IKEA is taking legal action against a new horror game #ikea #thestoreisclosed #pc #shorts

A new horror Survival game set in a Furniture store has Ikea taking legal Action Ikea alleges the store is closed Takes place in an environment that looks A little too much like Ikea as reported By Kotaku lawyers representing the Swedish conglomerate have accused Developer Jacob Shaw of committing Trademark infringement and have given Him 10 days to change parts of his game That allegedly represent Ikea branding This branding includes a blue and yellow Sign a Scandinavian name yellow vertical Striped shirts a gray path on the floor And some furniture all before going Immediately suggests that the game takes Place in an Ikea store the lawyers Letter said although Shaw maintains that The game's Furniture was not inspired Directly by Ikea he does intend to make Changes to the stores closed to avoid Legal repercussions while also seeking Legal counsel what are your thoughts is Ikea overreacting or are they in the Right let us know in the comments

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