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1:17 Dead Island 2 Delay

2:49 Splinter Cell Remake Update

4:35 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Performance Problems

8:01 Perfect Dark Development Going Extremely Well

11:00 Xbox Keystone Delay

14:45 Poll of the Day ( Pokemon Scarlet and Violet )

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Foreign Ly we do have a few delays to talk about Today because you know it's it's 2022 And that that's what you do in 2022 you Delay things however this is a little Bit different this time as Xbox is Putting a hold on some upcoming Hardware Until they can meet their own internal Targets so we're gonna dive into that a Little later on in the video and whether Or not it's the right decision to make Also Nintendo is getting a massive game Tomorrow this is actually one of the Biggest releases for the entire year Being Pokemon scarlet and violet and as A big fan myself I mean I'm super super Pumped for this release but with that Said unfortunately controversy has once Again hit the franchise and maybe the Nintendo switch as a whole this time Around now I know Pokemon is no stranger To this type of thing but we're gonna go Over that one as well as always though Before we get started if you're new to The channel and if you do like this type Of content do make sure to hit those Buttons below I am here every single Week Monday through Friday so do make Sure to like subscribe and do ring that Bell it is very much appreciated and I'll try to keep you up to date with all Of the latest gaming news Let's just go and jump right into things Though starting off with uh

Yeah another delay I did say we had a Few to go over today but but this one Was kind of I don't want to say it's Amusing because it's not but I guess It's just crazy considering this game's History and of course I'm talking about None other than Dead Island 2. yeah That's either surprising or unsurprising I don't really know by this point but It's been delayed once again now the Good news here is that it's not that Long this time it's only a 12 week delay It was originally slated to release on February 23rd of 2023 but has now been Pushed back to April 28th so again the Good news here is that it's not that Long of delay this time and they are Planning a Dead Island 2 presentation For December 6. so you're gonna see a Lot more of this game relatively soon But but looking back at the timeline for Dead Island 2 I mean it's actually crazy I mean this game was revealed back in 2014 at E3 with a spring 2015 launch Date now it's fairly obvious they didn't Reach that goal not even close actually And then it just vanished off the face Of the Earth for 8 eight long years Until they revealed it at Gamescom this Year with its February release date well I I guess they they jumped the gun a Little bit there because now here we are Just a few short months later And yeah they delayed it again

It's it's timeline is strange to say the Least but you know for those that have Been looking forward to this game I Really do hope the wait is worth it for Those fans again though go and mark your Calendars for it's now April 28th Release date Now Ubisoft also gave us I'd say a Comforting Splinter Cell update it is The franchise's 20th anniversary happy Birthday Splinter Cell by the way but They did drop a 20 minute long video Today where some of the developers Talked about the series and its upcoming Remake now now there's no gameplay or Anything like that but I do recommend Checking that video out if if you're a Splinter Cell fan I will leave a link in The description below however they did Include some new concept art which is Looking pretty good and everything but It's what they said I think was a little Bit more interesting here they did State This it's not simply a remaster it's Being built from the ground up we get to Do all the content from scratch fresh And ready to go yeah they did say their Goal is to make a top tier remake and I Say that that's comforting considering The state of the Prince of Persia sands Of time remake that's another Ubisoft Remake that's not looking all that great And it appeared to be a lower budget Remake so we don't want another

Situation like that I mean spiritual Fans have been waiting for a very very Long time to get a new entry while this Isn't a completely new installment it is A remake of one of the all-time greats So we want this remake to be treated Properly now so far it does sound like That's exactly what's happening here it Doesn't sound like it's another Prince Of purses situation or anything like That as I said they are looking to make A top tier remake and it's being built From the ground up using ubisoft's Snowdrop engine which is actually the Same engine that the division uses now That's an excellent looking game Visually and I imagine it will really Shine in a more linear setting like Splinter Cell now they have also said in The past that they're rewriting the Story a little bit to appeal to a newer Generation of players and that has drawn A lot of concern but yeah we'll kind of See about how all that works out but the Fact that they are taking this remake Serious bodes well for fans that's been Waiting for such such a very long time Let's go and get into this Pokemon Situation though because scarlet and Violet have now been hit by controversy Yeah another Pokemon controversy you Would have guessed but this time in a Way it's it's been directed towards the Nintendo switch itself so what's

Happening here is that reviews are now Rolling out and Scarlet and violet Currently sits at a 77 overall score on Metacritic which I believe is actually The lowest a Mainline Pokemon entry has Ever received now that now that's Definitely not what you want to hear but There's two different things happening Here the good part here is that critics Really seem to be enjoying the game Itself I'm hearing that it's a lot of Fun the change that they made mostly Paid off and in terms of its gameplay And its ruled it's among the better Mainline Pokemon entries to ever exist So what's the problem here well that Really comes down to some pretty major Technical issues it looks like there are More open world design introduced a lot Of different bugs and Technical problems Its frame rate can drop in more Intensive scenes there's a lot of pop in You know even when you're close to Objects there's also camera clipping Among several other glitches of bugs That tends to pop up yeah it's got some Very real problems to say the least with Almost every review talking about these Issues honestly I'm actually kind of Impressed that it managed to score 77 on Metacritic considering all the problems That it has that that's kind of where The fun gameplay in the world comes in Has saved it a little bit here because

I've also consistently heard it is very Very fun it really is just the Performance that's holding it back now I Have heard that it runs better in Handheld mode so you might want to try That out and I mean if you are a Handheld only player like myself that Definitely definitely seems to be the Direction to take here but I mean this Is still such a shame I mean I'm a big Pokemon fan myself so I hate hearing Something like this but even outside of That for a series as massive as this as Important as this you wanted to release In a more polished State and Unfortunately that's just not what Happened here I this is actually Unacceptable for series of this size now There is different opinions on this Though is it because the switch isn't Powerful enough and is that the problem Here or is it instead because of Game Freak I've seen people really point the Finger at both sides but I'd say it's Probably closer to the Middle with the Majority falling on Game Freak because I Mean we're talking about Game Freak here Now I'm not completely gonna Blame Game Freaks just because I I think the Pokemon company doesn't really give them Enough time to fully develop these games To a higher standard so I think that They are a little time constrained but We've seen pretty much time and time

Again that they are not technical Wizards and in fact I'd say that there's Games on the switch that both looks Better visually and then also performs Better so yeah I'd say this most mostly As a game freak issue but we also can't Really ignore that the switch has been Showing its age as recent even when it Comes to Bayonetta 3 another first party Game that's released here recently it Also had performance issues so this is Kind of another one of those signs that A more powerful console might be needed You know I I don't know if game freak Will suddenly become technical Wizards Or anything like that but if they have a More powerful console to work with some Of these technical problems might just Kind of go away so yeah go ahead and Bring one a switch Pro or a switch Successor let's let's get that let's get That ball rolling for the short term Though my hope is that we'll get a patch Soon enough to fix some of these issues In scarlet and violet considering how Big this series is I imagined they'll Push out some performance updates but I Guess we'll see even with all this Though I mean I'm still super excited to Play this game and you know like I said Before the good news here is that Critics are saying that it's very good Gameplay wise Now another game that's coming back that

I'm personally incredibly excited about Is perfect dark I mean it's been a long Time coming finally Microsoft is doing Something with this IP again but there Admittedly have been some questions with How its development is going as Microsoft announced that the initiative Their newly formed studio and Crystal Dynamics are going to co-develop this Game together now as soon as I heard That I was like yeah that sounds awesome Because I I mean Crystal Dynamics They're insanely talented and they Already have experience rebooting a Beloved series such as Tomb Raider so The way I look at it is that this only Increases the chances of this game Actually being good I mean you want more Talent right but anyways Crystal Dynamics did talk a little bit about This situation today on an earnings call Where they said this we're working on The iconic Perfect Dark game and the Project is going extremely well what's Been so promising internally is seeing How our team took on this opportunity a New way of working if we think about the Future of how we work collaboration Across Studios across time zones across Geographies across different companies Will all become more common so it's Great to see the team at the initiative And our team across Crystal Studios Working so well together now the reason

That this statement stood out to me Outside of the obvious positive sign That they say it's going extremely well I mean that's good news but also it's That they say collaboration and game Development will become more common Within the game industry now now this Actually Echoes what Xbox's Matt booty Said just about a month or so ago almost Exactly actually he pointed out that a Lot of their games are in fact Collaborations such as flight simulator You have Age of Empires Minecraft Dungeons gears tactics and list kind of Goes on and on from there I mean that There though that's kind of the thing About this entire situation I think People just jumped on a bandwagon to Criticize co-development acting like It's strange but you really don't have To look very far to see that it's a lot More common than you might think Practically every modern AAA Studio Brings in external support Studios now That's a little bit different than code Development but then there are some Pretty major games out there where some Very prominent Studios work together to Make it happen look no further than Nintendo two of their most successful Games for the switch yes Super Smash Brothers ultimate and Mario Kart 8 that Is the most successful switch game and Nintendo and Bandai Namco they work

Together on those games there's also Games like bloodborne where Sony Japan And from software worked on that one Together or something like death Stranding Gorilla Games and Kojima Studios worked on that one together so Yeah you really don't have to look all That far it's not an outlandish thing For multiple Studios to work on a big Project together a little side rant here But I actually get really tired of the Concern trolling that happens within the Game Community where people very Obviously just try to create a narrative For negative press because you know it's On another platform that that's at the End of the day that's really what all This kind of boils down to if you want To be completely honest about this Things it's ridiculous I mean it happens For all platforms not just on Xbox it Happens on Playstation happens with Nintendo whatever if a game is on Another platform people try to create These narratives and it's honestly just Ridiculous I could go on for days Talking about all the stupid talking Points that you see out there but this One has made a little bit more noise Online but there you go it does seem Like perfect dark's development is going Swimmingly Now we do also have an indefinite delay To talk about coming from Xbox this time

For their streaming console codenamed Xbox Keystone now this device is no big Secret or anything like that Microsoft Has openly talked about a streaming Stick a streaming puck or a box that can Stream your Xbox games to your TV at an Affordable price in fact we've even seen This device on Phil Spencer shelf now Now a device like this though does Actually have a lot of potential if if Done right but that there has always Kind of been the big question game Streaming is still not perfect now I I've used game streaming on things like My steam deck and it actually does work Pretty well Xbox game streaming has Consistently improved but there still Needs to be some improvement there still And with a newer technology like this There is a question on how well the Mainstream audience will receive it now That's really going to come down to Three primary things one is the games And in Xbox they already have that part Covered Xbox has a massive library of Cloud ready games thanks to the likes of Something like Xbox game pass now the Other two though that still kind of Remains to be seen how well is a device Like this actually going to run and then Also the biggest Factor here it's price We've talked about this a few different Times on the channel but if they can get The price right a device like this could

Be very enticing I mean if they can get It to 100 to 150 that immediately puts It in line with some of the more premium Streaming devices like Apple TV but in Addition to being able to have all your Movie platforms like Netflix HBO and Things like that it will also be able to Play big tripway games without the need Of spending 300 plus dollars for a Console that is an absolutely fantastic Deal on paper well according to Phil Spencer Xbox Keystone does actually run Very well as he notes some of the team Brought it home and it worked really Really well unfortunately though price Is kind of the big issue here Phil Spencer did say that they're aiming to Sell it at 130 dollars with a controller And so far they've not been able to meet That goal hence it's currently been Shelved so I mean there you have it but I guess one way you can kind of look at This is that we do now actually know the Price that they're aiming for but don't Expect to see it on store shelves Anytime soon I will say this much I do Think it's the right decision for them To delay this device because that price Really is absolutely Paramount here if They don't get the price right this Thing's just is not going to do well so They have to get that price right so I Do agree with the delay here now it Doesn't sound like it's canceled though

He did also say that they are still Focused on it and are watching for when They can get their price right but it's Just not going to happen anytime soon Let me know what you all think about all This though do you like the sounds of a 130 game streaming Xbox that you can Plug into your TV or do you think the Price is still too high for what it is Let me know in the comments below Let's go and take a look at the poll of The day though we're asked you Pokemon Scarlet and violet releases tomorrow on November 18th do you plan on picking it Up and if so which one as you can see Here 12 percent of you said yes Pokemon Scarlet 14 of you are going with Pokemon Violet eight percent are going with both 17 said no but plan on getting it later And then 48 said no not interested so That's actually a total of 52 of you That either plan on getting it tomorrow Or eventually are planning to get one or The other that is a significant amount Of you and kind of goes to show you the Power of the Pokemon series 52 that Might actually be one of the best Results that I've seen for any game that I put up on this channel so far it does Look like the majority of you are going To go with Violet though I myself I'm Gonna go with Scarlet I guess I'm just Not on the cool side of things here but Uh my friend he's actually gonna pick up

Violet I get Scarlet we're just gonna Trade those exclusive Pokemon back and Forth looking through the comments Though Jacob said I am super excited for The co-op play I play a Pokemon for Years and now the chance to share that Joy I had and play with my daughter Makes this game both Violet and Scarlet An instant buy and you know that is Actually a really really good point that Is one of those reasons that you might Want to buy one of those double packs You can pick up one for your kid or a Friend or whomever and you guys can play It together now because of that Cooperative gameplay I actually am Really excited to check that out myself I'm I'm hoping it turns out well I'm Hearing good things about it again the Gameplay sounding really really good for Pokemon scarlet and violet hopefully Again though they'll fix some of those Performance issues but yeah I am super Super excited to play this game tomorrow When it releases Anyways though that's it for this Episode but if you liked the video don't Forget about notification And subscribe Button for more content just like this Also if you'd like to support the Channel through patreon thank you for Making this content possible peace out

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