High on Life Exclusive Animated Short: New Town – IGN First

I built a huge town this town is giant We got buildings we got Banks we got More Banks problem is we ain't got People I build a town with no one in it And now we're offering everybody a Complimentary 10 pesos to come and stand Around the town to make it look like There's people here I don't know why I Built this town I just wanted to do it And now we got to empty town with no Goddamn people so come on down to my big Old big town and stand around and make It look like there's people here because My dad is disappointed my dad is so Disappointed in me he saw me build this Town and he said that town is never Gonna have people in it and he was right There's no people in this town please Come here and stand around my town so When I wheel my dad in his wheelchair he Would say oh wow wait there actually are People in this town you didn't waste Your life please come to my town

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