Here’s How Werewolf by Night Fits Into the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe goes old school horror with Werewolf by Night. A black-and-white take on classic 1930s horror films, Werewolf By Night starts Gael Garcia Bernal as the werewolf in question but how does he fit into the larger MCU? Join IGN host Kim Horcher as she breaks down the Phase 4 project.

Werewolf By Night is the intriguing new halloween Marvel special that introduces 3 characters including the eponymous Werewolf by Night. Trailer footage teased in summer showed we’re getting something quite different in Werewolf by Night. MCU conventions contrast the black and white images seen in the Werewolf by Night Trailer. Breakdown the actual special with us as we figure out where in Marvel and the MCU fits Werewolf by Night! Explained simply, he is more than a conventional werewolf, Werewolf By Night (Marvel) has a long comics history. Did the Werewolf By Night D23 footage make you curious? Why didn’t they show the werewolf that well at D23? The Disney Plus and Marvel Studios production of the classic Marvel Comics hero (that introduced Moon Knight by the way), takes a unique leap glimpsed in the Werewolf By Night traielr. And there’s more than one Werewolf by Night easter egg hidden in the special! Why is Werewolf By Night (Disney+) a one-off and not a series? It could be Werewolf by Night (Disney Plus) is a test of sorts, to see if people like the character and want to know who is Werewolf By Night. Werewolf By Night comics explained who Jack Russell is and his journey, but the special could be a big divergence from the Werewolf By Night Comics. To find out more, we’re exploring the Werewolf By Night Origin. There are many crossovers with Werewolf By Night- Blade for one! What’ll happen with Werewolf By Night (Kevin Smith would probably like to know too!) We’re exploring where he’s been and where he’ll go on IGN today with host Kim Horcher.

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