah that leads to a bunch Of the fun little additions included in This game the biggest you may have Noticed right away which I should have Acknowledged earlier uh it's the new Camera angle The Witcher 3's camera was Typically pretty wide and floaty but now The game defaults to this kind of closer More intimate off to the side angle that I I typically really like in most games It's a very popular angle but I'll be Honest I had a bit of a hard time Getting used to it here it's still

Dynamic so it'll swing out a bit for Combat and uh for finishing moves and Stuff it'll turn but I'm still not kind Of sure if I prefer it over the original It's weird and I'm still playing with it Like I haven't made up my mind yet Thankfully like a lot of the updates They've done with this game it's just an Option and you can actually tweak it how You want it so right now for me settings Wise I have the traditional wider camera For riding around on Horseback because It felt too claustrophobic up close on The horse because I mean roach still Rides like a piece of crap so a regular Old Witcher camera on the horse fun Close-up new camera off the horse it's Great when you're walking around towns And stuff those options to customize it Are really nice they've done that even More with the movement now where geralt Has three different movement speeds Pushing the analog stick and uh they've Also changed it so you can have click l Three to Sprint they've also given you Another option to swap and cast signs Without bringing up the radial menu Which is very nice even if at this point I'm kind of stuck in my ways it's like Muscle memory also the map is just a bit Cleaned up now with just some reasonable Little choices in cleaning certain Things up and pushing things to other Filters that just really kind of made

Sense and reduced some clutter another Thing I really love to see here natively Integrated is better fall damage it used To annoy me so much because it was so Finicky like I feel like as geralt I Would step off of a front porch and get Immediate fall damage it was just so Finicky and kind of unpredictable and Now there's a bit of a bigger distance Before you take fall damage it doesn't Make the game easier or anything it's Just an annoying little thing from the Game that they decided to tweak and I'm Appreciative definitely also photo mode Baby hell yeah uh finally a native photo Mode is up in here and it's got a good Amount of features and stuff to do with It like poses and little tweaks PC fans Have had their ways with photo modes but Now console game photographers can get It on the action with The Witcher 3 here And I expect good things from you guys They've also added in some weapons and Armor items modeled after The Witcher Netflix series but I haven't gotten to See those Yet full disclosure I was Really just kind of taking this all in For a test spin you know doing a couple Of different quests but really just Jumping around the world to different Areas and soaking up the Vibes again at Different times of day and I I think It's a good time really to replay this Game again obviously it's not like a

Remake or anything but it's a free Improvement to a great game that you can Already sink a bajillion hours into so I Think it's a pretty nice win-win feels Like a little gift and I wish more Developers did it this way it just kind Of slightly amps up and makes an already Existing product way more playable and Uh holy what a game to play I mean At this point I feel like we've talked So much about The Witcher 3 you're Probably tired of it there's a lot of People out there that just think the Game's overrated and that's fine but I Just always found this to be really good Comfort food and venturing like some People love to dive into Skyrim and play Hours and hours and hours of that I'm an Old school Elder Scrolls fan mind you That's fine but The Witcher 3 something About the tone and atmosphere and the Quality of all the quests and side Quests just made it so fun to Continuously jump into over and over Again for a million hours the Personality of the characters the vibe Of this world the kind of grim stories And creatures it sets up isn't really Like anything you've seen in a lot of Other games and I think for that it's Still really special today I mean it's CD projekt Red's biggest game ever and I'm glad to see now here in 2022 that It's gotten the Royal Treatment so to

Speak again in summation like in my time Playing it doesn't matter much because You can download the patch for free but Still I haven't seen any red flags with This at all I think all the improvements Are good some of you might not even Notice some you might but if you're Looking for a game to replay this Holiday season now you have more of a Reason for it to be The Witcher 3 and if You've never played it before then yeah Of course this is definitely a good time Dude I mean what do you expect me to say Not to be like a fan and boy or anything But yeah I mean that's it this is a Before you buy you know how this goes by Now I give you some pros some cons and Some personal opinion and now I want to Hear yours down in the comments what do You think of the Witcher 3 of course Let's go off to the races but once this Patch drops for everybody I definitely Want to know your first impressions of It uh what's the first thing you noticed For me I only pointed out in this video The things that I really found Noticeable you may have had something Catch your eye that you think is worth Highlighting so definitely hit us up let Us know in the comments let's talk Anything to Witcher 3 at all if you Appreciated this video and just enjoyed Seeing some gameplay to judge for Yourself clicking the like button is how

You can really help us out we'd very Much appreciate that but if you're new Consider subscribing Maybe hitting that Notification Bell because we put out Videos every single day but either way As always thanks for watching and we'll See you guys next time

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