Sony’s PlayStation 5 is roughly 2 years old. Let’s take a look at the games, the accessories, the services and the software updates we’ve seen in year 2.
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So it's now been officially about two Years since the PlayStation 5 released Thanks to a messy two years in general And scalpers and shortages we know it Still hasn't been easy for some folks to Get their hands on this thing but uh we Figured we'd do a little report card you Know look back at an update on all Things PlayStation from the games to the Accessory to how the console itself is Doing and the service is offered and Don't worry we're also going to do one Of these videos for Xbox as well last Year we did PS5 one year later so now Here's PS5 two years later first let's Try and talk sales and availability now Last year when we made that one year Later video These consoles were still Really tricky to get like I had said uh They were out there people had them but It was clear a lot more people wanted One but couldn't find one thanks to a Year of Chip shortage availability Issues scalpers and price gouging it has Been a pain in the ass for many Consumers out there and honestly a bit Of a pain for us too knowing we're Making videos for games that some people Really want to play and we're ready to Pay up for but couldn't actually lock One down comments on social media after A year continue to be filled with jokes About getting a PS5 crazy stuff and I I Think it was safe to say that the start

For both next-gen consoles was a bit Rocky but for the PlayStation 5 things Do seem to be getting better finally Thankfully and we have a couple of Things to point to now in June Sony's Leader of global sales and business Operations stated a significant ramp up In production for this holiday season And along with that multiple reports Have suggested that things have improved And Sony is working to step it up even More with uh Sony apparently wanting to Ship at the very at least 30 million Units in fiscal year 23 and that's a 70 Jump a big increase from their fiscal Year of 2020 2 goal that was at 18 Million consoles and more recently in Its newest earnings call Sony did sell 3.3 million ps5s in this most recent Quarter which may not sound like a lot But it is still heading towards its year Target of 18 million and in the grand Scheme of things from the numbers we've Currently gotten Sony has officially Sold 25 million consoles and this was Done amidst not only shortages but news Of in this second year a price increase In multiple countries yes in August of 2022 Sony announced a roughly roughly 10 Price increase for the PlayStation 5 in Parts of Europe the UK Japan China and Australia citing inflation and issues Sony is actually on record during that Recent earnings call I mentioned before

Specifically mentioning that the price Increase didn't dampen the demand so if That is to be believed then I guess That's a sign that people are still Buying these these puppies up of course If you want to read up on some of this Inside baseball stuff we referenced all The sources are linked in the Description down below now along with That it feels like two years in Sony has Finally really opened up on the Accessory front whereas things released Pretty simple you know the lineup there Was a remote a charging stand the Headset you know now we have a way Bigger variety of official colors for The controllers and a handful of Official PlayStation console covers so You can have it in black or a few other Colors along with the most recent Edition of a cool camouflage look now There's been a bunch of third-party Stuff for a while now pretty soon after Launch but it is nice to see Sony really Start to ramp it up on their end and We're looking forward to seeing if There's anything else they got up their Sleeves any special edition consoles Down the line because they were a Highlight of the PS4 if you ask me That's Spidey PS4 Pro but one of their Biggest moves most recently was the Announcement of their dual sense Edge Wireless controller the premium more

Expensive version of the Dual sense with More options customizable controls Swappable stick caps remappable buttons Different control profiles more Adjusting for sensitivity and a really Handy dandy carrying case basically Their version of the Xbox Elite Controller it retails for 200 bucks and It's releasing January 26 2023 so we Can't really technically include it in Our two years later video because we Don't have our hands on it yet we don't Know if it's actually going to be any Good but the fact that they have big Crazy accessories like this on the Horizon along with of course PlayStation VR2 things are looking pretty promising Just some more ways to keep your wallet Busy I guess now in the case of the Dual Sense Edge and all that accessory stuff More choice is better either third party Or first party but where we're stuck With Sony is the user interface you know The menus and stuff and on the interface Side the PS5 hasn't changed too much It's a simple interface but we would Have liked to have seen a few more Improvements that being said the ones That were made over the course of this Time are still significant activity Cards are cleaned up the trophy's view Was overhauled and the whole share Pop-up interface thing for screenshots And videos is much nicer now at least in

Our opinion but one of the biggest Things we enjoyed was folders for your Game Library instead of an endless Scroll of games things can be a bit more Organized and even if it ain't perfect It makes a hell of a difference you Group games into what are called game Lists and helps you keep things a bit More under control especially if you own A lot of games over the lifetime of a PlayStation account now overall we wish We still had a bit more customization And maybe even have the card system De-emphasized a bit or have more options To turn some stuff off since we don't Use it much here but we're looking Forward to seeing what else comes Specifically Discord integration which At this point should be pretty soon Which will be really cool to see I Wonder how far they're going to take the Integration or whether it's just Half-assed or not full Discord could be Pretty crazy though but that's not the Stuff that's even the most important Really it's the games now in our last Video we covered the first year with Stuff uh like PlayStation 4 games Updated to support the PS5 Tech and First party games like Demon Souls Spidey Miles Morales fraternal Kina Bridge of spirits Ratchet and Clank and Then death Loop and a bunch of other Third-party titles solid stuff all

Around a good amount of stuff to play But the real big Blockbuster blowouts Some of us were waiting for are here now In the second year of the PlayStation 5 More recently we've seen MLB the Show Gran Turismo 7 which certainly had some Monetization issues and stuff worth Picking on but is otherwise another big Graphically impressive and detailed Gran Turismo game also The Last of Us Part One a remake that we weren't sure we Really needed but it did turn out pretty Well done it's very impressive looking And really fun to replay Horizon Forbidden West looked absolutely Freaking stunning and was a big massive Game maybe it didn't take the World by Storm quite like Elden ring did at the Time because they released in a similar Window but still absolutely a worthy Follow-up to zero Dawn and most recently Of course God of War Ragnarok a game That is also available on PS4 mind you But a pretty damn good game regardless It's a bigger crazier sequel with more Gameplay more monsters to fight a bigger Story with more characters and it's also Just a good old-fashioned video game now Taking a look at Sony or Microsoft's Libraries one year later or two years Later in our opinion is just a bit more Subjective you know you might only be Into certain genres or franchises so the Actual number of games may not matter

Much to you but at the very least we'll Say here that we've been consistently Having fun of course we always want more Games though we're very greedy here and We're looking forward to what other big Blockbusters Sony has up there sleeve For the future of the PS5 lifecycle now The area where PlayStation has been Bulking up is in the services not only Just in like buying up companies and Building up Live service games in the Near future as they have stated but the Actual stuff you subscribe to in the Last video uh we talked about PlayStation now which within that first Year was significantly updated and we Like that but now PlayStation Plus got An entire overhaul it's now broken into Three tiers offering different levels of Stuff first there's the PlayStation Plus Essential tier that's your basic tier of Course all the stuff you've been getting In the past so two free downloadable Games a month the cloud storage the Online multiplayer access with the same Pricing structure but then for more Money we have the PlayStation Plus extra Tier this also gives you access to a Library of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games You know big stuff from PlayStation Studios and third party like Miles Morales Mortal Kombat 11 returnal and This is 15 bucks a month or 100 dollars A year then last but not least there's

PlayStation Plus premium which has Everything and more you're getting a Couple hundred more games to access Significantly uh Playstation One PlayStation 2 PS3 and PSP games the PS3 Games are still only streamable with the Other Generations including a mix of Streaming and downloadable options this Tier allows you to Cloud stream these Games as long as they're available in Your region and this is 18 bucks a month Or 120 a year now more options are good And for some PlayStation die hards it's Probably an Easy Choice premium Definitely could use more classic games And uh we're still not really seeing the Full value but overall the library is Growing and if you just want to play a Ton of games just by ponying up a little Bit of subscription cash even that Middle tier does give you a pretty big Library so you got that at least again More choices more ways to play games Seems good and along with that there's The newly Rolling Out PlayStation Stars Kind of like a low Loyalty Rewards Membership program thingy you can earn Rewards for completing games and earn Points on purchases and then you can use These points for games add-ons some Store credit or little digital Collectible trinkets there are status Levels tied to how many games you buy And like like you level up uh with how

Many trophies that you score that are Rare and it's the early days of this but It seems okay on the app it's pretty Nicely laid out uh there's check-in Rewards there's little goals you can Check off to earn points and currency it Still doesn't quite feel like a big deal Yet but it could get there in terms of Being a loyal customer I just want them To bring back PlayStation underground And the membership cards that stuff was Cool but looking forward to next year I Think at this point it's going to come Back around to just being all about the Games people have their subscription Services their fancy new versions of Streaming or PlayStation Plus or Anything like that but we really can't Wait to see what's coming down the line What just big ass games dedicated for Specifically PlayStation 5 are coming We're expecting all will probably be Revealed soon hopefully we get some Stuff at the game awards and then the Next E3 or whatever Sony does we're Looking forward to seeing what happens But that was PlayStation 5 two years Later just a quick look back a quick Chat at what things they've been up to We want to hear from you guys in the Comments if you did get your hands on a PS5 how are you feeling maybe you just Got one or you've had one the entire Time we definitely would like to hear

Your thoughts if you like this video Just kind of a catch up a reminder Clicking the like button is all you got To do it really helps us out and if You're new consider subscribing maybe Hitting that notification Bell because We put out videos every single day but As always thanks for watching and we'll See you guys next time

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