Intel Arc A770 16GB Limited Edition GPU Review & Benchmarks

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We’re reviewing Intel’s Arc A770 Limited Edition GPU and benchmarking it vs. AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, including the RTX 3060, RX 6600, RX 6600 XT, 6700 XT, and more. Benchmarks include 1080p, 1440p, and 4K gaming tests for FPS and frametime consistency, plus tests of cooler flatness, thermals, fan RPM, and noise levels. This in-depth review of the Intel A770 16GB Limited Edition video card is only part of our upcoming tests surrounding Alchemist GPUs: We also have an extensive tear-down (with an unfortunate amount of comedy… for Intel), an A750 GPU review, and a separate mechanical-thermal piece coming up in the future.

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The release date for the Intel Arc A770 is October 12th. The same is true for the Arc A750. There are two versions of the Intel Arc A770: One is 8GB, one is 16GB. They are $330 and $350 launch price, respectively. The NVIDIA RTX 4090 will launch on the same day as the Arc GPUs.

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00:00 – Intel Arc A770 GPU Review & Benchmarks
01:38 – These Cards Are Chaos
02:26 – AMD is Back Thanks to Intel
03:54 – Intel Arc Drivers Are Still Bad
04:56 – No Fan Control & Games Crashing
07:12 – Why This Matters
08:17 – GPU & Memory Thermals A770 Limited Edition
09:44 – Fan Speed Behavior on Auto
10:32 – Noise Levels with Auto Fans
12:09 – A770 Vapor Chamber Flatness
12:59 – Total Warhammer 3 GPU Benchmarks (1080p, 1440p, 4K)
15:00 – F1 2022 A770 1080p Benchmarks vs. RX 6600 & 6600 XT
16:25 – F1 2022 1440p & 4K Benchmarks on Arc A770 vs. RTX 3060
18:03 – Tomb Raider GPU Comparison 2022 (Arc, AMD, NVIDIA)
19:02 – Intel’s Unique (Dis)Advantage
20:23 – Complete Failure in Rainbow Six Siege
22:16 – Shockingly Good Performance in Strange Brigade Vulkan
23:30 – Final Fantasy Also Good on Intel Arc A770 (Benchmarks)
24:55 – We Cannot Recommend This Card.

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