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Happy Wednesday everyone Damon here Filling in for Akeem and on today's fix Of entertainment news The Last of Us TV Series finally has an official release Date The Russo Brothers have hinted at When they'll return to the MCU and that R-rated Winnie the Pooh movie that the Internet can't get enough of will Actually be in theaters oh bother let's Get to it HBO and 90 dog have announced that the Last of a series will premiere on January 15 2023 alongside this news they Also revealed a new poster The premiere date was actually leaked Yesterday by HBO itself when the HBO Max App displayed the info a little too Early but at least now it's official the Show's first season will last 10 Episodes and will cover the events of The first game Neil druckman that shows Executive producer and creative director On the games did say that some episodes Will quote deviate greatly from the Events of the PlayStation Adventures There's also the question of The Last of Us DLC Left Behind which follows Ellie Before and during the events of the First game no hint yet on whether or not Elements from that story will make its Way into the TV series The poster itself features Pedro Pascal's Joel and Bella Ramsey's Ellie Walking through a ruined City slowly

Being reclaimed by nature in the Foreground is The Last of Us in giant Letters Very cool so dear viewers are you Excited for The Last of Us on HBO let us Know in the comments in Marvel news Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed when They might return to the MCU but don't Hold your breath it's not anytime soon Speaking with variety the Russo brothers Gave kind of a vague answer when asked If or when the duo would return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Joe Russo said Quote we won't be ready to do anything With Marvel until the end of the decade Since parting ways with Marvel after Avengers endgame in 2019 they've been Working hard at establishing their own Studio agbo which launched in 2017. the Studio has worked on movies like The Daniels everything everywhere all at Once the Apple original film cherry and Extraction and the gray man for Netflix Earlier this year the russos did express Interest in a secret Wars movie from Marvel which would be another major Team-up movie on the scale of infinity War and end game and at this year's San Diego Comic-Con Marvel Studios head Kevin feige outlined the next couple of Phases for the MCU with Avengers Secret Wars co-headlining phase six along with Avengers the Kang Dynasty However no director was announced for

Secret Wars leading to speculation that The russos won't be returning despite Their interest in that particular Storyline but there's no shortage of Major team up events in Marvel's long History so I'm sure the russos will find Something that catches their eye or eyes And finally the low budget R-rated Horror flick Winnie the Pooh blood and Honey just got a theatrical release date According to the Hollywood Reporter the Film will be released by fathom events On February 15 2023 here in the US just In time for a late Valentine's Day date If that's your thing we can also expect More of this slasher version of Pooh Bear as director Rhys Frick Waterfield Is already planning a sequel and he's Got a similar take for Peter Pan in the Works titled Peter Pan Neverland Nightmare And that is your fix of entertainment News for Wednesday November 2nd if You're looking for something else to Watch check out our video on the top 10 Practical effects of all time over on Our main site go to rewards to See what you can get for signing up for An IGM Plus account currently on offer Are Mario plus rabid swag in-game items For Smite and you can download the game Kingdom new lands for free at Rewards I'm Damon Hadfield and for all Your gaming and entertainment news stay

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