Disney, Please Put Wolverine in the Yellow Suit for Deadpool 3

It’s not quite a Deadpool 3 trailer, but we’ll take it: Ryan Reynolds posted a video announcing that Deadpool 3 would feature the return – and Marvel Cinematic Universe debut – Wolverine, played by none other than Hugh Jackman. Wolverine has made a ton of on-screen appearances since X-Men 2000, from a hilarious cameo in X-Men: First Class to his own trilogy of Wolverine movies which got off on the wrong foot with the absolutely terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine but stuck the landing with Logan.

Movie appearances for Wolverine have all had one unfortunate thing in common: he never wore a colorful costume that resembled his comic book appearance. And, whether it’s yellow spandex with blue accents or some kind of tactical brown and orange getup, this upcoming Deadpool 3/MCU appearance could finally remedy this long-standing oversight.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool movies have been two of the funniest superhero movies to date, but they’ve also looked a lot more like the Marvel Comics, at least in the costume department. We won’t see the Deadpool 3 movie for almost two years, but maybe we’ll get a peek at what Hugh Jackman will be wearing before then in a Deadpool 3 teaser if we’re lucky. If nothing else, hopefully we get more of Ryan Reynolds’ funny videos until then – and maybe other new mutants will have cameos in the MCU before the X-Men’s existence is confirmed – which’ll probably be in a post-credits sequence, or as an easter egg in a Disney+ show.

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