God of War Ragnarok: 10 Things The GAME DOESN’T TELL YOU

God of War Ragnarok (PS5, PS4) is upon us. Here are some tips for playing.
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God of War Ragnarok is one of the Biggest games of the year and has a Sequel to a reboot you'd think you'd Know everything about it but going in You actually don't hi folks it's Falcon And today on game ranks 10 things God of War Ragnarok doesn't tell you starting Off at number 10 how to access Misspellhein in the first game you Eventually gain access to a series of Difficult Arena challenges in the realm Of fire misspell hang these challenges Return in God of War Ragnarok and Completing them actually earns you some Pretty good rewards to reach this realm Though you have to collect two Misspellheim seeds you get one early in The game in the realm of the dwarves Found in a chest near medvetter's rig Which is part of the first real favor of The game so that first seat's not too Hard to find the game makes you wait for A really long time before you can find The second seat though so the second Seed is also found in the realm of the Dwarves but the game well it's almost Over before you can finally get it if You want to know where it is exactly the Second seats found in all bricks Hollow Which you can reach from the Dragon Beach after getting durland's hammer for The spirit of rebellion favor you just Go in the cave to the left the big Dwarven statue and you'll soon find the

Legendary chest containing the second Seed required to reach misspellheim you Won't be able to get up to the area Until after starting the spirit of Rebellion favor which gets added Automatically at a certain point in the Story so don't worry about trying to do It before then it's a totally optional Area so unless you're absolutely doing Every favor you come across it is easy To miss if you're itching to find Misspellheim after getting the first Seat at the start of the game here it is So don't worry about searching every Single chest you find it's gonna be a Long time before you get that second Seed At number nine Berserker Souls of this Game's version of the Valkyries probably One of the most satisfying parts of God Of War from 2018 was taking down the Optional Valkyrie bosses uh these fights Were very tough much tougher than Anything in the main story and if you're Wondering if these fights return for Ragnarok well yes they do instead of Eight Valkyries in various locations There's 12 Berserker Souls which are Found by interacting with gravestones Dotted around the world you'll start Seeing them relatively early but you Can't open them up to fight the boss Without first getting the hilt of Scoffner you do get it as part of the

Main story but fights against the Berserkers are completely optional and While you can fight these guys right Away probably best to wait a little While because you're gonna need to build Up your strength they're gonna mess you Up otherwise unlike the Valkyries who All had a few different attacks but were Otherwise mostly the same the Berserkers Can be wildly different in both Appearance and fighting style so you Never really know exactly what you're Dealing with perfecting your Parry Pretty much the most essential thing to Beating them because it only takes a few Good hits to kill Kratos and these guys Are really aggressive thankfully the Combat feels a lot more responsive in Ragnarok compared to God of War 2018 so While in many ways these fights are Tougher than the valkyrie battles you Won't struggle with the controls as much So it evens out a little bit but if You're looking for the ultimate Challenge in the game seek these guys Out And number eight hell's touch is an Amazing runic attack runic attacks Generally pretty good anyways but many Of them lose their effectiveness when Taking on the tougher opponents you'll Find later in the game some of the best Runic abilities are the least flashy Ones that was true in the first god of

War and it's true in Ragnarok if you're Thorough you're going to be swimming in Light runic attacks my personal favorite Uh for the Leviathan acts is probably One of the most basic it's called hell's Touch and while it doesn't look like Much it's really fast recharges Relatively quickly and has some of the Highest stun potential of any light Runic attack its ability to stun is Actually what makes it so good you can Interrupt almost any attack once this Ability is fully upgraded and it becomes Essential against some of the toughest Enemies you're gonna be facing whether You need an opening to get a combo or Some space to heal yourself hell's touch Is a major Lifesaver to get it you'll Need to find a legendary chest in the Burrows where the area of the song of Sans favor is found which is in the Forbidden Sands area of Alpine it's not The main reward for completing this area Instead it's down a side path found After clearing out some Hive material on The wall it's an ability that's easy to Miss but it's very worth hunting down Because it can make certain enemy Encounters just way way easier At number seven uh the queeress of Raven's tears one issue a lot of people Are gonna run into in God of War Ragnarok is at a certain point enemies Just start doing a lot of damage unless

You dedicate all your equipment to Improving defense and vitality tougher Enemies are gonna start taking out Gigantic chunks of your life with pretty Much every hit what you need in Situations like this is a good source of Healing and probably one of the best Pieces of equipment for that is the Raven tier chest piece what makes it so Good is its chance ability which every Time you hit an enemy there's a low Chance that you're gonna activate a Healing Miss which slowly regenerates Your health now the effect doesn't seem That powerful at first but with a decent Luck stat you're going to be triggering The healing Mist pretty constantly and With any enhancements or equipment that Increases the healing effect it becomes Even better the only way to get this Armor is from killing Ravens which Aren't usually too hard to find because The glowing green effect that makes them Stand out from the environment up to get The queerus you need to kill 18 of the 48 little Ravens which isn't too bad and Can be done relatively early into the Game as long as you're thorough the Ravens might seem like another pointless Collectible to you at first but the Rewards you get for killing them are Pretty good and it's in your best Interest to take these things out Whenever you see them even if only to

Get this fantastic piece of armor At number six how to reach the best but Easiest to miss optional area uh Ragnarok's got a ton of optional Locations and a lot of them are pretty Easy to bypass if you're just following The main story there's one very large And very easy to miss location near the End of the game the Aryan question Specifically is called the crater it's Found in Anaheim and the only way to Even reach this place is to complete a Short side quest you might not even Notice it's called scent of survival Which Begins by leaving the camp in Anaheim from the Western exit after a Certain major story event no spoilers Here but it's specific there you'll find The dog which triggers the favor it Seems minor but this favors required to Access its entirely new area which is Easily the most elaborate in the entire Game and in my opinion the best it's Unique for a lot of reasons but to Explain it I'd ruin the surprise just Remember that if you start the scent of Survival favor finish it And number five look for ormer what is Ormer it's basically the game's version Of Crystal lizards from Dark Souls They're glowing little creatures that Drop a ton of useful crafting materials But only if you manage to catch them They're also easy to miss because you

Might not even realize that they're a Thing the game never really draws your Attention to them they just look like Any of the other dozens of random Creatures found as part of the scenery And they're not considered a collectible Either you can go through the entire Game actually fairly easy without Noticing these things but they're worth Hunting down when you see them they are Identifiable by their glow and the Annoying chipmunk sounds they make but If you try to approach them or attack Them up front they will pretty much Always get away the trick with these Guys is to attack them from behind which Is easier said than done most of the Time you'll have to solve a small puzzle To get to the proper angle on these Things but it's usually nothing to Strenuous honestly the hardest part About these guys is just recognizing That they're a creature that you can Kill in the first place uh many Environments are dotted with random Things you can break or kill to get Resources that are pretty easy to miss But the ormier trickiest to get that Said gives you some of the best rewards As well And number four use the Spartan rage Ability wrath to get out of a stun Really quickly you can get a few Spartan Rage abilities in Ragnarok that you can

Swap between freely as you progress Through the game they all have their Uses but my favorite is the Wrath Ability and for one simple reason it'll Break out of a stun now technically all Three Spartan rage moves break stun but The only one that's actually useful Specifically for that purpose is wrath Fury takes too long to recharge and Valor leaves you vulnerable too long After triggering it with wrath you Immediately break out of getting stunned In a counter-attack the reason why That's so good is simple for certain Encounters it's one of the only ways to Avoid taking damage it's a get out of Jail free card when you mess up a yellow Block or get hit with a lightning attack That leaves you weakened instead of Magic Buttons to try to escape and still Taking a huge amount of damage anyway Just activate wrath and instantly get Out of the stun as well as do a little Damage to the enemy as well for certain Bosses it only takes one opening to tear You down to nothing in terms of health Even even on normal so having some way To get back control instantly is Extremely useful At number three luck is actually a an Amazing stat in Ragnarok most games lock Is kind of a junk stat that doesn't do a Lot of good but in Ragnarok it's Secretly the best stat well maybe not

The best but really really good like up There good what makes it so powerful is That it earns additional rewards like You'd expect but it also makes it so Chance abilities trigger more often Almost every perk attached to a weapon Or a piece of armor has a chance ability So depending on what perks you have Equipped having them trigger more often Is a huge deal I already mentioned the Queerest of ravens tears which has a Chance to heal when you hit enemies but That's not the only thing that benefits From higher luck another fantastic perk Is found on the get tuner set which has A chance to drop hell stones and rage Stones after runic attacks and just that Little bit of extra Health can save your Life and if you've got a high enough Luck stat on the battlefield you're just Going to be swimming in healthstones and That's not gonna really be a concern so While luck might not sound like a good Stat especially when you consider luck In so many other games it's actually one Of the best as long as you've got some Good perks to use with it and number two There is a relic that can slow down time And it is fantastic along with runic Attacks Kratos has some Relic abilities You can use the first one you can get Increases your melee damage for a short Period of time and while that's very Good my favorite Relic is definitely the

Hilt of hofen you get it as part of the Main story too I'm not going to spoil Where but it's fairly late in the game And at this point you might be pretty Set with your equipment but don't sleep On this Relic it's super useful the best Use is against some of the optional end Game fights these guys get extremely Aggressive near the end of their battles And your best option is to just wait for An opportunity trigger this Relic and Finish them off of course it's a useful Relic anytime but there's nothing more Annoying than nearly killing a boss for It to just go crazy on you at the last Second and give you no opening for an Attack for most of these guys my death Comes at the very end of the fight and Not always I mean always sucks you feel Like you put in all this effort and then You sort of poop out at the end it sucks This Relic uh will absolutely help you Avoid that frustration And finally at number one use high Contrast mode uh to find hard to get Collectibles there's a lot of Collectibles in this game and some of Them stand out more than others like the Ravens nornier and the legendary chess But there's a lot of other stuff lying Around that can be super easy to miss if You want to collect everything but can't Seem to find that last remaining lore Scroll get into the accessibility

Options and scroll down to high contrast Mode there you can make it so that Certain objects in the game appear as High contrast color which makes them Stand out more if you're looking for Collectibles the options you'll want to Change are Target color and interact Color change those to something like red And change the background color to Something they'll contrast against like White so the entire world is going to Appear white while anything you can Interact with is going to be red which Is going to make it very easy to find Any loose Collectibles it almost feels Like cheating but when the environments Are just packed with details sometimes It's easy to miss things and these high Contrast modes are fantastic for anyone Looking to collect every little last Collectible there is to find in the game Also those things actually do have a Purpose high contrast mode helps people With you know actual vision problems and It's not like they put it there thinking You're not going to use it for stuff Like this too and that's all for today Leave us a comment let us know what you Think if you like this video click like If you're not subscribed as a great time To do so we upload brand new videos Every day of the week best way to see Them first is a course of subscription So click subscribe don't forget to

Enable notifications and as always we Thank you very much for watching this Video I'm Falcon you can follow me on Twitter at Falcon the hero we'll see you Next time right here on gameranks

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