Intel i7-13700K CPU Review & Benchmarks vs. AMD R7 7700X, i5-13600K

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The Intel Core i7-13700K CPU review & benchmarks finally arrived, following-up our Intel i5-13600K and i9-13900K CPU reviews to give a full comparison of the Intel options. We had this one in the pipeline for a while, but kept getting delayed by other content (mostly the 12VHPWR cable research on the RTX 4090 — but that’s done now!). This review and benchmark of the Intel i7-13700K tests it vs. the 13600K, 13900K, AMD Ryzen 7 7700X, R5 7600X, and more. We’ll also look at how it compares to the previous generation of Intel parts.

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00:00 – Intel i7-13700K CPU Review & Benchmarks
01:01 – Specs & Boosting Tables (13700K)
02:48 – Who Would Buy the Intel 13700K
03:42 – Gaming Benchmarks – CSGO CPU 13700K vs. 13900K, 7700X
05:13 – CSGO 1440p CPU Benchmarks – 13700K Tests
05:33 – Far Cry 6 13700K vs. 13600K Benchmarks
06:45 – FFXIV CPU Benchmarks
07:20 – Dissecting Some Intel & AMD Results
07:45 – GTA V Might Need to be Retired
08:46 – Rainbow Six Siege CPU Benchmarks
09:46 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider Best CPUs 2022
10:06 – Total Warhammer 3
10:41 – Power Consumption Benchmarks
12:04 – Single Core Power Consumption
12:40 – Power Efficiency Benchmarks
13:29 – Blender Cycles Rendering CPU Benchmarks
14:42 – Chromium Code Compile (Best CPUs for Programming)
15:16 – File Compression & Decompression
16:36 – Adobe Premiere Best CPUs
17:18 – Adobe Photoshop
18:00 – Conclusion

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Steve Burke: Host, Writing, Test Lead
Patrick Lathan: Testing, Research
Jeremy Clayton: Writing
Andrew Coleman: Camera, Video Editing
Vitalii Makhnovets: Video Editing

Today we're reviewing the Intel i7 13700k we had some time to go back and Pick that one up and get through the Reviews process and just the short Version of its specs it ends up being Kind of like a better 12900k except for Less money because they have the same Core counts so Intel has brought the 13700k up to where previously you had to Go to an I9 to get to that kind of core Account and that's what's going to make This one really interesting Generationally the 137 has potential to Be a big jump so we've got that we have All the ryzen 7000 Parts in here let's Get started before that this video is Brought to you by crucial and it's ddr5 Memory for Intel or AMD ryzen CPUs Crucial makes ddr5 kits that are Deployable and ryzen 6000 laptop systems And in ryzen 7000 systems or Intel Alder Lake including both budget oriented and Performance-based memory modules if You're building a new system click the Link in the description below to learn About crucial ddr5 memory first of all Just to set the same sales for pricing We do basically all of our views on Value so we always consider the price And the performance and try to avoid one In a vacuum we put together a quick Pricing list of the MSRP or the Recommended price or the 1K unit price Is what Intel does as it compares to the

Price retail right now when we're Writing the review and this is what that List looks like so just for points of Comparison for this review the 13700k we Paid about 450 bucks for it's around 450 Right now that has it way cheaper than The 139 which is 660 dollars the 13600k Is 330 dollars then you look at AMD Competition and the closest things would Be the 7700x it's a little cheaper than A 13700k at 400 or if you go up a Hundred dollars you got the 7900x and Then otherwise the 5800x3d would be a Pretty competitive alternative for at Least gaming and we have that in the Charts but we notice it's been more or Less out of stock at least the places we Look although it was priced 330 to 445 Live before Advantage from inventory They've been trying to get rid of it and They haven't had much trouble getting Rid of the 50 Android x3d because a lot Of people wanted it after those ryzen 7000 reviews went up they were like it Was the best possible advertisement for The 5800x3d it was to launch a new Product that was supposed to kill it Intel strategy with its first three 13 000 series CPUs compared to their Equivalent 12 000 series counterparts Has basically been to keep the same Number of P cores double the e-cores and Then boost the frequency and cash and That makes the new Intel i7 13700k with

Its 8p cores and AE cores theoretically Just a better version of the I9 12900k Except for less money the old I9 was 660 At launch but this new i7 has an RCP of 420 bucks so it's again 450 or so in Reality and that potentially makes the 13700k really interesting for hobbyists In different types of production Applications blender Premiere Unreal Engine stuff like that as well as for Gaming users whereas a 13 line you're Kind of more in that more or less a Professional if you're buying it for Production applications or just really Serious about high fps to a point where For most of us Mortals it wouldn't Actually make a difference for our Gaming experience so that's kind of the Split Um the motherboards here z690 as a Reminder will work that's what we use in Our testing you can also get z790 but Z690 if you're doing a drop in upgrade For some reason you could do that but Like usual the upgrade from a 12 000 Series to 13 doesn't make a lot of sense Unless you're coming from really low end Like 1200 F and you happen to buy a good Motherboard with it okay enough setup Let's get straight into the benchmarks We'll start with gaming get into gaming And CS go at 1080p the Intel i7 13700k Sits at 397 FPS average with one percent And 0.1 percent low is in line with

Other Intel 13th gen CPUs the 13700k is Nine percent ahead of the Thirteen six In average FPS here illustrating what The high higher out of box frequency of 5.4 gigahertz can do versus a 13600k is 5.1 gigahertz game at least in games Like CS go that rely more on limited Thread performance we see this again in The difference between the 13700k and The 13900k which has a six percent lead Due to the 3900k reaching up to 5.8 Gigahertz with TVB though not worth it At around 200 more expensive obviously The 13th to 100K shows a 15 uplift over The 12 700 KF it's the same as a 12 700k So the generational product Improvement Is decent here it's also slightly faster Than the 12900k which is the closest Last gen comparison from a spec Standpoint at least as far as core count Goes it's obviously not worth upgrading From an alder Lake CPU to the 13700k but Maybe from something older it would be As for AMD amd's 7000 series ends up Mostly ahead of the 13700k it gives up a Five percent lead to the similarly Priced 7700 X so it's likely you could Put a 13700k system together for less Money the 5800x3d sits a lower at 342 FPS average allowing the 13700k a 16 Advantage moving to 1440p the scaling is Nearly identical and shows that we're Still CPU bound even with a 3090 TI That's a good thing for CPU testing the

Data here doesn't show anything Different from 1080p so we'll just Continue on in Far Cry 6 the Intel 13th Gen sweeps the top of the chart with the 13700k at 192 FPS average sitting Between the 3900k and 13600k in the Order you would expect the one percent And 0.1 percent lows show negative Scaling between 13th gen Parts due to The CPU hitting GPU limitations we took A closer look at this in our 13900k Review where the effects diminished when We moved to a more powerful GPU and that Was the RTX 4090 at its core there's an Issue with this game and its engine at Least when you're hitting the GPU limits Not necessarily with the c CPUs the 13700k is scaling over the 12700 calf Back to the normal charge is consistent With cs go with a 15 Advantage the 12700 KF has dropped in price at retail these Days it's about 370 bucks now but it's Overshadowed by the 13600k at 330 and These best showing in Far Cry 6 is the 5800x3d at 181 FPS average which Actually used to top this chart but it's Now functionally tied with the 13600k And gives up a narrow lead to the 13700k The 13-7 also outperforms the AMD 7000 Series running 10 faster than the 7700x In average FPS intelligent leaving any Room here for AMD from a value Perspective near the top of the chart Next up is Final Fantasy 14 using the

Standalone and Walker Benchmark the 13700k recorded a 272 FPS average which Falls behind only the 39 and it Outperforms the 13-6 by 8 percent this Establishes a trend of repeatable but Fairly narrow scaling between the three CPUs and gaming generationally the 13700k posted a 17 lead over the 12700 KF consistent with the jump between the 12900k and the 3900k making a direct Comparison between the same core count Intel CPUs shows the 13700k with a 10 Boost over the 12900k now AMD lags Behind here more than in some of these Other tests were the 13700k defeats the 7700x by about 18 it's ahead of the 5800 X3d even more where that one is at 218 FPS average of course this is all on The Benchmark these are all completely Playable but Intel does have a more Substantial lead here over the 7700x on This one our GTA 5 chart is starting to Get crowded at the top we're scaling is Suffering due to engine limitations There used to be really bad frame time Variants when the game bounced off that Engine limit but that's gone for the Most part these days the 13700k sits at 180 FPS average we're at the limit here Can't see as much room as it might give And it's tightly packed with the other 13th genital CPS as a result just Outside a variance of the 5800x3d and 5 Faster than a 7700x generational

Improvement is less pronounced here as Well the 13700k only beats the 12 700 KF By 9 which is much narrower than in some Of our previous games we're getting to a Point with GTA you'll be put the test in GTA for a long time It's still one of the top played games On Steam and ever so it is still Relevant in that regard but as a Benchmark it's becoming less and less Relevant because we're way up against The limit at least for CPUs or gpus you Can still create uh enough of a Constraint to see the differences emerge But we might have to retire GTA soon From the CPU test Suite because it's Just not enough of a range now for Rainbow Six Siege which has basically Become the world's leading coil wine Benchmark companies would pay a lot of Money for specialized tools that can Reliably generate coil wine and here we Have Rainbow Six which you can just buy For relatively low cost and generate as Much coil wine as you want the 13700k is At the very top of the chart and it's Tied with the 13900k indicating that we Finally managed to move the bottleneck Off the CPU at about 635 FPS average We're getting to a point where we're Actually just gonna need a new metric And it's going to be a killer FPS it's Uh it's points six kilo FPS we'll need To test with a stronger GPU to determine

Whether it's the GPU or the engine That's holding us back at the ultra high End for CPUs now and that means other Comparisons are the same as an r3900k Review with the 137 holding a seven Percent lead over the 12 700 KF and four Percent over the 7700x practically Speaking we're in such high FPS Territory that any recent mainstream CPU More than does the job in this game in Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p were GPU limited so there's relatively poor Scaling here for what it's worth though The 13700k is basically tied with a 3900k and the ryzen 7000 CPUs though With slightly better lows we still see An improvement between generations with The 13-7 securing nine percent Performance uplift over the 12700k app Finally we have total Warhammer 3 which Is more GPU limited without any Difference between the 13700k and the 12700k app we'll take this opportunity To remind you that if you mostly play Graphically intense games like this one Especially at 1440 or 4K you'll be fine In any situation with modern CPU with Six or more cores right now even quad Core is like the 12 100 f are suitable In a lot of these situations it gets 159 FPS average here for example and for the Most part the lows are okay so really All we're saying is that if you're Graphically bound the GPU obviously

Remains the main issue next up is power Consumption so our power testing is done At the EPS 12 volt rails we don't take Total system power for this Um because it's not that important what We want to do is isolate the CPU that's What we do we take the CPU power before Factoring in vrm efficiency losses and For all core we're doing this in blender Now in gaming the constant power Consumption in in blender does not Equate to what you would see in gaming But it gives you a good Peak value that You might encounter the 13700k pulled 280 Watts all core just short of the 3900k is 295 watts and a huge 74 higher Than the 13600k on paper the 13-7 is Just a 13-6 with two more P cores and Higher frequency Z but that really adds Up in a load like this the 13700k's high Placement has it drawn more power than Any AMD C view on the chart at 11 more Than a 7950x and 89 more than a 7700x if Total system power under load while Maintaining high throughput is important To you consider either the 13600k or one Of the ryzen CPUs here as an alternative Comparisons with the 12th gen have the 13700k pulling 77 more power than the 12700k and 15 more than the 12 900k and As a reminder the 12900k has the same Count of P and D cores so this is the Cost that Intel had to pay in order to Squeeze more out of the 13th gen's

Architecture single Core Power is up Next and it's representative of more Lightly threaded applications the 13700k Ran at 37 Watts again between the 3900k At 44 Watts and the 13600k at 30 Watts It's in line with stock frequency Behavior as well comparable 12th gen CPUs filter in between with the 12 700k At 32 watts and the 12 line at 41 Watts For one quart relative to the all core Chart the ryzen 7000 CPUs run at higher Power single core due to their more Aggressive boost Behavior out of the box With a 13700k sitting closest to the 7700x is 35 Watts as for power Efficiency we calculate this as a simple Watt hours equation where the control is The unit of work done so one fully Rendered frame and blender versus the Time and energy it takes to complete and Lower is better Intel's 13700k doesn't Look great here at 38 Watt hours and It's effectively tied with the 12900k The other 13th gen parts do more Favorably especially the 13-6 at 25 more Efficient than the 13-7 likely due to The better in this case P chord E core Ratio and also of course the reduced Frequencies similarly all of the ryzen CPUs on this chart outdo the 13700k with The 7700x at 23 better efficiency which Itself ties with the last gen 12700 KF The 5900 the act that stock is still our Efficiency Champion barring any tweaking

With something like zenforce eco mode Now for production tests our first Production test is blender where we time The completion of an in-house render Using tile-based rendering to test Multiple aspects of the CPU lower is Better here the 13 someahar K completed The render in 8.2 minutes and it gives Up a 20 lead to the 3900k with its eight Additional e-cores so they actually work Here and the advantage for the 13-7 over Something else like the 13 6 is 23 Percent versus the 6p cores on the 13600k generationally the 13 to 700k Beats both the 12 9 and the 12 700 KF Specifically that one at 25 faster which Is better than we used to see for a Single generation the similarly priced 7700x is outdone by 31 and you'd have to Step up to the more expensive 7900x in Order to match the 13700k so that has Intel looking good here for value for Blend we consider the 13700k a good Option for someone willing to stretch Their budget up to the 450 mark because You'll be saving time in something where It really starts to add up especially if You're rendering a lot of frames and You're using the CPU for it but to get Any more gain than that at least a game That matters you're spending over 200 so There's sort of diminishing returns There our chromium code compile test is Also scored in time to complete once

Again Lower is better the 390k comes out 20 faster than the 13700k which itself Is 19 faster than the 13-6 so similar Scaling to blender the 750x is the only Ryzen CPU to beat the 13700k's 44 minute Time but that's a 700 CPU the 7700x on The other hand gives up a 30 advantage To the 13 700k making the 8 core ryzen CPU an unpalatable choice for this task Versus its competitors final compression Is next tested with 7-Zip and measured In millions of instructions per second Or mips the 13 700k gun Falls neatly Between the 13 9 and the 13-6 each with Its own performance tier generationally The 13700k sits at 31 higher performance Than the 12700 KF so it's actually Pretty good uplift here and both the 750x and 7900x outscore the 13-7 but the 7700x falls off in comparison giving it A 28 lead to the 13th gen i7 Decompression is next which generally Gives wider scaling but tends to favor AMD The Wider scaling shows itself with The 13700k now leading the 13-6 by 21 And the 13900k has 43 percent on top of That the 13700k also does well against The previous generation here Outperforming the 12 900k by eight Percent and of course it's well ahead of The 12-7 also this is a good show in Within Intel's own stack now as for AMD It has a specific advantage and that's Apparent in the 7900x is positioning the

12 core AMD CPU is five percent ahead in Compression it's now 29 ahead in Decompression a big jump keep this in Mind if your workflow commonly includes Both compression and decompression or Favors the latter and if that's the case We'd recommend the 700x here if you can Afford the extra 100 bucks next up is Adobe Premiere tested with Puget bench To create an aggregate score built from A set of effects filters live playback Scrubbing and Export the 3900k runs four Percent ahead of the 13-7 here so it's Wide enough to measure but not really Notice the 13700k in turn beats the 13600k and the 1200 KF by 10 the 13700k Is also tied with amd's 7900x and the Previous generation 12900k this is the Only Benchmark where we saw the 13-7 and The 12 9 so close and on paper the new I7 is just an upgraded version of the Outgoing I9 sometimes software has Specific quirks and when we dug into the Results we found that the 12900k did Particularly well in live playback which Is what raised its overall score our Final test is Photoshop scored in Similar fashion to Premier here and it Benefits from single core performance Proportionally more than our other tests So the extra course still help but not As much the 13700 case sits tightly Flanked by the 13 9 and the 7900x and it Tops the 13600k by nine percent the

Performance gaps widen once we move down To the 12700 KF which gives up a 22 Advantage to the new 13700k and that Makes for a strong generational jump From the 12th to the 13th jet this is as High as we would recommend for someone Who mixes High refresh rate gaming and Photoshop work but maximum value still Sits with the 13600k ultimately wrapping Up then so the 13600k still strikes us As one of the better options from Intel Right now 1200f is still awesome if you Want the absolute sort of lowest entry Point to a good platform that you can Get and still have a gameable CPU and That'll change when the 13 100 or Whatever it's called comes out in the Future but for now the 13600k is the Best value of the Intel options that Have launched recently AMD 7000 series Still kind of in a rough spot prices They might see some movement soon but Until they do it's a lot harder to Recommend them especially in that 13600k Competitor price class so Intel is doing Pretty well at the the 300ish dollar Mark for the 13.6 now for the 13 some 100K just some quick numbers for you to Recap what we talked about earlier in Say Final Fantasy 14 it's eight percent Ahead of the 13600k 17 out of the 12-7 Uh 18 ahead of the 7700x and CS go the 13-7 was 90 faster than the 13-6 in Blender the 3900k had a lead of 20 over

The 13 7 and chromium it was also 20 Ahead of the 13-7 and overall what we're Really seeing is that in gaming the 13 7 And the 13 6 39 It gets really hard to justify that Extra cost above the 13600k because You're just not I mean again looking at Nine percent gains with the 13 700k Versus the 13 600k It's definitely there and it's it's not A bad gain it's just that there's Diminishing returns so uh we think the 13700k makes the most sense for someone Who wants to couple in some production Applications as we call them if you're Doing stuff like uh Adobe suite work You're doing heavy work in maybe Blender compression decompression maybe Working on real engine stuff like that It starts to make a lot more sense to Get the 13700k over the 13 six now for AMD the benefits mostly come out of the 7900x the 7700x isn't as close of a Competitor as probably it needs to be to Pull away the recommendation from the 13700k even with the slight price Disparity there 7900x is the one you'd Want to look at but it's not always in The most defensible position either Depending on which Benchmark you're Looking at so overall the 13700k we Think it's in a good spot generationally It's had some actual real gains it has Supplanted the 12900k so they've gone

They've taken an I9 they've basically Turned it into an i7 and the price is Better so that's that's all good It's just the question of diminishing Returns is worth it for you or not but As a CPU it did pretty well in our Testing so that's it for this one thanks For watching as always subscribe for More go to to Help us out directly and we'll see you All next time

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