New Hope Easter egg in Andor #starwars #eastereggs #shorts

Did you catch this Star Wars Easter egg In the latest episode of Andor Director Cyril Karn is getting Interrogated by ISB supervisor Mira we Can see clearly that the isv is Recording this conversation and we know This because of these space surveillance Cameras So where have we seen these before Han Luke and Chewie blasted a bunch of Identical looking cameras when they Stormed the detention block of the Original Death Star in A New Hope on Their way to rescue Princess Leia Of course nobody is there to blast them Here as they record the information Given to the Empire by former deputy Inspector Cyril Karn but if that Happened it would just lead to another Confusing comms conversation Important conversation anyway [Music] For more Easter eggs and Star Wars Canon Fighter just follow And subscribe to IGN Wherever you like to watch and May the Force be with you

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