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Hey and we're back with another episode Of before you buy that show we give you Some straight up gameplay and our first Impressions of the latest games Releasing as usual it's me Jake you Could probably tell we've been very busy Here uh today we're talking about the Resident Evil Village Winters expansion This is co-written by both myself and Eric thielenhouse uh we've been taking a Look at this and it's significant Because Resident Evil 7 had some pretty Great add-ons some really underrated Stuff so expectations are pretty high For this one the DLC expansion here does Offer a lot so let's just jump in uh It's not just one thing it's actually Three separate pieces of content that Expands on the base game there's an Entirely new way to play the original Game with third person mode an updated Version of The Mercenaries side game Mode that adds new characters and levels And stuff and then the Marquee item on This whole set the shadow of Rose add-on Which kind of sees you returning to the A village but now years later as teenage Rose Winters with new enemies and Mechanics to kind of mix things up a bit Now Shadows of Rose is the big thing Here and the reason most people will be Buying this DLC at least I know that's Why I really cared but the other Editions aren't just filler they all

Seem like worthwhile additions in their Own right firstly with shadow of Rose Gotta tell you right off the bat uh the Because of embargoes with this review Copy we're not allowed to show any Footage of shadow of rose at all all we Could do is show trailer stuff so if You're wondering where the gameplay is Well that's the reason why it's not Really here but it's not because the Game is a mess or anything it doesn't Seem like a cyberpunk situation believe Us we checked it's just spoiler stuff I Guess so just know we won't spoil Anything this story kicks off years After Resident Evil Village and Rose is Now a teenager and fully assembled fully Intact you know and after finding out About a potential way to get rid of the Mysterious Powers she has that were Reveal build in the main game she enters The hive mind of the metami seat in a Search for answers so the whole thing Really kind of takes place within the Beast that you've been facing off with And the first thing worth pointing out Obviously is that this is played in Third person and it might be a little Jarring at first if you were used to Third person but the controls are Identical to the main game so it's Pretty seamless to jump in right from The start you're not gonna have any Problems the gameplay does remain mostly

The same as Village just a little faster Paced and less weapons and it's set in This strange shifting world that Actually has a lot more of the kind of The mold from Resident Evil 7 you Collect a couple of weapons you gather Some materials and craft resources to Survive the stuff you'd expect but the New mold enemies are Relentless and Their animation when they grab you is Freaking awesome but even though you Don't really got too much to take them On and they do take a lot of bullets Rose does eventually start to regain her Abilities which can then be used to Remove black mold or at least slow down Enemies the Slowdown thing is basically Stasis from dead space and it's kind of Funny how things kind of come full Circle with these survival horror games I don't know I was concerned about the Abilities but thankfully they are Effective but the time it takes to Actually use them on an enemy and how Close you have to be is to use them it Just makes it very tense every time you Attempt it like it still feels like it Has some Stakes to it it's not like a Big Power Trip or anything it's just Useful enough where it doesn't feel like A gimmick now the interesting thing is The environments because of the way it's Set up a lot of it does take place in Areas kind of from Village it's a clever

Way they reused a lot of this though Because it's essentially kind of like a Like a remix this isn't a real world This is like in in the the mind of the Creature it's like a simulation so it's Always warped and confusing and there's Cool little spins on how you experience Certain areas they definitely change Things up in some surprising ways Sometimes and it's way more more about Funneling you through and kind of like Why I said it was faster paced earlier It's kind of breezing you through Everything you're not really wandering Around as much don't be concerned though It's not just like a reuse of assets or Anything there is some new stuff in here And you're going to want to see that for Yourself uh probably our favorite thing About this expansion is the focus on the Horror you know this is just all around A pretty freaky little expansion with Some nasty death animations and some Pretty scary stuff the variety of the Horror is actually impressive too They're they're chases there are hunts And there's an especially memorable Section that's actually a callback that One of the scariest parts a village you Know what I'm talking about and really If you wanted more of like the Mansion Type horror stuff from the base game You're probably gonna like what you get Here the whole thing is a little on the

Short side though uh we our screens set About three hours or so but it seems Like uh with dying and resetting and Stuff like that it might take a little Bit longer than that it doesn't sound Like a lot of time but the pacing and The presentation like I said earlier It's pretty excellent It's Breezy I mean Village itself wasn't a very long game So in comparison I think the length is Just about right for the content they've Got here you know the end game could Have been a little longer but for the Most part we're pretty satisfied with The length of the story overall we did Have a lot of fun with shadows of Rose Uh we would have liked to have seen a Few new areas because like we said a lot Of stuff is reused the creativity with How it is changed like we said Significantly different in some spots Towards the end but still we wanted a Little more but they used what they had Very well uh there are some pretty damn Good scares and just a decent wrap up to The whole Resident Evil Village story And really the Winter's family story I Think some people can argue it might Feel a little rushed here and there I Was hoping for a bit more but what we Got like I said it doesn't suck it's Well paced and it doesn't outstay it's Welcome I don't ultimately know how Memorable it's going to be and I don't

Know how worth it it was like for this Whole Winter's family story I don't know If it was as compelling as maybe Capcom Was originally hoping it would be but it Still worked but we got to talk about The other stuff with this expansion uh The third person mode might not sound Like much but the simple change in the Perspective doesn't really change or Break things significantly the cutscenes Where you don't have control typically Switch back to first person but for Everything else you're in a third person Perspective that means they edit new Animations for pretty much every Interaction in the game like using bulk Cutters jumping a fence using a healing Item using a puzzle like a key puzzle Item it's actually more than I expected Compared to a game built around being in Third person playing Village like this Can sometimes be a claustrophobic Experience at least more so than Originally I think that's still good Though certain encounters take place in Really small areas and third person Really emphasizes that and then on the Flip side like certain things that we Thought were normal in first person Really caught us off guard in third Person like the size of the Duke like we Knew he was big but like damn like he's Really big also the main lobby area of The castle like when you first get in

Feels a lot bigger but that's probably Because you can see so much more of it At once with the camera now for players Who held off on the game because they Don't like first person games or want to Experience the story again from a new Angle the third person mode is a pretty Well integrated Edition that doesn't Feel janky or awkward or like a mod you Know every once in a while there's a Little bit of a weird transition from Third to first person with the cutscenes But it's not that bad I think ultimately If you're a weirdo like me and you were Looking forward to replaying the game in Third person just going back to Village It seemed like it would be worth it and Now checking it out it definitely is Some things don't quite hit as hard like That one gross thing in that one dark Hallway but it's still cool the last Thing we got to talk about is the Mercenaries changes now you can play as Lady dimitrisk and Heisenberg in Mercenaries and uh their playstyles are Very different from everyone else's one Bummer thing you know at least to us is That these guys aren't unlocked right From the start you actually have to Complete objectives in the mercenary Mode to then unlock them you know after Paying up for this I kind of wanted to Just jump into these characters but yeah There is definitely a little bit of a

Barrier here now Chris and Ethan both Played pretty similarly but Heisenberg And Lady Dimitris feel really different They're both melee focused characters That have powers and special abilities Rather than guns but if you're into the Mercenaries mode they make really Unconventional weird but good additions That open up the possibilities of the Mode and just kind of a new way to have Fun in this Arena at the end of the day Like they're not some revolutionary new Change but it is a fun add-on the fun is The most important thing here and it Adding to the replayability it works Overall all of us here game ranks would Say that the Winter's expansion is a Pretty good addition you know it's not Mind-blowing I wouldn't put this up There with some of the all-time great DLCs that have come out in the past but It's solid and 20 bucks is a fair price For what you're getting here if you're Looking for an excuse to play more Resident Evil Village then I think this Expansion and is worth picking up Especially around this spooky time of Year but that's it that's it before you Buy guys you know how this works by now We give you some pros some cons and some Personal opinion and now we want to hear Yours down in the comments what are you Thinking are you jumping in are you more Excited to just replay Village or are

You looking forward to the Rose DLC Expansion do you want to see where the Winter's family thing goes let's talk About any of this stuff down in the Comments now if this helped inform your Purchasing decision at all or anything Like that clicking the like button is All you got to do it really helps us out And if you're new consider subscribing Maybe hitting that notification Bell Because we put out new videos every Single day but as always thanks for Watching we'll see you guys next time

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