How AMD is Fighting NVIDIA with RDNA3 – Chiplet Engineering Explained

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We’re talking with one of AMD’s leading engineers (Sam Naffziger) about RDNA3 GPU design and challenges with going to chiplets for a GPU. We only had about 15 minutes to cover the highlights, so we focused mostly on the differences between chiplets on Zen CPUs and RDNA3 GPUs. This gives a unique insight into the architecture of AMD’s next attempt at another “Zen moment,” this time with its graphics division.

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00:00 – Learning About AMD RDNA3 GPUs
01:48 – AMD Zen to AMD RDNA
06:45 – Chiplets Changed AMD
10:54 – GPU vs. CPU Design Requirements
12:04 – Microscope Shot of RDNA3
13:05 – Fanout Routing
14:15 – Maximizing the Die Area

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Host: Steve Burke
Camera, Video Editing: Andrew Coleman
Guest: Sam Naffziger

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