EVGA Aftermath: NVIDIA Responds, Future Plans, & Insane Conspiracies

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We’re talking about the aftermath of EVGA’s decision to depart NVIDIA’s partnership, leaving the company without video cards in its product line. This video includes NVIDIA’s response (from CEO Jensen Huang), EVGA’s open commentary to the community, and discussion on whether anything has changed this past week.

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00:00 – Aftermath of EVGA Leaving NVIDIA
01:26 – EVGA Sold 10-Year Warranties Until Recently
03:51 – ”I’m Not Dead Yet”
05:48 – Exclusivity & Revisiting the Idea of AMD & Intel
07:44 – NVIDIA Comments on EVGA; EVGA on Community
11:26 – On Insane Conspiracy Theories
14:59 – Napkin Math on Margins & Profit
20:19 – How NVIDIA Blocked Progress

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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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