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0:00 Intro

1:26 God of War Ragnarok Breaks Record

2:55 The Witcher 3 Upgrade Details

4:42 CMA Posts Sony’s Concerns Over Xbox Activision Blizzard Deal

12:06 Nintendo Refunding Pokemon Rumors Arise

14:33 Poll of the Day ( Best Xbox Controller )


Xbox Activision Blizzard Buyout CMA Sony Concerned PlayStation Activision Deal Call of Duty Xbox Exclusive Call of Duty Multiplatform Nintendo Nintendo News Nintendo Switch Switch Games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Refunds Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fix Pokemon Scarlet and Violet News

Foreign Okay okay okay so I hope you are ready For some more Activision Blizzard Absurdity because some statements to the CMA have now been made public And yeah we can see exactly what Sony's Quote-unquote concern actually is and Why they believe Microsoft should not be Allowed to acquire Activision Blizzard And just as a bit of a forewarning here This has got to be one of the most Laughable hypocritical statements that We've seen thus far like okay on one Side I understand why Sony is fighting Against this acquisition in terms of Business this obviously is going to Affect them But just wow at the gall of their Statements here so yeah we're gonna get Into all that later on today also a Rumor seems to be going around that Nintendo is refunding Pokemon scarlet And violet is this really another Cyberpunk situation or is something else Happening here we're gonna dive into That one as well as always though before We get started do make sure to hit those Buttons below like subscribe and ring That Bell yes we've now gotten the 50 000 subscribers thank you all again by The way but I plan to have gaming Updates for you all for a long long time Going forward so now we're on the road To 100 000 subscribers and let's make it

Happen together With that said though let's just gonna Get this party started with God of War Ragnarok because Sony Santa Monica has Got to be celebrating right now they did Just announce Ragnarok has surpassed a Major Milestone because check this out God of War Ragnarok is now officially The fastest selling PlayStation first Party game of all time selling a Whopping 5.1 million units in one single Week I mean we are talking about an Exclusive Title Here selling 5.1 million Units in a single week that is Absolutely insane they did however Surpass The Last of Us Part Two which Was the previous record holder at 4 Million sold in three days now we don't Know the first three days for Ragnarok This is a full week but this is still a Pretty big discrepancy between the two So I I do imagine that there's a nice Little Gap here also when all said and Done I think God of War Ragnarok will Just have stronger legs in general as The Last of Us Part Two was a lot more Controversial to say the least which Might have affected its longevity either Way though I mean honestly God of War's Success is just so well deserved it is Once again a masterpiece of a single Player game the combat is masterfully Done the story the characters the Animations stalvit are industry defining

They really really are and I mean they Just did such a stellar job with this Game and because of all that they've Been heavily rewarded for it as you can See here so big congrats to Sony Santa Monica and Playstation for all of their Success with God of War Ragnarok Next up one of last generation's best Games is now getting an update so it can Inevitably be one of this generation's Best games and of course I'm talking About none other than the Witcher 3. its Next Generation upgrade is slated to Release on December 14th so just go and Mark your calendar for that and they Just released a fancy new trailer that Shows off some of those new enhancements This will include a 60 frames per second Performance option but just to kind of Be clear here even on performance mode It will still look much better than what It did on the Xbox One and a PlayStation 4. however if you are one of those race Racing fans you can also choose to play At 30 frames with Ray tracing on options Are always nice of course it'll also Have FSR 2.0 implementation dlss if you Have an Nvidia GPU on PC it has reworked Foliage which is actually a pretty big One there it'll also have improved Textures there's new details such as Smoke from Villages from a far distance And all the characters monsters and Environments have been upgraded so it

Does a here and based off the trailer Here I mean it's looking pretty nice it Does appear that they've put a real Effort into upgrading this game and What's even better is that all of this Is completely free if you already own The game like I said before you know This is one of last generation's best Games and it's actually aged really well I actually went back to replay this game About a year or so back and I mean I was Impressed by how good this game still Looks but with these enhancements it's Gonna age even better I really believe That this is going to be an RPG that Fans talk about for decades coming Because it is that good and this upgrade If anything should only make it better If you haven't already played this game Though definitely do so when this update Is out on December 14th I cannot Recommend this game enough I mean I know For me I might be tempted to go back and Play this game once again All right so let's just go ahead and get Into this Activision Blizzard situation Once again because things are starting To get absolutely absurd by this point Now I know there's been a lot of drama Leading up now and we've gotten a sense That Sony has been spewing some of these Things to these different Regulators Based off the verbiage that's been used Especially especially with the CMA and

Why they said that they were moving into The second phase of their investigation Now to be very clear here and I always Say this because well it's true going Into the second phase of the Investigation was always always expected But it has become more and more evident Over time that Sony is in the ears of These Regulators well that there's what We're going to talk about today because The CMA just made Sony statements to Them public for everybody to read Wow is kind of my immediate reaction Here again I I think that we already had The sense that they were saying some of These things to different Regulators you Know so a lot of this isn't really new Per se But I mean when you read it it's just Kind of like wow how hypocritical can Sony actually be I mean this is Blasphemous it's absolutely ridiculous It's absurd and it just seems like it is So so disingenuous I mean a lot of the Arguments kind of repeats what we've Already been hearing for a while but out Of this entire lengthy statement I will Leave a link in the description below if You want to read it all but here's the Quote unquote concern that I found to be Just so absolutely laughable So as you can see here Sony told the CMA Consumers would be harmed in the short Term PlayStation users would no longer

Have access to Call of Duty or would be Forced to spend 450 pounds on an Equivalent Xbox to play this hugely Popular game on their last preferred Device now right away that's already Been debunked Sony specifically says Here in the short term which we know for An absolute fact That's not true it was just discovered a Few short days ago that Microsoft Offered Sony a 10-year deal to ensure Call of Duty will in fact remain on PlayStation Now Sony declined to comment On that offer so this statement by Sony Trying to claim that PlayStation will Move Call of Duty in the short term Isn't even close to being true but you Know what let's just kind of go ahead And continue on so they say in the Midterm a significant number of PlayStation users would likely switch to Xbox and or Game Pass faced with weaker Competition Microsoft will be able to Increase console and game prices for Xbox users including those that had Switched from PlayStation increased the Price of Game Pass and reduce Innovation And quality these harms will be Amplified by the direct and indirect Network effects at play in the industry Allowing Microsoft to further raise Prices or reduce quality once its Position has become even more entrenched Now that there is the part that is just

So absolutely mind-blowing Sony out of all companies is voicing Their concern that prices for games and Consoles Could increase how laughable is that They are basically saying that they're Concerned about Xbox becoming more like PlayStation that they too might raise The prices I mean I guess otherwise are We just going to go ahead and ignore That Sony was one of the first companies To raise the price of their games from Sixty dollars to seventy dollars are we Just gonna act like that never happened This is also just mere months after Sony Raised the price of the PlayStation 5. What are they even doing here this Statement should just be thrown out Immediately for the irony of it Sony Already did these things and if you Remember right as soon as the PlayStation 5 increase in price my Response was that Sony did it because They can it's that simple Sony knows That they had the market power to raise The price with little repercussion and If anything that there is the exact Reason on why they need more competition Because the things that they're Complaining about they already do Themselves they already have that Dominant place in the industry and is Why they need more competition this Acquisition would actually help out with

That so yeah their their argument here Mind-blowing is all I can really say Listen I've said it before and I'll say It again Sony is not concerned about Call of Duty exclusivity they know it Will remain multi-platform they're just Using this as an excuse to stop this Acquisition what they're really Concerned about though is its inclusion Vision to Xbox game pass and that Actually leans into their next concern Here which is actually a little bit more Interesting so they say post-transaction Microsoft would have the ability and Incentive to exclude or restrict Rivals Including PlayStation and PlayStation Plus from having access to Call of Duty The decision identifies five recent Microsoft Acquisitions of game studios Where shortly after the acquisition in Question Microsoft changed the business Model of the acquired Studios and Withdrew new titles from competing Platforms as the CMA found Microsoft has A pattern of acquiring development Studios and making their upcoming games Exclusive to Xbox given the significance Of Activision's titles Microsoft would Have an even stronger incentive to make Them exclusive to Xbox and Game Pass Post transaction in fact Microsoft does Not contest that it intends making Activision content exclusive to Game Pass and denying PlayStation Plus access

To that content Now that there is actually really Interesting because like I said all Along this acquisition is more about Xbox game pass than it is about Exclusivity see I think Microsoft will Be more than willing to make some Concessions if they have to put writing That Call of Duty will be on PlayStation For the next 10 years plus as we've seen Already they'll be willing to do that However when it comes to subscriptions I Don't believe Microsoft will be as Willing to make that concession they Want Call of Duty exclusively on Xbox Game pass it'll be very interesting to See whether or not Regulators have a Problem with that Sony in the statement Did also say that Xbox game pass has 29 Million subscribers which actually new Information there but Sony claims that They lag far behind that number and Call Of Duty's inclusion could more or less Give them a dominant lead in which Sony Can't recover so we'll see if Regulators Have an issue with all that I think That's the one place that Microsoft Could run it into issues if these Regulators have a problem with that I Mean we'll kind of see I think there are Some counter arguments that could be Made here Microsoft can easily just kind Of point to Sony just uses a different Strategy for their games they don't

Really invest into the subscriptions in The same way there's nothing stopping Sony from releasing their triple games Day one into their service but they just Prefer to release them for seventy Dollars and and I mean we just talked About it earlier God of War Ragnarok Launched to a just massive amount of Success it sold 5.1 million units in a Single week so I mean on one side Sony Wants to act like they can't compete but Then in the same breath you have games Like audible Ragnarok you know just Putting up these just insane amount of Numbers so I I don't know I either way this Situation just continues to get more and More absurd let me know what you all Think about all this though do you think Sony has a point or not let me know in The comments below Moving on though let's go and talk about Pokemon scarlet and violet as we all Kind of know by this point these games They're having issues and it's led to a Lot of disappointment and I'd say Understandably so I think on one hand These are good games I think in many Ways it's the evolution that the series Needed but the problems they they do yes Hold these games back and quite frankly They're inexcusable I mean I don't know How game freak wouldn't know about a lot Of the problems before release I mean

The issues in this game they're pretty Widespread so it is a little surprising That they released it in a state that It's in however with all that said with Just so much Buzz over these issues There is now a rumor going around that Things have gotten so bad that Nintendo Is refunding these games you know kind Of similar to what was happening with Cyberpunk 2077. now it appears that this Rumor started over on Reddit and then Different websites started to report on It like dual Shockers as an example but Basically a Reddit user made a thread Explaining how they got a refund they Called Nintendo's customer support told Them that they'd only played it for an Hour or two and then they got a refund So this news has gotten around with a Lot lot of people just assuming that That means everybody can get a refund Well that's not really entirely true Though I mean from that Reddit thread Alone other users claim that they called And they received no refund so it Actually seems like there's a little bit Of a mixed bag here and what I think is Actually happening is that again this Person told Nintendo that they had only Played the game for an hour or two so They might have been under that time Limit needed for a refund I mean if You've been playing this game for like 20 30 plus hours it's probably going to

Be doubtful and from my own experience When you call customer service a lot of Times what happens really just kind of Depends on the agent that you talk to Some will be more lenient and do as much As they can to possibly help you while Others they just don't care and you know They'll they'll just kind of move along So the person that you talk to does Matter but what I can tell you is that If you are hearing the rumor that Nintendo is accepting a refund for Pokemon and violet That doesn't actually seem to be true Now with that said though if you have Only played an hour or so and if you Just don't like it and if you purchase On an eShop yeah you can go ahead and Try to call up Nintendo and see what Happens in some situations they might Refund you either way I mean I just hope This game gets a patch soon I did make a Separate video on how you can kind of Fix some of the problems temporarily in This game but yeah I'm really hoping we Get a patch soon that will fix these Problems more permanently Let's go take a look at the pull of the Day that we're asked you all what is Your favorite standard Xbox controller So I'm not talking about like the Elite Series anything like that just the Standard controllers and as you can see Here the Xbox series was The Runaway

Winner here at 63 this was a little bit Of a surprise for me I actually thought This would be a little bit closer Especially with the Xbox 360 but that Did come in that second place with 22 Then the Xbox One with nine percent four Percent for the Xbox Duke and then three Percent for the original Xbox S but yeah The Xbox series was a runaway winner Here they basically took the Xbox One Controller design and then they improved Upon it and I will say for myself it Does have my favorite d-pad for just all Controllers right now it is also very Comfortable and I also really like that They added textured grips and texture Triggers now honestly though I think all These controllers are good I don't think That there's really a wrong decision Here but I think that if anything Xbox Has just kind of improved upon their Design over time by adding new small Features like I just said those textured Rips I mean that that makes the world of Difference for me with the Xbox series Controller I think for nostalgic Purposes though it's tough for me Because I do remember the Xbox 360 Controller just being so so comfortable I think loudest Cricket says it well Here though as they say I've got to go With the Xbox 360 controller on this one It was the evolution that the Xbox Controller needed and generally speaking

Set the framework for Microsoft's more Modern controllers replacing the black And white buttons with bumpers and Adding a home button were huge Improvements over the previous Iterations and they were tough I've Probably worn through half a dozen Rubber caps on analog sticks of old Xbox 360 controllers but they all still work Just fine on the other hand my Xbox One Controller appears to be pretty new but Has stick drift like crazy now I think The first thing that you said there is Exactly correct the Xbox 360 did set the Framework for their future controllers And that's one of the reasons it was Such an amazing controller for its time It kind of reminds me of the GameCube Controller in the sense where it can Still hold its own in today's world World and that's a true Testament to how Good their design was all those years Ago Anyways though that's it for this Episode but if you like the video don't Forget about notification And subscribe Button for more content just like this Also if you'd like to support the Channel through patreon thank you for Making this content possible peace out

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