Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope – Combat Tips

Mario plus Rabbids Sparks of Hope Reunites Mario the Rabbids and their Friends for a space adventure to save The Galaxy there are many different Worlds to explore strategies to use and Allies to meet I went hands on with the Game ahead of its release so I'm Breaking down some tips and strategies You can use to blast your way to Victory Presented by Mario plus Rabbids Sparks Of Hope Those familiar with Mario plus Rabbids Kingdom battles well battles we'll find A lot of similarities When jumping into Mario plus Rabbids Sparks of Hope for Instance Sparks of Hope is still a Cover-based strategy game where players Will trade turns with their CPU driven Opponents to overcome a variety of Match-winning scenarios and finally While no longer confined to a grid your Characters still have a set distance They can move in which they can use that Space to dash through enemies and use Team jumps to extend the distance of Their movements but for as much as Kingdom battles combat mechanics have Lent themselves to Sparks of hope They're still a bevy of new strategies And gameplay elements in play to keep The series feeling fresh and new As we previously mentioned you're no Longer confined to grid-based movement Instead characters are given a range of

Free movement where they can switch Between their team composition on the Fly to make the most of the limited Moves they can during their turn also This time around you'll be given the Choice of six characters to pick right From the start with the freedom to Switch out your party as much as you'd Like every character now has a more Defined role in battle for example Mario Has a double shot Luigi is a long range Shooter rabbit peaches Rockets can Bypass cover and much much more aside From their weapons each character also Has a number of class abilities that can Be utilized in battle giving you even More freedom to play exactly how you Want Mario plus Rabbids Kingdom battle had Already featured a wide range of Characters for folks to play as between The Mushroom Kingdom denizens to the Rabbids themselves it's quite the robust Cast but Sparks of Hope isn't the name Of the game for nothing enter the Sparks These characters which bipo originally Wanted to call rabid Lumas but was Luckily vetoed aren't playable per se But can be matched with our heroes to Provide in battle passive upgrades as Well as abilities to use when on the Field for instance the Pyro star not Only grants the user protections against Enemies that deal burn damage but also

Gives you the ability to add fire to Their attack for devastating results the Sparks can be upgraded with Star Bits to Become even more powerful so when Building your character to play exactly How you want be sure to keep the perfect Spark in mind as well Mario plus Rabbids Kingdom battle was a tough game and Sparks of Hope seems to share this DNA Meaning those that are after that Difficult challenge that often comes With strategy games will certainly find It here but what about those that don't Want to min max every battle they Encounter or heck just want to Breeze Through this story well those players Are in luck as Sparks of Hope Has added Difficulty options to the Mario plus Rabbids series switching between Relaxing average and demanding allows You to select the level of Challenger After but if that wasn't enough once You've selected a difficulty level You're given the freedom to fine-tune Each of the individual challenge Elements one by one and finally if You're really just after the story you Can select an option that makes your Characters straight up Invincible we've Seen story modes and games before but Sparks of Hope really takes it to a Whole new level and there you have it Now it's up to you to save the Galaxy From certain Doom in Mario plus Rabbids

Sparks of Hope available right now on Nintendo switch make sure to check out Our other videos to catch up on the Mario plus rabbit's story and learn more About some of the playable characters What play style do you think you'll use Let us know in the comments and for Everything else Mario plus Rabbids You're already in the right place IGN [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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