EVGA RTX 4090 FTW3 Tear-Down & Disassembly: A Major Loss

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We’re tearing down the last video card EVGA ever made – the RTX 4090 FTW3 by EVGA on NVIDIA’s Ada GPU architecture. The company last told us that it had no plans to ever make another video card — that could change, we’ll see — and if it maintains that commitment, this would be its last video card. The RTX 4090 FTW3 is fully functioning and we’ve already completed most of our benchmarks on it for our full, in-depth review of thermals, acoustics, and more.

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00:00 – EVGa’s Last GPU
01:25 – FTW3 External Overview
03:41 – 12-pin Side Mount, VBIOS Switch & Useful LEDs
07:19 – Card Size – Surprisingly ‘Short’
08:55 – Disassembly of the EVGA RTX 4090 FTW3
11:16 – Backplate Comes Off & Good LED Routing
14:15 – Removing the Cooler
16:11 – The PCB
18:26 – Cooler Design, Vapor Chamber, Fins, & Heatpipes
24:08 – WHAT?! NO!? & Conclusion

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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