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Xbox talks Call of Duty and 2023 games, PSVR2 gets price and release date, a possible new horror game leak and much more in a week full of gaming news.

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Blight: Survival

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Hideo Kojima’s game leaked?

God of War Ragnarok


Wo Long gameplay

Atomic Heart Feb 21 2023:

AMD RX 7000 GPUs coming Dec 13th

Call of Duty remains on PlayStation

Matt Booty interview:

Hello folks today is Friday November 4th 2022 as usual my name is Jake baldino Here to talk about all the video game News that has been going on this week And uh I've been saying it like every Week but it's a hell of a week it's a Wild week we got a lot of stuff to talk About so let's just jump in first with Something pretty cool uh this is a new Game called blight survival and it's Just an absolutely wild looking horror Action adventure game this is right up My alley it has a steam listing it has a Trailer like with gameplay and Everything IGN reposted it uh the Developer is small this is seemingly an Independent project but what we got here Is pretty great looking like it's Cinematic uh you're essentially this Like night this adventurous night going Through this awful seemingly Zombie Plague ridden place in the 14th century Uh it's built as like an alternate History type of thing uh for me Personally this is what the doctor Ordered I love this style of horror the Style of environment and just a good Old-fashioned horror Adventure game and Uh the thing with this one though is That it's actually going to apparently Have Cooperative elements you'll be able To play with another person uh the Gameplay video detailed that and it's Apparently also they've thrown around

The word like roguelite with it so a lot Of stuff that I wouldn't expect in this Game I would I would almost prefer it to Be completely just straightforward Adventure but what we've got here seems Cool a little bit of stealth a little Bit of resource crafting lots of zombie Murder and mystery I really want to wait And see where this one goes uh because This is definitely my type of thing that Being said we have talked about many Small projects like this that end up Taking a long long time to release just Because the team is so small and I Couldn't really find too much more on The developer other than this so that's Really it but this looks cool as hell Just wanted to share this with you also Now finally we have PlayStation VR 2 Details the release date and the price So pre-orders for this thing are going To drop November 15th if you're nasty And the official release date of the Device is February 22nd 2023 and it's Coming in at a whopping 550 in the United States yes you may be saying to Yourself uh that is more expensive than A PlayStation 5. along with this there's 11 new games announced uh to be coming With it uh we have more looks at the Controllers the headset uh the audio how It all works and it looks like a nice Device my big question is the games for Me personally on the list of 11 games

Which we will include a link for in the Description down below nothing super Enticing for me out of the gate but I Think at the very least as someone who Does like VR and keeps coming back to VR Uh I'm at least happy that Sony is Supporting it Sony is still putting Money into VR even if it's expensive or You know you might not like the library The fact that they're still putting Chips in it I think is a decent sign We'll try to do a review like a before You buy video on the psvr 2 when it Drops so keep your eyes peeled for that But like I said if you want more of the Details from the Playstation blog or Like the actual lineup of games linked Below with everything else I talk about Oh and in other news uh this is crazy it Seems like hideo kojima's unannounced Game has leaked uh there had been things Of him working with actress Margaret Quali again who played mama in death Stranding and uh now it seems like we Know what that game is shaping up to be A horror game thanks to a leak we're not We can't show it here we don't want to Get sued or like get this video taken Down I will say this leak kind of sucks It's like really really crappy like Leaks are always filmed through a Blender but this one Takes the Cake to The point where I don't really think It's worth watching I watched it because

This is this is me man this is my gift My curse but if you don't watch the Leaks though there is something I do Want to describe to you that won't spoil The game it is shirtless guy for some Reason this video is like filmed on a Phone or through a laptop at a screen And the reflection is showing just a Dude filming with his phone no shirt on Chilling vibing on the the couch and I I Can't stop thinking about what the hell That dude's deal is first of all also I Mean like when you leak something like Showing your face in it like in the Reflection like hi I leaked Like maybe put a shirt on maybe yeah Maybe put it or nice work dude nice yeah Nice job good for him sure this guy's a Real 2022 game of the year the best Character best video game character of The year is my most anticipated Game Stop This little shirtless guy be Presenting an award at the game awards Yo I very much am looking forward to seeing Like the full reveal of this I was too Distracted by weird shirtless guy what Is go anyway let me know what you think About that uh and there's just been so Much about hideo Kojima lately uh his Podcast has been popping off it's Actually it's actually pretty good he's Acknowledged abandoned and that whole Debacle uh and he's also been announcing

Still new uh actors in his in his new Game whether it's this one or another One there's seemingly multiple projects In the works so yeah that's where we're At right now just saying though if him And his team are doing a horror game Like it seems Oh oh my God hey next up this episode is Brought to you by rocket money formerly True bill now this might sound corny but I love making savings and finance stuff Kind of like a game kind of like Tracking stats and an RPG helps me feel Better and it helps me plan and that's Why Rock and money has been a game Changer should I do the pun pun intended Rocket money is an all-in-one Finance Platform that helps you save more and Spend less you can manage subscriptions Lower your bills establish and manage a Budget and it's all easy I actually Started using rocket money months before We even took them on as a sponsor and Right out of the gate I really love Seeing all my subscriptions at a glance Just had way too many subscriptions Spending way too much money and Rocket Money not only gives them all to you at A glance so it's easy but you can also Cancel them yes like with the Press of a Button rocket money could do it for you And I don't have to call anyone and that Is perfect setting a budget has also Been powerful because I have

Notifications on and they'll let me know When I exceed spending in a certain like A lot of category I set up and yes this Month I spent too much on Pizza you Should check it out to save more and Spend less and join 3.4 million people Using rocket money head to the link on Screen here game ranks Or click the link in the description Down below to get started for free or Even unlock more features with premium Once again that's game Ranks and thanks to rock money for Sponsoring this video anyway uh next up I got some things Linked In the Description down below for you if you Want to check out uh just relevant stuff We got eight minutes of whoa long Fallen Dynasty gameplay this is from Gamespot And it's clearly early game stuff but it Seems pretty awesome like if you saw the Game Saw the trailer understood the Description and who was working on it uh This does seem like a kick-ass kind of Souls like game so far at least we've Definitely been keeping our eye on that One and are gonna continue now that this Gameplay is substantial also uh just Linked the trailer for the reverse Launch trailer because that Resident Evil versus mode is out I was not Interested in this at all interestingly Enough there are some comments that are Are pretty into it but for me this ain't

It that being said though if you are Playing it I I do want to know what you Think and uh if you are playing we Always do the comment thread where we Ask what you're playing uh this weekend For our research so if you're playing That definitely let me know in that Thread but uh yeah also side note we've Been really busy with like a Resident Evil the winters DLC and stuff we did a Quick before you buy look at that but Also speaking of before you buy videos I've played and finished God of War Ragnarok and it's great I did a before You buy video that is linked in the Description Down Below in case you Missed it long story short it's a great Follow-up uh the gameplay uh the Adventure the world everything is bigger More exciting way more variety to it it Tells a bigger crazier story that still Does that God of War thing where God's Drama and and like all that but also Touching and heartfelt and you know a Little bit more unconventional so if you Liked 2018 I think you'll definitely Like this one I don't know if it's Better I don't know if it's a 10 out of 10 game yet but I really really really Enjoyed playing through it and as soon As I finished it I just wanted to keep Going so I think that's a good sign of a Pretty good game also in release date News atomic heart has been delayed

Multiple times uh it's like one of my Most anticipated games in quite some Time this weird alternate sci-fi Soviet Shooter that gives off Bioshock Vibes Seems incredible it seemed Awesome from The beginning and now the release date Is officially February 21st 2023. uh can We can we just talk about how stacked February is for games Dead Island 2 Hogwarts Legacy wild Hearts now atomic Heart like a dragon ishin sons of the Forest octopath traveler 2 Destiny 2 Lightfall hopefully Kerbal Space Program Sequel even if you're only interested in Like one or two of those games it's a Pretty busy month it's very different From how it used to be where I feel like All the games dropped by the end of the Year the holiday season and then it felt Like it was dry for a while but last February and this February and beyond Are pretty busy I just like having Things to look forward to man but if you Are a PC Gamer there is definitely some Things to look forward to now that AMD Has announced uh their first RX 7000 Gpus these are coming in December December 13th and we have the Radeon RX 7900 XTX and the Radeon RX 7900 XT these beef boys are going to come in At a thousand dollars and nine hundred Dollars AMD has been very busy we Usually only talk about like the big Nvidia RTX cards announcements but

Definitely keep your eye on this uh There are some benchmarks out there that I'll also Link in the description down Below the hardware connects ones are Very good so yeah check it out also it Seems like the debate has finally been In I mean like most people kind of knew One way or another but uh in new Interviews Phil Spencer Head of Xbox has Officially stated that Call of Duty will Remain on Playstation as long as PlayStation is a thing here's the quote Uh we're not taking Call of Duty from PlayStation that's not our intent our Intent is not to do that and as long as There's a PlayStation out there to ship To our intent is that we'll continue to Ship Call of Duty on Playstation similar To what we've done with Minecraft since We've owned that so there you have it if You were one of the few people still Waiting for like the book to be closed On that I guess that's where that's at The Activision Blizzard thing is still In the news all the time for uh Regulations and people talking about it And like like looking it over so it's Still probably a ways off before it all Really goes down anyway but still Corporations it's still company people Talking so uh you know I look more Towards their actions what they actually Do rather than what they say but Xbox Has been busy saying things this week uh

Also I will link in the description down Below an interview with head of Xbox Game studios Matt booty uh who we Interviewed on our podcast the friends Per second podcast where he kind of Definitely acknowledged the shortcomings Uh with Halo after launch and how They're working on that a little bit of An update on Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 and the fact that he dropped it Like obsidian's grounded is has reached Like 13 million players that's a lot of People playing that game that's like a Sleeper thing I did not see coming I Guess maybe now I finally have to check That out put that on the list with a Million other games people are yelling At me to play like uh Deep Rock Galactic Yes I see you guys I played it way way Way back when it was first Early Access And it's very good but I'll get back on That but now grant that it's on the list Too anyway I'm just yapping that is a Bunch of gaming news that we thought was Interesting this week so I would love to Hear from you in the comments what you Think specifically about uh you know the Hideo Kojima leaks and stuff but really PlayStation VR too if you're a PlayStation gamer What's your deal are You going for this I think you know if It wasn't like my work thing to check This out I'd probably wait a little While to see a couple more games roll

Out on it but if you're excited I Definitely want to hear from you and why Uh but also let us know what you think Of that game blight survival that seems Pretty cool also uh if you watched our Before you buy let me know if you're Still looking forward to God of War Ragnarok after watching videos or Reading reviews or trying to avoid all Spoilers be careful they're out there Already uh yeah let's talk man if you Like what we're trying to do here just Have fun yapping about the news we're Here every single Friday and all you got To do is click the like button it legit Helps us thank you very much if you've Ever done that or click the sponsors it Helps the show help support us so just Thanks for being here either way but Have a good weekend be safe I'm Jake Baldino See you next time pizza's on me

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