HW News – Fake MSI Mining Malware, AMD CPUs Getting Cheaper Non-X, 6GHz 13900KS

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In this news video, we’re talking about malware in MSI Afterburner, leaked Ryzen 7900 and 7700 non-X CPUs for potential budget overclocking champions (if unlocked), the Intel i9-13900KS, and more — like Samsung for some reason combining “Metaverse” marketing with its new memory technology.

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00:00 – Recapping the Week
01:21 – Infected MSI Afterburner Software
04:05 – Leaked Ryzen 7900 and 7700 Non-X
07:35 – Intel Special Edition i9-13900KS
09:10 – EK Makes Intel Arc Blocks
10:28 – Bykski External Liquid Coolers
13:59 – Galax 3060 Ti Hall of Fame
17:00 – Samsung GDDR6W Stacks on Metaverse BS

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Steve Burke: Host, Writing
Writing: Jeremy Clayton
Video: Vitalii Makhnovets

[Music] Hey everyone welcome back to the Hardware news recap for the week in this One already talking about some of the MSI afterburner malware that's out there Important PSA for those of you who do Any kind of overclock in your system Tuning to be aware of where you're Downloading afterburner it's probably The leading tool at this point for GPU Fan speed management and overclocking And anything to do with tuning the video Card especially since EVGA Precision is Dead so really important that you're Aware of where you get the tool we'll Also be talking about leaks about riding 7900 and 7700 non-x CPUs we're going to Over the 3900 KS that's been listed Online as well so that's a higher end SKU of Intel's top end CPUs and a couple Of other things like water cooled Arc Gpus something different and this will Be the last news episode we film locally For a little while because we're about To board a plan to go out to do our Factory tours on the other side of the World so let's get started before that This video is brought to you by Arctic And the liquid freezer 2 liquid coolers Now including an argb model in the Lineup the liquid freezer Series has Been a top performer in our Benchmark For years now and Arctic has continually Fine-tuned its products even post-launch

With things like tits for ryzen argb Fans for new Flair and new radiator Sizes the company also has its brand new MX6 thermal paste on the market now Learn more at the links in the Description below alright so this is Gonna be a really efficient news video MSI afterburner if you don't know is a GPU tuning software you can use it just For fan curves or for overclocking and MSI posted a PSA on its Facebook page is Where we first became aware of the issue Where it made sort of a a meme that was Warning against downloading afterburner From websites that sound an awful lot Like an official MSI afterburner website But are not it's a typical stuff where You've got MSI afterburner dot some Weird top level domain so uh this is Something that cybel which is a cyber Security group recently posted about They're the ones who sort of published The research on this and did the Research on the vulnerability here and It posted an informational piece about Fake iterations of afterburner that run Coin mining software in the background For crypto so I will noted that the Attack works pretty simply it just has Alternatives to MSI afterburner online Scattered through download sites and it Uses names that appear legitimate Variations that we're not going to read Here just to protect the viewers The

Only Name we want you to have in your Head for getting afterburner is msi.com So as long as MSI hasn't been Compromised there that version of the Software should be the legitimate one With that one caveat there but short of Them losing control over their own Servers that's where you get it now for How this works it installs an XMR Miner On the system and it then runs that in The background so it's able to use your GPU for mining crypto mining I know you Do this against millions of computers if You're truly successful in your software Software malware deployment then I'd Potentially be pretty significant but it Does a little more than that too it also Collects personal information that could Be identifying on the computer itself Feasibly you could use this type of Attack Vector to maybe hunt around on The user's computer for Um uh what are they is it the the words The secret words for the wallet you Could also use it for key logging for Um gaining access to user accounts on Websites like banking accounts so bad Software to add have and msi's official Website only place to get it if you've Downloaded afterburner recently It's worth checking where you got it From and uh and probably not visiting That site again if it's not just msi.com Now some people like Guru 3D and stuff

Like that will host afterburner and Unless they're compromise the guru 3D Has been a long running source for Afterburner as well so you don't have to Be scared of all of them but just take Some caution next one 700 and the 7700 Non-x CPUs these are getting pretty Interesting now uh this is getting lined Up by AMD it's the lower TDP versions of Their new ryzen or Zen 4 CPUs ryzen 7000 CPUs so these specific versions are the 12 core and eight core processors and Again it's just the non-x variants Serial leaker on Twitter momomo Underscore us shared a screenshot of a French retailer listing the two Processors as Lenovo branded skus the Site Pc21.fr still has the listings for the 700 and the 7700 up at the time of Writing and interestingly base clocks in The part name are listed at 3.6 Gigahertz which is is a lot lower than The 4.7 gigahertz of the 700x or 4.5 of The 7700x there's a few options here so On one end you could basically just be Taking a 700x or 7700x and effectively Running it out of the box in an eco mode Equivalent by forcing down the TDP and Constraining the power budget and we Showed in our 7950x eco mode testing That uh it would potentially make sense For AMD to just ship lower TDP skus that Are more or less pre-eco moted to 7000

CPUs because you retain most of the Performance but you gain back a lot of Efficiency so that's kind of what this Looks like it's going towards as for why You would potentially do that instead of Just shipping the highest performed Version of the SKU and telling people Well if you want it to be more efficient Then turn it on it's a Basics it's what You always run into of as soon as you Have to toggle something the vast Majority of end users no fault of their Own they're just not interested in it or Don't follow it will not turn that thing On because they might not be aware it Exists or they don't really care to Research what it does and that's totally Fine there's a lot of things and Products that I buy outside of Technology that I don't really care to Learn about because I just don't have Time for it I'm not personally Interested in it so can totally get that And that's where the segmentation here Dropping the xq would make some sense Now this would also solve some of the 95 Degree concerns you have where not Concerns in terms of product longevity Necessarily but concerns in terms of Technical support of there's all these Decades of forum threads about 95 Degrees is too hot and it's throttling That behavior has changed now but Depending on where users land when

They're researching their 95 degree Ryzen 7000 CPU it could cause some Confusion now if these CPUs are Legitimate and they probably are at this Point the pricing and the stock Behavior Will be important to pay attention to Because if they're power limited and Therefore lower performance the price Will of course have to be lower to make Sense as a product but if they're Cheaper and just easily set to the same DDP of the same limit as the original X Counterparts these would be awesome for Enthusiasts and would make a lot of Sense for people to buy instead of the Excuse kind of like the 1600 and 1600 Acts in the past make a lot less sense For AMD but just depends on their market And if they're shipping this with Lenovo Then an oem thing they might not worry Too much about enthusiasts getting their Hands on it and clocking them up so We're going to be covering these as soon As they become an official thing we're Guessing CES makes the most sense for These but that's only because that's the Next major trade show where AMD Announces stuff and on that note too CES Is currently the rumored venue for the X3dv cache part to come out which is Going to be a Zen four part probably a 7600 X 3D or something like that and uh CES is the first week of January if you Want to pay attention to it and see what

Happens up next Intel and a special Edition I9 3900 KS the S stands for Special edition and this is a follow-up To the 3900k the chaos as usual well as A higher clock variant of Intel's top Performing part right now and it's Otherwise identical to a 3900k so same Core count same e-core count same cash Same all architecture everything under Line is just the frequency is boosted up To six gigahertz according to the Screenshots that are online now so video Cards with a z screenshotted PC Canada's Listing or maybe got it through mobile Us either way there's a few screenshots Out there of a Retailer's listing Showing the 3900 KS at 972 Canadian Dollars or simply converted 715 us we Recently saw the I9 3900k CPUs available In the US for anywhere between 620 to 660 dollars on say Amazon depending on The variant and if it was like a Black Friday sale or something so at 660 that Put the 1300 chaos as minimally 8.3 Percent more expensive if it does land At 715 and that'll change obviously Depending on where it lands in in once It's out but Momoa underscu you us on Twitter posted screenshots as well Suggesting the six gigahertz advertised Clock on the chaos and if you look at The 1300k spec that one is advertised at 5.8 gigahertz so the chaos pushes about 200 megahertz more uh closer to the

Limit and about as close as you can get Without just manually overclocking it as A user so I don't know if we'll review This one Standalone or not but we might Do some OC with it just for fun next EK Making some water blocks I don't really Know why I said it like uh as if that's News that's kind of what they do Ego is specifically making Arc water Blocks so EK just validated into all in Their GPU efforts by committing to High-end water blocks for the relatively Mid-range a770 and a750 gpus water Blocks on cards cheaper than 400 are Never economical really and at 250 for The a750 and a770 Quantum Vector squared Blocks that's especially true because You're talking about cards that really Are nearly equivalent price depending on Which model you buy or like the 300 for The a770. so the price Delta would be Better spent on something like an RX 6800 or an RTX 3070 but if you needed Arc gpus and you wanted them as tightly Packed as possible or just you like Water cooling because it looks cool then This would be the block to look at Because uh it's going to be better Thermal management than air coolers Totally irrelevant honestly for the Level of performance and heat that these Chips produce so you really don't have To worry about this unless you're in a Specific use case in which case I

Already know you need it if you're Cramming a bunch of them in a system or Something EK is including a black back Plate with these and the water blocks Will be shipping in a nickel Plexi Solution up next bike ski big Bike Sky we're gonna go with bike ski Again bike ski is expanding its line of All-in-one external water cooling Solutions to include a 1080 version very Large it has a 9 120 millimeter fans on It so it's a pretty close to car Radiator it's pretty close to truck Radiator size these enclosures contain a Radiator a pump a reservoir a water Level indicator and a fans all in one Box all you need after this are the Water blocks or the components the fit Ins the tubing to connect the external And the internal coolers of the PC and Obviously the parts themselves you'll Also need a wide space because the 1080 Version measures 420 millimeters tall by 488 millimeters long and then 138 Millimeters for the depth so they'll Need to go either on the floor or Require enough desk to have your PC and This on it at the same time time Honestly though this kind of stuff is Fun it's like the uh the Water cool Solution that's the name of the brand The Mora the Mora three if you've never Heard of it you haven't seen us use it In OC streams go look up

M-o-r-a-3 from water cool that's kind of What this reminds us of except that's Just a radiator it is really fun to play Around with totally impractical for most People but if you have a use case for it It's pretty different and that's what we Liked about it anyway this uh so the Power for the pump and the fans is Provided by an included four pin adapter That requires the user to get four pin Moax power over to wherever the unit Ends up sitting so you could do Something like an AC to DC power adapter That would make sense it's a little bit Awkward you need to be careful about the Spec that you use for it Um and we need one of these here to Really look into it and give you an Answer for that but that's an option Otherwise you're straining Molex cables On making a Molex centipede somewhere And uh shoving it through a hole in the Case and we also don't see an obvious Way to control fan and pump speed so You're probably stuck with the way it Comes out of the box creative modding Aside a bike seat also offers smaller Sizes but to us external coolers make The most sense when they're gigantic Like this one if you do have the space This kind of thing can make it Relatively easy to have the power of Water cooling without as much fitment Hassle in the case the idea in general

Isn't new at all so those of you've been Building a long time remember when water Cooling was actually primarily outside Of the case technically normally sit on Top of the case or something and this is Going back to sort of that era it does Make it easier to work with in some ways Harder in terms of space utilization and In theory you could drive down your Noise levels really low or potentially Even run some of these passive with a Low enough heat load it pretty low heat Load but like the Mora three could Handle a CPU alone for some of the ones We were working with at the time no fans At all the 1080 external solution is Going to be around 560 dollars will be Out near the end of this year it sounds Like a lot of money but it's actually Not a bad price considering the pure Just the amount of metal there is and The weight and the hardware included Especially considering it's all Assembled and ready to go so as far as Water cooling prices go that's Comparable it's still a high price just In an objective or absolute sense but Versus other water cooling parts not so I mean that's like a little over twice What just the one block for an arc GPU Costs up next galaxy is introducing Another New Hall of Fame graphics card But it's not a 40 90 or a 4080 it's the Much anticipated uh 3060 TI GTR 6X Hoff

Pro a 3060 TI Hall of Fame card so Galax Like evj with the KP series previously Gets a lot of press and attention for Its Hall of Fame cards as they should They're impressive cards it's the type Of thing you're like you walk onto the Car lot you're like that's pretty cool I'll never own it but hey it's kind of Cool uh except this is a 3060 ti so it's A little bit off-brand and kind of weird They've done this before a little weird Though and maybe not without uh Ken pen To compete with they've decided now is The chance now they can really claim the 3060 TI Throne on hardware bot or Something so anyway this is a GPU from The end of 2020 as a reminder but it's Been refreshed so Nvidia is doing a Refresh here it's a gddr6x model and it Actually has a higher 225 watt total Graphics power it's 25 watts more than The original 3060 TI spec and that's With ggdr6 without the ax for the Original one which obviously is I mean Lower end but uh as for how much it Actually matters on a 3060 TI is kind of Questionable you can get more out of That frequency bump from the power back To the Hall of Fame card though it Features the classic white out PCB and Triple fan cooler with a few blue axons On it the tgp is actually even higher on The Hall of Fame one it's 265 Watts even More than stock power is delivered via

Standard pcie eight pin connectors also Made of white plastic and the board Appears to have LEDs connected to the Power cable detection circuit that are Visible through a cutout in the back Plate white LEDs indicate both eight Pins are fully detected and red LEDs Indicate that that all pins are not Connected likely preventing the card From starting up so a lot of Partners Have had features like this particular One in the past it's just they're coming Down to lower end Um cards here which is a little out of Place you're starting to spend money on All these small little things that make A high-end card nice but make a low end One kind of push into territory of the Next model up accessories with the card Will include a GPS support bracket a Motherboard LED control cable and some All-white cable extensions now back in 2016 we have to do some digging to find This one but Galax also made a GTX 1060 Hall of Fame card and uh the main reason We can figure out maybe these make sense Is because it opens up for the Competitive OC scene something where you Don't have the budget for an 80 or 90 or Titan series card you're not going to Hit first place on just the total chart But you might be able to hit first place On this particular class of card for Chart uh performance so maybe that's why

They do it but And practically speaking you should Obviously just buy a different card if You're not going to actually go see it For real next up Samsung Stax gddr6w Which is new memory on top of metaverse Samsung announced a new Packaging of dram called gddr6w This is A stacked version of regular gddr6 that Allows for doubled capacity and Bandwidth by having two physical layers Of dram silicon inside the package this Is an actual technological advancement It's a good one but Samsung wasted no Time and diverting all attention from it By layering on the metaverse marketing Even the press release title starts with Quote a bridge between worlds it's too Easy to make fun of stuff like this so Instead we're going to read some quotes Quote as advanced graphics and display Technologies develop they are blurring The lines between metaverse and our Everyday experience quote high bandwidth Graphics memory solution the key to Hyper real Capital gaming and capital Digital twin this is it's another Classic example of like actually cool Technology Just and and someone writing the press Releases for this said this is kind of Boring the like stacking and the fact That you can fit more memory in a Smaller footprint you don't have to do

Memory on the back side of a PCB Anywhere like what do we do to get what Do we do to get people interested and For some reason they went to metaverse Which lately I mean metaverse gets People interested but it's not for the Right reasons probably because they're Looking for a job now thanks thanks Mr Zuckerberg thanks Mark now unfortunately Samsung doesn't show how many more Mark Zuckerbergs per second the new memory Can render but it does tell us a little Bit about the memory so it found a way To mention Ray tracing to hit that Buzzword and create a new unit of Measurement at the same time Samsung Claims that it takes 60 to 140 pages of Data for one second of array tracing so That unit kind of like FPS as frames per Second or MHz is megahertz uh gbps might Be gigabits per second depending on the Capitalization this is a new one called Pod psort super cool so for the pages of Data for one second of Ray tracing what Samsung's actually trying to say is that Higher Fidelity assets and more Immersive Graphics require faster dram And then new gddr6w does that all of That aside after we dug through most of The press release we did finally get to The actual information here it is so Fundamentally gddr6 memory the same Stuff that Samsung's been making is in Gddr6w so the core of G6 that we know is

Still there but it's packaged in a Different way so this new packaging Technology getting deployed here and That allows double the capacity in the Same physical area and well at least Yeah area not volume but area and the Area the package takes up on the board Is unchanged with the height or the Thickness of the package actually ends Up being less there's process changes Here too so Samsung claims that it's a 36 percent reduction in the height or The thickness of the package and it says This is achieved by packaging the dram Silicon with metaverse distribution I'm just kidding it's actually achieved By packaging the dram silicon with Redistribution layers or RDL they call It made of more silicate rather than a PCB so embedding the electrical Connections this way allows for far Finer traces therefore requiring less Physical space the two rdls within the Package are connected via copper posts Within the package making Samsung's Render look like some kind of ancient Tomb this silicon die stacking is Reminiscent of amd's 3D V cash on the 58x3d just this time it's memory stacked On top of memory and Samsung calls this Fan out wafer level packaging and fan Out packaging is something that we Actually talked about with AMD one of Their engineers in our recent interview

On rdna3 if you're curious to learn more About fan out technology so using older Methods of stacking would have resulted In actually a taller package unless they Did some sort of die sanding with Potentially worse thermal and power Characteristics and then you're also Introducing more height which is Problematic for cooler design reasons so Samsung says it's been able to avoid These problems with its new method with This approach then each module can have Pretty high density of 32 gigabits per Package which is four gigabytes of of Capacity it's eight bits and a byte and Uh this kind of byte and bit and that Would potentially get a 16 gigabyte Video card down to for example just four Packages of memory using the new vram While being able to reduce the footprint And thus reduce the size of the PCB if They wanted to anyway and also keep the Same bandwidth in theory so pretty cool Stuff alternatively a card with I don't Know eight four gigabyte packages would Be at 32 gigabytes and that potentially Improves the bandwidth as well so the Configuration there would bring the Total theoretical bandwidth purely by Samsung numbers here up to 1.4 terabytes Per second Samsung points out that That's not far from hbm to E A high Bandwidth memory to e territory which is 1.6 terabytes per second so assuming

That four package hbm layout you'd be Only to 0.2 terabytes per second higher Than the new memory solution at a Similar capacity and hbm has other Problems that delayed its rollout wide To the market so for example interposer Solutions are really expensive for hbms The packaging technology and process is Expensive and that's what kind of pushed HPM out of the market as a consumer Class solution at large you still see it In some places but for the most part Only an older stuff from AMD for example Anyway pretty cool stuff assuming Samsung's claims are true here it's a Big step it'll enable higher at least Capacity video cards to come out Potentially higher performing ones as Well and g6w was standardized by jedac As well so it's a formal thing now in The second quarter of 22. it's expected To end up in laptops Data Center and uh Data center compute accelerators and Desktop video cards sometime in the not Too distant future so that one's Interesting and it's unfortunately about The metaverse stuff but we did like the Story otherwise check back for more We'll be covering additional news Stories throughout the week we have some Cool prototyped uh products we can't Talk about yep that we'll get to see While we're in Taiwan and you'll learn About that soon on the channel thank you

For watching as always subscribe for More we'll see you all next time

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