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Yo what's going on everybody Hakeem here And in today's fix of entertainment news Comparing the latest Sonic Prime trailer To the Sonic Frontiers video game new Developments on the third Venom movie And KFC is getting into the chainsaw man Business yeah it's crazy let's drop it We got the second trailer for the Upcoming Netflix original animated Series Sonic Prime which premieres December 15th and it appears to be Pretty similar to Sonic Frontiers the Blue Hedgehog's next video game Now the trailer reveals Eggman Shattering something referred to as the Prime Crystal which sends Sonic and Friends to various different places Within the Sonic Multiverse where Sonic Encounters different versions of his Furry friends now Eggman does a very Similar thing in Sonic Frontiers only This time he uploads a program into an Artifact which sucks him into a place Known as cyberspace and sends Sonic and Friends into a wormhole where they're Also separated and find themselves in The futuristic world of cyberspace now Needless to say that's no good for Anyone but it still needs to be said That's no good Now Sonic's problems in both instances Stem from Eggman as is tradition with Most Sonic outings and it's rather Interesting to see the parallels between

Both the upcoming game and Netflix Series Now the Sonic Prime trailers have Revealed a few Classic Sonic characters Will be showing up like Knuckles Amy and Tails as well as Sonic Adventure Favorites like Shadow Big the cat and Rouge the Bat now we'll also see some Classic Sonic 1 and 2 badnik robots pop Up throughout the series as for whether Or not we'll see Sonic variants is yet To be seen we haven't seen it yet now I'm kind of hoping we see some classic And iconic Sonic designs show up similar To Sonic Generations where two Generations of Sonic's teamed up to take The fight to the baddies in the video Game Here's hoping for them to really go full Force and sprinkle in some Sonic forces With a with a dash A Sonic Unleashed heck you know throw in The movie versions as well yes I'm Talking about the good one and the one With the weird teeth uh Uh meow And I'm really hyped for this upcoming Series on Netflix and the video game Let's talk about in the comment section Down below if you're a Sonic fan and Remember kids never do anything you Don't think is right even if other guys Say it's cool that's called peer Pressure thanks Sonic you're way past

Cool my blue quilled friend now in other News a Venom 3 finds a director in Kelly Marcel with Tom Hardy set to reprise the Role of The Reluctant anti-hero Eddie Brock Now Marcel wrote the screenplay for the Two previous films with her set to join Tom Hardy in the producer's seat now Plot details are scarce as of right now But both Hardy and Marcel are currently Working on the story for the next Venom Film Can't we just you know start calling Kelly Marcel's Venom movies you know the Marcel venomatic Universe anyone know Okay well let's just move on and finally Chainsaw man is really working his way Into the culture of zeitgeist when you Have KFC making tweets like this Featuring a fried chicken in the form of Poacheda now poacheda is the chainsaw Devil that merges with denji Transforming him into the main character Chainsaw man rev It Up I wonder if there's some manga readers Over there on KFC's social team if so They'll get a kick out of Bucky the Chicken devil that'll be a trip when it Shows up in the anime now usually Arby's Is the fast food chain that posts anime Stuff but hey you know what the more the Merrier And that was your entertainment fix for Today I'm akimla Watson and thank you

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