NVIDIA Cancels the RTX 4080 12GB After Backlash

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NVIDIA has announced that it is “unlaunching” the RTX 4080 12GB and will be releasing it under a different name in the future. We’ve also learned that the price will be lower, leading to hopefully less confusion and a better product stack.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Review & Benchmarks:
RTX 4090 deep-dive on the cooler:

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00:00 – NVIDIA “Unlaunches” the RTX 4080 12GB
01:00 – The Basics
03:57 – Risk to Consumers of Faked 4080 12GB Cards
05:00 – NVIDIA Subsidizing Partners
06:00 – Here’s What Happens Next
07:55 – Messy NVIDIA RTX 4070 & 4060 Stack
09:19 – Should the Community Move On?

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Video Editing: Mike Gaglione

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