BLACK PANTHER 2: WAKANDA FOREVER “Namor Meets Shuri” TV Spot 4K (2022)

Thank you Stop right there Who are you and how did you get in here The air is Underwater My mother told stories about a place Like this a protected land with people That never had to leave Never have to change who they were What reason do you have to rebuild your Secret to the world I am not a woman who Enjoys or repeating herself who are you I had many names My people call me But my enemies call me no more Get out of my door get out Hey Good morning you do not take another Step toward me See how they teach the children to treat Their guests I like it hey hey hey hey put it down Put it you hurt yourself come on it's All right princess small small girl I am going to give you two options you Can come to wakanda conscious or Unconscious Is it a way that you look Walking around here all that Ash on your Head Oh it's funny no it's not I told you you Look good

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