The Coolest Thing We’ve Made: New GN Coaster Pack 2 (“Debug”)

Buy the BRAND new GamersNexus 3D Coaster 4-Pack (‘Debug’) now!
We’re super excited to announce the new GN 3D Drink Coaster 4-Pack! This has 4 brand new designs to accompany our originals, and we spent about a year fine-tuning the designs, colors, component placement, and quality. Every pack of 4 coasters contains the 4 unique designs shown in this video, featuring these: 1 – A red-and-black motherboard design with debug display, power and reset buttons, and to-scale AMD socket; 2 – A RAM design with small detail paid all the way down to the locking key and memory modules; 3 – An SSD with a to-scale SATA data and power connector along the edge; 4 – A GN logo in minimalist style that we’ve been using since the introduction of our 2008 logo. These are super flexible, durable, and easy to clean. The coasters have 8mm high borders to help prevent spills and contain condensation. You can also buy them in a combo pack with 4 of our pint glasses. This is one of the best ways to support our in-depth testing, like our recent RTX 4090 review with 30 game benchmark charts (!) while also getting something awesome in return.

The original GN Coaster 4-Pack (almost sold out!):
GN Bar Runner Bar Mat:


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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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