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0:00 Intro

2:28 Bayonetta Origins

3:47 Fire Emblem Engage DLC

4:29 Earthblade

5:15 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date

5:50 Diablo IV Release Date

6:19 Baldur’s Gate 3 Release Date

6:51 Kill the Justice League Release Date

7:19 Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

8:22 Death Stranding 2

9:38 Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Expansion

10:24 Forspoken Demo

11:10 Tekken 8

12:01 Judas

13:04 Crash Team Rumble

14:19 Armored Core VI

15:33 Elden Ring Wins Game of the Year

16:47 Poll of the Day ( The Game Awards Letter Grade )

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Foreign Yeah there's a lot of things that's Happened in the last 24 hours obviously Last night we had the game awards there Was also the Bill Clinton kid for Whatever reason and then of course the FTC is seeking to stop the Microsoft Activision Blizzard acquisition now I'm Actually going to post a separate video On this topic but Regulators today are Now calling each other out and it's Being claimed that the FTC is lying so Yeah do keep an eye out for that video As that kind of changes how that whole Situation can play out but for today I Really wanted to Center this video on The game awards where we can just really Celebrate all of these games but as for The game awards first we need to talk About Jeff Keeley I mean I complain About this every single time and and I Really thought I really really thought That this time was gonna be different Jeff Keeley going into this showcase Said he was going to make the game work Words shorter And more streamlined What exactly happened to that I mean Sure Christopher Judge had a long speech And everything I get it but that's still Not an excuse for yet another three and A half hour showcase the pacing was Terrible yet again I mean Jeff Keeley Might need to go talk to Baker Mayfield

About time management he only needs like A couple days to get ready and Jeff Keeley over here Yeah suffice to say three and a half Hours is too long for this showcase do Better Jeff do better now with that said There were still some interesting and Dare I say even some exciting Announcements in fact the night started Off great with a surprise sequel for Hades this in my opinion was probably One of the best and most welcome Surprises of the night supergiant games They've never made a sequel before but With how successful and just Extraordinary that first game was Knowing that there's more to come is Something that I think a lot of people Can get on board for in this game though You will now be playing as a different Character this time around but one of The cool things that they're doing is What they did with the first game Hades 2 will be an early access game where Fans will be able to give their input And help make that game even better Before its official release I mean it Seems to pay it off in dividends for That first one so why not try that with Hades too as well either way though we Will get more information on that Sometime in 2023 for the time being Though you can wish list this one over On Steam definitely definitely look

Forward to this one another interest Surprise here and I don't think that Anybody was really expecting this one But Nintendo and platinum games out of Nowhere announced another Bayonetta game Now this is barely a month removed from Bayoneta three but Bayonetta Origins Cereza and the lost demon was announced And it's actually releasing just a few Short months it will be out on March 17th so Nintendo's 2023 lineup is Already starting to shape up of course We do have Zelda tears of the Kingdom That also won the most anticipated 2023 Game but as for Bayonetta Origins this Is a very different style of game it's a Much more artistically driven game it is A prequel and you'll solve different Puzzles and things like that maybe a Little zelda-like which makes sense if You think about it Platinum games has Mentioned before that they want to go Back to the Okami series and even the r Style in Bayonetta Origins kind of Reminds me of that now as a fan of Bayonetta though I am interested in this Title but I was a little bit surprised At the asking price you might not expect It but it is a full 60 game when I first Saw this game I thought it was going to Be more of a budget title but but I Guess that's not the case here I think With that I I need to kind of hear more About this game if it is Okami like

Though I mean I'm in but there will be a Physical and digital version if you are Indeed interested now speaking of Nintendo they also revealed some paid DLC for Fire Emblem engage which Includes some of the characters from Three houses there will also be three Additional DLCs that releases throughout 2023 I mean I get it people seems to Have gotten used to DLC being announced Before a game even gets released but I I Still don't really like this type of Stuff it is what it is though I guess I'm still looking forward to the main Game but I'd rather these companies just Wait to announce this type of stuff once The game releases you can announce all The DLC you want that that'll you know Get people excited but you know yeah it Is what it is maybe you all feel Differently about all of this though and If you do let me know one game that I Thought was really exciting though is Earthblade this is a smaller independent Game so I know it's not going to get as Much attention but this is coming from The Celeste Creator I I genuinely do Believe that is one of the best 2D Platformers ever made hands down so I'm Actually pretty excited to see what they Can do next earthblade though I I think It looks good so far it is more of an Action platformer maybe a metroidvania That genre has kind of exploded in

Recent years so it would fit right in With that Trend but I think that it Could also turn out to be the perfect Evolution of Celeste you can clearly see That the platforming mechanics are Similar so I think that that'll be cool To see in more of an action driven game Unfortunately though you will have to Wait a bit for this one as it is planned For a 2024 release we did however get Several key release dates here though so Let's just kind of go over all of that Star Wars Jedi Survivor did get its big Gameplay reveal and as as you kind of Expect it looks absolutely fantastic I Think think that if you like the first Game or really if you if you're just a Big Star Wars fan in general you have to Be thrilled at what you saw here it Essentially looks like they just Improved on that first game and it will Be out on March 17th that there though I Think is looking to be a stacked month And for that matter just the first half Of 2023 there's a lot of games releasing In the first half of the Year Diablo 4 Also showed up with a release date and a New cinematic trailer honestly I have to Applaud blizzard on their cinematics They do just such a good job on this Type of stuff and they really I'd say That they are industry defining but its Release date is now set for June 6. However if you want to play even earlier

Than that if you pre-order it it will Give you access to its beta I don't know If there's an exact date on that just Yet but still a nice incentive to Pre-order it early Baldur's Gate 3 is Also set for an August release and now You're starting to kind of see RPG fans Are looking to have a very very good Year in 2023 they did in fact reveal a New trailer and it looks like it could Be shaping up to be something truly Special I I shouldn't really be Surprised by that though this is coming From larion Studios after all and they Debatably did make one of the best RPGs Last generation in Divinity original sin 2. so high expectations without a doubt For Baldur's Gate 3. kill the Justice League also got a new trailer where they Showed Batman and everything in a bit of An emotional reveal Kevin Conroy was Confirmed to have his final performance As Batman in Kill the Justice League That's a really nice nod and rest in Peace as for the game itself though I can't really say that I'm sold on this Game quite yet and they didn't really Show much in the way of gameplay So we'll see the good news here though Is that it will be out on May 26th the Game I am absolutely sold on though is Final Fantasy 16. they were pretty much Hyping this announcement up all night Long and when you see it

You kind of understand why Final Fantasy 16 looks great in every meaning of the Word it's much darker and more mature Than you'd expect from the Final Fantasy Franchise but I think that that kind of Creates even more Mystique the story Just immediately kind of draws you out I Think what I can say here though is that This game just continues to look better And better every time we see it and now We do have that official release date as Well go and mark your calendars for June 16th and I cannot I cannot wait for this One outside of Zelda tears of the Kingdom I think that this might might be My most anticipated game of the year I Mean at the same time there's also seven Rebirth though and I'm pretty excited About that one as well 2023 is just Going to be a good year for Final Fantasy fans of course though Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation exclusive so With that in mind let's just go and talk About PlayStation they did have a pretty Big presence here with a few different Reveals including the highly rumored Death stranding two it is now official Hideo Kojima fact is working both Exclusively with Xbox and exclusively With PlayStation hideo Kojima is really Just getting around here but he did Reveal death straining 2 at the game Awards now not much is being said about This game just yet though it was a very

Cryptic trailer reveal as you'd kind of Expect from Kojima I'm sure some Eagle-eyed fans out there will discover A lot of things from that trailer I'm Probably gonna have to go look at an Analysis sometime but they did confirm Norman Reedus is coming back once again Though he is much much older this time Around I do kind of have a sneaky Suspicion here though that this game is Going to play differently than at first Game I I don't know how it's going to Play different maybe they're going to go A little bit more that stealth based Approach that kind of did some things Like that with the director's cut but I Wouldn't be surprised if there's some Drastic changes rather than it being More of that walking simulator either Way though the weight could be a while No release date or release window or Anything thing like that was mentioned Here so it could be 2024 before this Game ends up coming out just a guess no Confirmation for the time being Sony also revealed a horizon forbidden West expansion titled burning Shores and We'll be out on April 19th this actually Leaked online a few days back we did Talk about it before but in burning Shores a Loy will travel to what was Once Los Angeles you can even see the Hollywood sign in the trailer and and That could make for an interesting

Setting and a bit of a surprise though Wasn't expecting this but this will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive meaning they're Ditching the PlayStation 4 as they say This is to achieve this Grand Vision Technically and creatively we've made The difficult decision to focus all our Efforts on making an incredible Experience exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console so there you go a Little bit surprising but that expansion Will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. Now One Last PlayStation related piece of News here though was for for spoken see This game is set to release next month On January 24th but so far I wouldn't Really say that this game has set the World on fire there does seem to be some Skepticism about this particular game And if you are on a fence yourself the Good news here is that they did announce A playable demo that you can actually Check out right now I think that's a Very smart move in this case so Definitely go check that game out if you Are interested so so far we've gone over Nintendo games we've gone over release Dates and also PlayStation games but There's four other highlights that we Need to go over as of this moment we Don't have release dates or anything Like that but all these I'd say are very Exciting announcements and that starts Off with Tekken eight Tekken 8 did get a

Full reveal showing off various Characters including Ken cosma June is Back you have devil gin devil kazia and The list just kind of goes on and on Outside of the characters though my big Takeaway from this particular reveal Isn't just how impressive it is Graphically it looks fantastic I mean if You compare the visuals to other Fighting games I'd be hard-pressed to think of Something that looks this good even Street Fighter 6 you know that's a big Budget fighting game that's coming out Next year I don't think that it's as Impressive from a visual standpoint as Something like Tekken 8. Tekken 8 Visually is stunning now which games Gameplay do you prefer that that all Just kind of depends but Tekken 8 I I Think looks good so far hopefully we Will get that release window sometime Here soon now another game that I know a Lot of people out there really excited About is Judas and and the reason for That is because this is a game coming From the Bioshock Creator Ken Levine Himself and you can immediately Immediately tell that with the r style Here it's definitely got those Bioshock Vibes to it and an almost creepy Dystopian environment it is also another Narrative driven first person shooter And and even the gameplay reminded me a

Lot of Bioshock so I mean if you are a Bioshock fan and everything which I know Some of you all are I've seen it in the Comments below I I think this was a good First show showing of Judas it Definitely seems interesting at the very Least unfortunately no release date is Currently planned but I'll leave you With a basic story description that says This a disintegrating Starship A Desperate Escape Plan you are the Mysterious and troubled Judas your only Hope for survival is to make or break Alliances with your worst enemies will You work together to fix what you broke Or will you leave it to burn it will be Coming to the Xbox series PlayStation 5 And then also PC Activision they also Finally Revealed what wumple league is This has been in a rumor mill for quite A long time but they did finally show What this game is and it is Crash team Rumble now this is a lot different than What I had envisioned based off some of The different leaks I was thinking more In the lines of a Smash Brothers like But instead this is something entirely Different when I first saw this I wasn't Actually entirely sure what this game is But after reading what this game is on Our website though it started to kind of Click together this is what they say on Their website crash team Rumble is a 4 Versus 4 team based competition where

The iconic heroes and villains of the Crash Universe battled to capture more Wampa fruit than the other to claim Victory each Hero has unique skills and Abilities to strategically use to work Together to battle the opposing team Defend their own Wampa bank and capture Key points around the map to help their Team so after reading that I think that That sounds very interesting with each Character kind of having their own Different abilities the platforming and All that This could make for a very intriguing Multiplayer game when it releases Sometime in 2023 The final game that we're going to talk About here though is a new from software Game armored Core 6 is Now official now This is coming from a long running Series that I think a lot of people have Kind of missed out on but I think with How much popularity from software has Gained over the last year with Elden Ring this previously nice franchise is Suddenly a lot more interesting for a Lot of people I think armored Core 6 Without a doubt is going to get more Attention than any of the previous games By far and I will say that the trailer Itself looked good unfortunately there Wasn't really much in the way of Gameplay but the setting the cinematics And all that looked fantastic and really

Just knowing it's a from software game I Think that's gonna be enough for a lot Of people out there they have proven to Be amazing game developers if anything I'd say it's kind of a nice change of Pace seeing them work on something Outside of the soulsborne genre I mean As much as I love the souls porn games Myself it'll be nice though to kind of See them do just something a little bit Different here this game will be out Sometime in 2023 for Xbox series PlayStation 5 PC and yes also the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. now actually Speaking of from software we have to Talk about the game of the year that That of course is what this this entire Showcase is built around the the game Awards and I I think we all kind of knew This was either going to come down to God of War Ragnarok or Eldon ring these Were the two Heavy Hitters here and I'm Very happy to say the Elden ring won the Game of the year and my own personal Opinion Alden ring was the only correct Choice I mean there were some great Nominations here and everything don't Get me wrong specifically with God of War Ragnarok I think that game is Absolutely amazing but Elden ring is a Generational type of game that will Influence and impact other games for Years and years I mean if you want to Say the God of War Ragnarok has a better

Story better voice acting all that type Of stuff okay you got me it is one of The best story driven games ever made But in terms of gameplay game design It's world its influence and all that Elden ring Is on its own level And that's why to me Elder ring is Without a doubt the game of the year in My heart to be clear though I do I do Enjoy both these games I think that they Are both masterpieces in their own way There you go though that there was all My best highlights for the game awards 2022 so you know what let's just go Ahead and wrap this up with the pull of The day where I ask you all what letter Grade would you give the game awards 2022 and as you can see here most of you All thought this was a pretty good Showcase with 14 of you giving it an a 45 being the majority giving it a b 25 Gave it a c seven percent gave it a d And 10 percent gave it an F so that Means at least 59 of you thought that it Was an above average showcase so most of You all did actually enjoy this one I Myself I thought it was I thought it was Okay I still thought the pacing was off It was it was far too long but as for The actual announcements I thought there Were some really good reveals here I Thought that there were some nice Surprises and also some very welcome

Release dates I I'd personally give it a C myself but you all feel different here Most of you all again thought it was Either a b or an A and A at the end of The day if you all loved it I'm glad That that's really what all this is About I'm always happy to see the Community happy Anyways oh that's it for this episode if You liked the video don't forget to Bell Notification And subscribe button for More content just like this also if You'd like to support the channel Through patreon thank you for making This content possible peace out

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