The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself – Official Behind the Scenes Clip (2022) Jay Lycurgo

I think we should do something fun easy There's blood and gore everywhere this Is going to be raw and they're going to Try things yeah that's dark it's dark I've always been witches in the world Blood witches and fairborne which is [Music] Then what are you Nathan I don't know Nathan burned his whole life hasn't Known who he really is all he knows is That people are scared of what he might Become The interesting idea is that you have These two groups of people you have These Fairborn witches and these blood Witches and you've got this one Character who's a little bit of both Before the end of the year you'll turn 17 and you'll get your power It could just be another normal Fairborn Witch or you could inherit something far Darker this dad is a serial killer if Anything he's killed many people The blood witch in him is violence and Rage and impulse and Rebellion I'm going To train you to fight your father I Don't expect if you ever meet him that My training will keep you alive for very Long it really believes a tough love Will give him the best chance of Survival Do it again I think there is definitely Like a sibling kind of a relationship There as well it's not looking at me

Read alive is because there's a prophecy His own blood will kill the wolf I'm Supposed to kill my father excuse me You're a [ __ ] wife that's why he is On this journey Alliance with Nathan because he knew What it felt like to be completely Misunderstood I'm not supposed to talk To you who says my dad is in the council She's incredibly Brave she's willing to Go on this journey with Nathan and find Out the truth been expecting us I've Been expecting him no one said anything About Um Whatever this is Gabriel is a blood Witch his kind of hedonistic he doesn't Like to take things seriously in general In life Has never met a blood witch before and She's very skeptical of this dude who's Got like lotions and Potions Galore he's In his pants That's not something that happens in a Fairborn household my character just Judge you in five seconds when do we Leave uh Dolly Um I was told to bring one witch and Mercury is not the sort of person you Want to surprise with and announced Guests Okay what kind of person Mercury is Darling but then after you can Understand you and see where your

Weakness are and sorry where are my Weaknesses I don't think I have any Oh darling Who are you running from Fairborn Council find out where they are Jessica is Nathan's half-sister she Hates Blood witches so she kind of Despises Nathan basically because of who He is wouldn't you rather die than be a Blood witch she goes off to join the Hunters who are a kind of elite group of Fairborn fighters who track down and Kill blood witches Soul's motivation is To make a strong fearsome unit that can Keep the Bloods at Bay and I think he Sees great potential in Jessica oh That's very nice you better say Something nicely Their cost has been so brilliant it's Just been so fun everyone just had Amazing Vibes and me and Nadia we were Just dancing about and I just knew Straight away that it was going to be a Very collaborative and fun experience What are your weaknesses This woman I can be in a sad mood I can Be in a serious mood and she will make Me smile or laugh or make me feel very Grateful it's been a blast yeah Badass Today we found the most rewarding was Yeah the first meeting between our Character and because the scene is so Fun there's like so many things there is

Action there is like yes tons Because it's a massive sequence from the Moment we enter the apartment to the Moment we jump out the window [Music] It was just the first moment where I Just remember being like we're on this Journey together and I'm so glad I got These two boys right next to me for it He'll wipe out our kind until there's Nothing left [Applause] [Music] Teenagers Trying to work out who they really are Good You are not There's a lot of really scary moments Korean fun action So exciting there's really embarrassing Moments vulnerable moments and the Characters that you met at the start are Totally different to the characters that You meet at the end [Music]

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