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What would happen if Henry Cavill were To meet DC Studios new Big Boss James Gunn well it seems the Man of Steel Can't wait I'm Stella and this is your Quick fix of entertainment news [Music] Promoting this week's release of Enola Homes 2 on Netflix Henry Cavill spoke to Us here at ITN and admitted to not Having met James Gunn just yet but he's Excited to collaborate with the suicide Squad Titan on future projects here's What he had to say about gun I'm looking very forward to meeting him And he's clearly a very very talented Man and I cannot wait to sit down and Have long long conversations with him Um I'm I'm very excited about about him Being there and very excited about any Future opportunities we can work Together Speaking to us further on his role as Superman and the dceu caval remarks on How much joy it brings him but not just To him to the countless fans of the Character and he knows it's not just due To the strength of his character but Also his heart As it is a gift to be to be giving is is A gift because it makes people feel a Certain way and it also makes them want To be giving in return to other people And it's that there's just something so Magnificent about that and of course

Then That's a very broad stroke piece but Once you get into the nitty-gritty Details of that and once you start Applying that storytelling and to all The wonderful exciting villains that he May come across Then you have a world Adventure and and A world where an audience leaves the Cinema and feeling fantastic As for when we'll see kevl on the big Screen and another man of steel-led Movie is yet to be seen but maybe some Good news will come out of his meeting With James Gunn as of right now nothing But rumors have been circulating the Internet with reports on Warner Brothers Discovery possibly cooking up a Man of Steel 2 film with Castle stepping down As geralt of rubia in Netflix's Witcher Series his schedule seems to be open at The moment here's hoping we'll get some Man of Steel news in the coming weeks Two months I'm Stella Chung and for more Entertainment news as it breaks keep Watching IGN

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