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It’s all fun & games until someone gets killed by a dragon. House of the Dragon episode 10 delivers on that Game of Thrones promise of brutally killing off its more innocent characters. This time? It’s young Lucerys Verlaryon who is found lacking when Aemond Targaryen makes a critical goof and Vhagar goes off book and decided to run that fade. So why is this such a big deal? Join IGN host Kim Horcher for the full House of the Dragon breakdown, including how all of this will lead to all-out war. 

After the House of the Dragon finale, nothing will ever be the same again. We’ve got your foul finale House of the Dragon breakdown here  with all the connections and Game of Thrones connections you need for the season1 capper of House of the Dragon. Trailer footage didn’t convey the finale’s biggest moment, nor the incredible House of the Dragon ending. Explained simply, Rhaenyra is going to come back hard in season 2 of the HBO show. HotD fans will have to wait for the official Targaryen revenge reveal in the erstwhile Game of Thrones prequel that brings new meaning to “A Song of Ice and Fire,” but we’ve got educated thoughts on what’s happening next. While Aegon II sits the Iron Throne at this juncture of House of the Dragon (HBO Max) he’s not the choice for many members of the house of the dragon. HBO has a certified hit, and it’s sure to grab audience eyes for season 2.

For now, we’ve got everything you could need from House of the Dragon easter eggs to the exceptionalism of house Targaryen explained, to what happened in the ending, explained in context. In the season 1 finale of House of the Dragon, dragon scenes are definitely scaled up from what we’re used to and there’s more dragon/easter eggs to think about for the future!   We’ve got everything you need to know about Lucerys’ death, whether or not Vhagar kills Luke Velaryon, the significance of Blood and Cheese, and the upcoming Dance of the Dragons, including the future plans for the huge dragon, Vermithor!

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