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1:08 Nintendo DeNA Partnership

3:37 Nintendo Indie World 11.9.22 Roundup

6:41 Prince of Persia Remake Still Alive

8:08 Horizon MMO Leaks Online

11:37 Xbox Entertainment Studios Canceled Projects

14:42 Poll of the Day ( God of War Ragnarok )


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Foreign Ragnarok launch day I know finally right Hope everybody's enjoying that game I'm Gonna play it myself here soon enough as Well as I did pick it up this morning Very very excited about that but Actually we have yet another PlayStation Game to talk about today as one of their Upcoming games did leak out quite early Actually looks like way early in this Case now I was not expecting this one at All but it does look like PlayStation is Going big into the Horizon IP because They're doing some pretty interesting Things with that franchise so we're Gonna jump into that one a little later On today also we're gonna touch up on Some canceled Xbox projects including And I hate to say this Conquer yeah it hurts my soul just even Saying that but we'll go over that today As well as always though before we get Started if you are new to the channel do Consider hitting those buttons below Like subscribe and most importantly Whack that Bell as hard as you possibly Can with that said though you know it Let's just go and jump right into things Starting off with a new Nintendo Partnership with DNA now Nintendo and DNA already have a tight relationship as They've worked together on multiple Mobile games including Mario they've Worked on Animal Crossing and even Fire

Emblem but now the two are doubling down As they just announced they've Established a joint venture company Titled Nintendo systems now the reason That they're doing this is actually Quite interesting as they say this the Objective of establishing a joint Venture with the integrated Hardware Software model at the core of its Business Nintendo also strives to Provide enhanced experience and service Outside of its dedicated gaming system In order to provide this experience in a Holistic manner Nintendo is working to Maintain and expand its relationship With consumers primarily through Nintendo account as a part of this Effort Nintendo entered a business and Capital alliance with DNA in 2015 and Has collaborated to develop and operate The new core system centered around Nintendo accounts since then based on The expertise accumulated over the seven Plus years and the experience of Co-developing multiple Services based on A Nintendo account Nintendo and DNA will Advance their partnership and establish A joint venture company with the Objective to strengthen the Digitalization of Nintendo's business The joint venture company will research And develop as well as create Value-added services to further Reinforce Nintendo's relationship with

Consumers so from how they're describing This new Venture company it seems like This is actually more tied to Nintendo Accounts and not just for mobile games Now I'm sure the two are still working On mobile games as well as they've had a Lot of success there but I look at this And I think that they're looking to find New way used to improve and integrate Their Nintendo accounts for multiple Devices things like mobile phones as an Example and of course they're also Eventually going to have a new Nintendo Console as well I mean at some point and One thing that they're probably looking To do is have your account just Flawlessly move directly into that new Console they could also make some new Mobile apps as I just mentioned that Could really integrate with your account Or hey maybe they can add some new Features if they they really want to Connect with their fans I mean one thing That they could do is I don't know add An achievement system I mean it's only 2022 so maybe we can get that ball Rolling at some point but this is Definitely an interesting pairing and Good improved user experience overall in The long run Now speaking of Nintendo they did have Their Nintendo Indie World Showcase Today and you remember how I said the Other day that these events tend to be

Relatively hit or miss Yeah I'd say that this time it was more Missed than anything else but but they Did still showcase 22 different games With a few that I thought was Legitimately interesting so what I'm Gonna do here is highlight some of the Better games that was at this showcase Or at least in my opinion the first game Being for you roguelike fans out there Have a nice death now this game is Actually already available through Early Access on Steam and it's not just a game That looks visually good I mean it looks Fun it looks humorous and I like the art Style to it but it's also been well Received with an 85 approval rating on Steam that now that's always a good sign Especially for an early access game like This but have a nice death is now Officially heading over to the switch And it will release on March 22nd of 2023. now another game here that I Thought kinda stood out was Oni road to The mightiest Oni this one will be Available on March 9th of 2023 and it Has this really attractive art style to It you actually play as two different Characters simultaneously one with the Right joy-con and then the other with The left and it's supposed to be like This unique action game it definitely Sounds unique and and for that I think That it does look interesting at the

Very least so it might might be worth Keeping an eye on again when it releases On March 9th then you have Rogue Legacy 2 and that is finally finally heading Over to the switch and actually you pick This one up right now yeah you don't Even have to listen to me talk about This one too much because you can go Download this one as we speak and I mean The first Rogue Legacy game was insanely Popular mixing in a roguelike with a Metroidvania and if you did like that First game well you can now play its Sequel on the switch starting today they Did also give us a release date for Coffee shop episode two I know a lot of People really liked coffee shop as a Visual novel and now you'll get more of That in episode two you'll continue to Talk with your many customers Fix Coffee For them things like that learn about Their lives and all that fun jazz but it Will be out sometime in Spring of 2023 Then finally they also confirmed a Release window for sports story now There's been a lot of anticipation for This game it is coming from the same Studio that worked on golf story sidebar Games which fans mean they absolutely Seem to adore that game and sports story It looks like a legitimate step up from Even that this time around instead of Just being golf you also have tennis you Have Cricket volleyball on the list goes

On and on and on I said that there's Definitely some potential with this one And the cool thing here is that they did Announce that it will release this December so there you have it the wait Is over for sports story those were my Main highlights for this showcase though But there was a lot of other games that Was announced here so what I'm gonna do Here is that I'm gonna pin a comment Below with all the games and all their Release dates that was announced Now we also got an update for Prince of Persia sands of time remake I know we've Been hearing about this game for a few Years now but obviously this game has Had some problems in development fans Were not happy with its initial reveal As they didn't like the art style so After various various delays Ubisoft you Know they they eventually delayed it Indefinitely and gave it to a completely Different development team however you Solved here recently has been refunding Customers who pre-ordered the game and Because of all of its development Problems this seems to have sparked some Speculation that maybe they quietly Canceled the game completely thankfully Though that's not actually the case here As Ubisoft quickly gave us an update by Giving Prince of Persia sands of time Remake its very own website where they List information for what they can

Currently share as you can see here it States state of the game Prince of Persia the sands of time remake is not Canceled the game is currently in Development at Ubisoft Montreal they Then continue on to talk about the Release date where they say at the Moment a new release date has not been Set we will provide new information on That front when we are ready then as for The pre-order cancellations this is what Kind of brought onto speculation in the First place it says since the game Currently does not have a release date Existing pre-orders have been canceled And refunded where applicable so there You have it yes they are canceling those Pre-orders but if you are looking Forward to this game the good news here Is that it is not debt Next up though let's go and talk about This leak for PlayStation and the Further we've gotten into this Generation the more evident that it's Become that Sony is really committing to Live service games they are putting a Lot of resources into these type of Games I mean they acquired Bungie to Help out with this initiative they have Factions from Naughty Dog in development They've partnered up with both Haven Studio and deviation games to work on Exclusive live service games and you I Mean you can just clearly see that

They're pushing hard into these type of Games well about that yet another live Service game from them appears to have Leaked out online and this one is quite Interesting so this is coming from the Korean Allen MTM which claims that Sony And a South Korean based Studio NC soft Which is known for the Guild Wars series Have entered into an early agreement to Create a horizon MMO now this is not Something at all that I was expecting But when you actually start to look Around it does make sense there was Actually a job listing from Gorilla Games posted last year that was looking For a senior game writer with extensive Knowledge of stories and narrative Design in open world RPG games online Games and the key word here being online MMORPGs some of their listings also Mention MMO related terms so this link Kind of lines up with those job listings From last year then you also again have To consider Sony's Newfound interest in Live service games and as we've seen in Games like Final Fantasy 14 which has Had a lot of success on Playstation it Makes a ton of money so I I think that It is realistic to think that Sony might Want their very own MMO where they get All the money for themselves I mean That's one of the reasons that they are Doing all these different live service Games I mean sure they can make a ton of

Money off of fortnite but if they had Their own successful live service game Well they don't have to share that money With epic games so that seems to be the Case here with an MMO as well and Horizon could actually be a good IP to Really capitalize on that and we seen Other franchises out there kind of do That Bethesda they've done it with the Elder Scrolls series as an example but I Think with Horizon I mean this is a Series that has one of the more Interesting settings and worlds in games Right now just in general so you could Easily translate a world like that into An MMO now for me personally though I'm Not really big into MMOs myself that They do require a real-time commitment But but like I just said when these Games are successful They do tend to be quite massive and and That's what Sony's kind of banking on Here if they have their own successful MMO that can last for years and years That's also years and years of income For them it's also interesting that They're bringing in a previously Established MMO Studio being NC soft so We'll I mean we'll see how all that Works out for them it still sounds like This is years away but let me know what You all think about this would you be Interested in a game like this or not Also are you happy to see Sony do

Different things with the Horizon IP of Course they just released its sequel Earlier this year I thought that was a Great game you also have called the Mountain that's coming over to psvr2 Next year there's rumors of a remake for The first game I'm not really sure about That one but they also have a new film Adaptation coming and now on top of that Reportedly an MMO is in development yeah A lot of things seem to be happening With this IP and I mean Sony seems like They're going all in on the horizon Franchise so let me know what you all Think about all that in the comments Comments below Now there's also a rumor going around of A list of projects that was canceled due To the shuttering of Xbox entertainment Studios back in 2014. now Xbox Entertainment Studios was a movie and Film related Studio that was meant to Make interactive television content for Xbox using their IP I actually do like The idea in theory especially in the Year of 2022 where we're seeing a lot of Game to film adaptations but back then They received a lot of criticism for This specific Studio as Xbox seemed a Just a little too focused on TV TV TV as Was made popular during their Infamous E3 Xbox One showcase so I mean the Studio didn't exactly help their image And was eventually shut down in 2014 but

Now here we are today and supposedly a List of their canceled projects has Found their way online now now I do want To point out that this list is just a Rumor nothing about this is confirmed or At least that I know of at this moment And it was posted up on 4chan so do take This with a huge huge grain of salt now With that said though this list of games Has been Making Waves across social Media so I thought we'd at least touch Up on it here and and also I mean it can Just break your heart as it did mine as Well that's because among its canceled Projects it includes Conker's Big Break Yeah so supposedly this was supposed to Be like this an adult cartoon series set After the events of live and reloaded Now I don't know about you but to me That sounds absolutely fantastic like Honestly conquer is legitimately one of My favorite games of all time and it is Just so saddening to me that so little Has happened with this series since its Original release now to be fair Xbox did Do Conker's big reunion last generation Which was tied into Project Spark and I Quite enjoyed it but I I really want a Full-on conquer game now I I do Understand how the world works today it Probably would be tough to make a game Like this but I I really do I just love Conquer so very much I've personally Actually always really liked the idea of

Concord going to different Xbox based Worlds and and just having an adventure Like that so in one world it could be Based on Halo and then in the next it Could be based on Gears of War then you Have Doom I mean I mean Xbox has so many IP by this point so I think that that Could be a really fun experience conquer Is a parody based game after all and I Think that that could Very humorous and a lot of fun but hey My dreams they they slowly die and that That's the case here as well with Apparently yet another canceled project Even if it's just a show this time now As for these other cancel projects a one Versus 100 sitcom was on this list there Was also a show planned for a Halo Esports team and they were even looking To reboot Crow using Unreal Engine 4. Now there was also some others on this List as well but nothing really too much Of note I'll still leave a link in the Description below if you do want to Check it out for yourself though I am Curious however would you have been Interested in a Conker show let me know In the comments below Let's go take a look at the poll of the Day though where I asked you all God of War Ragnarok is finally out are you Going to pick it up this week and as you Can see here 23 of you said yes you Absolutely are 48 said no while 21 said

You are waiting for a sell so that is a Potential of 44 looking to get God of War Ragnarok at some point at the very Least that's actually one of the better Results that I've seen in these polls so Far and I know for myself I am Absolutely pumped to play this game I Did pick it up earlier today myself and Just knowing how good that 2018 game was I am absolutely expecting great things With Ragnarok looking through some of The comments though I did notice some of You mentioned being excited about some Other games for November as well in Store as an example mentioned too busy With Sonic and next week with Pokemon I Also saw other comments mentioned games Like tactic silver and evil West and That is a thing November is a very busy Month so sometimes it really is just Best to hold off when to purchase Because I mean cells they they happen All the time hopefully though for Everybody that does pick up Ragnarok This week I hope you all enjoyed Hopefully that wait will have been very Very well worth it Anyways though that's it for this Episode but if you like the video don't Forget to about notification And Subscribe button for more content just Like this also if you'd like to support The channel to patreon thank you for Making this content possible peace out

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