Best & Worst GPUs of 2022 for Gaming: $100 to $1600 Video Cards (New & Used)

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This video looks at the Best GPUs of 2022, including launches from previous years as we evaluate not only what came out this year, but what actually makes sense to buy right now. A lot of the video cards available right now include the RTX 30 series — like the RTX 3080, RTX 3070, and so on — and the AMD RX 6000 series (RX 6600, RX 6650 XT, RX 6900 XT). These cards are some of the best current deals, especially as compared to the new RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. In this video, we’ll walk through each price range and evaluate which cards are the best and worst, and which ones you should pay the most attention to. We’re recapping some of our data over the past few years, but the video is meant to be a more accessible fly-over for people who just want quick answers as to the most competitive cards in each price class. That includes discussion of the RTX 3080 vs. RX 6900 XT in 2022, the RX 6600 vs. GTX 1660 Super, the RTX 3070 vs. RX 6700 XT, and more. Remember that prices are ACTIVELY CHANGING as these manufacturers desperately try to purge their inventory for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so we did our best to provide a tier structure based on the prices at time of writing, but some had already changed at time of editing. The video is built in a way that you can use the information and then adjust your decisions based on price changes once you see it!

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Dirt Cheap GPUs that we don’t particularly recommend

NVIDIA GT 1030 GDDR5 (not recommended, but certainly better than DDR4) on Amazon:
NVIDIA GT 1630 GDDR6 on Amazon:

Entry-Level GPUs

NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super on Amazon:
AMD RX 6600 on Amazon:

Mid-Range GPUs

AMD RX 6650 XT on Amazon:
NVIDIA RTX 3050 on Amazon:
Intel Arc A750 8GB on Amazon (not recommended):

High/Mid-Range GPUs

NVIDIA RTX 3060 on Amazon:
AMD RX 6700 on Amazon:
Intel Arc A770 16GB on Amazon:
AMD RX 6700 XT on Amazon:
AMD RX 6750 XT on Amazon:
NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti on Amazon:

High-End GPUs
NVIDIA RTX 3070 on Amazon:
NVIDIA RTX 3080 on Amazon:
AMD RX 6900 XT on Amazon:
AMD RX 6950 XT on Amazon:
NVIDIA RTX 4090 on Amazon:
Don’t buy the 4080


00:00 – The Best & Worst GPUs of 2022
02:23 – How These Videos Work & Price Changes
04:14 – Best $100-$200 GPUs (& Worst)
05:47 – Realizing Something About the 4080 12GB
07:38 – Best $200-$300 GPUs
10:19 – Best $300-$400 GPUs
14:33 – Best $400-$750 GPUs (Prices Changed)
19:32 – Best $750+ GPUs
21:49 – Used GPUs That Do & Don’t Make Sense in 2022

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Host, Writing, Video Editing: Steve Burke
Video Editing: Vitalii Makhnovets
Video Lead & Editing: Andrew Coleman

After about a year of unbelievably Disappointing GPU launches like Intel Arc gpus that have drivers that do this Amd's RX 6500 XT with four pcie lanes For some inexplicable reason and Nvidia In general but mostly the first half of The year in the RTX 4080 so also kind of The second half of the Year we're ready To round them all up and as of some sort Of universal payback card prices have Absolutely plummeted as manufacturers And retailers have scrambled to dump old Inventory that's still perfectly viable At prices that are way below where they Were during the entire last two years When they were gouging everybody so now Is it now the the video cards have come Home to roost that's how it goes here It's the same that we use and that means There's a lot of available inventory so Here's what we're doing today the prices With them finally returning to Consumer Favor even if the cards are a few years Old we're including them and our best of For 2022 because this isn't really like A best of cards that came out this year But rather it's a best things you can Buy right now in each price category so That means looking at the new prices Whether that includes pricing for Black Friday Cyber Monday or whatever sales Come after this uh through December to Try and figure out what you should buy We'll talk about used stuff as well at

The end so you'll get a look at eBay as Well and all the links for the stuff That you can buy new retail we'll put Them in the description if you want to Pick one up we brought you this video You can currently get 10 off of with code thanks Steve at checkout this video is made Possible by all the sport from our Subscribers so thanks subscribers to Help fund another year of in-depth Testing grab something on the store and Get a quality product in return we just Restocked our wildly popular blue and Black wireframe mouse mats which give a Desk sized mousing service with detailed 3D wireframes of CPU coolers Motherboards RAM and more we go the Extra mile with our mats by using a Custom blue rubber Underside to match The blue anti-freeze stitching at the Borders ensuring a durable mat with a Vibrant color pop alternatively refresh Your setup with a new black and red HUD Mouse mat made with the same high Quality materials except with bright Custom Red Rubber Underside and Stitching head over to to support our Work in 2023 and refresh your setup Today so these types of videos we make Them to be accessible for people who Maybe don't check in every day on the Newest GPU and CPU launches and things

Like that but we'll have reviews of each Of the cars we're talking about Linked In the description if you see one that's Interesting to you and you want the full Contact but keep in mind that as prices Have fluctuated some of the statements You'll need to adjust them obviously for The new pricing but the performance Doesn't change so that makes that part Easy the most important thing is that The 7900x TX and the 7900 XT are not out Yet so the year is not done there are More cards coming out there'll be two of Them from AMD the reference models will Hit first around December 13th and then Partner models will be after that Basically going to be end of the year by The time those are available from what We understand right now so uh if you're In a position to wait and you're buying In the 900 plus price class you probably Should wait just to see how it plays out Keep it in mind that you know so they Might be in stock today but there's no Guarantee you get stock in say three Weeks when this stuff all launches as For the rest for this best of Roundup We're going to break each category into An admittedly arbitrary but easy to use 100 dollar section as we go up the stack So we'll start 100 to 200 200 300 and so Forth so you can make some personal Decisions if you're looking to spend About 200 whether that means you're

Looking at 100 200 or 200 to 300 we'd Suggest look at both sections and then Make a decision based on the entire Range surrounding your price point You're looking at and final note we're Not making judgments on specific models Today like gaming X or Trio or strix or Whatever but rather the GPU core the Thing that's actually under the card to Point you in the right direction and Most of them keep in mind are pretty Similar other than things like Quality of life features and those start To matter more as you get into the 250 300 plus category so let's get started Starting off with the 100 to 200 gpus The options here are pretty limited this Is the table we put together just for a Quick flyover you can always go with an Integrated graphics processor like on an Intel or an AMD CPU but those don't come Anywhere close to comparing to a Dedicated GPU in most instances anyway We spotted GTX 1660 supers around the 180 Mark the GTX 1650 is around 160 Dollars and even some ancient GTX 1050 TI is from 2016 for 160 bucks and those Were being sold new so if you're one of The viewers who watches these videos Once every say four or five years when You build a new computer welcome back Nothing's changed apparently at the 160 Point Let's ignore the 1050 TI the Cheapest cars include the GT 1030 ddr4

Model and GT 1030 gddr5 model as a Reminder if you didn't know the ddr4 GT 1030 is absolute trash it is garbage and Deserves to be burned in a bin at least If we do that we can get something Useful out of it like inhaling the fumes As it burns to hopefully permanently Forget about its existence in some of Our tests from 2018 because somehow four Years later this is still basically the Only card that is around a hundred Dollars we saw the GT 1030 ddr4 model at 28 FPS average versus 63 in rocket League with the gdr5 model Dota 2 was Much the same a game from 2013 from 2003 Is exactly what should be played on the GT 1030 but at 32 FPS for the ddr4 model Versus 67 on the G5 model it's clear That these aren't anywhere close to Deserving of the same name it's Unbelievable that Nvidia ever even Thought to use the same name on two Completely different cards with totally Different specs but that was 2018. we're Willing to move on and put all this Behind us as long as Nvidia is learned They did why but with the 4080 And then they did what Really No But we still wouldn't recommend buying One of these 10 30s in general this is An arena where an extra 15 money gives Multiples back so skip this one and

Let's talk about those multiples you can Get the 180 GTX 1660 super the 160 GTX 1650 and the 160 even 1050 TI remain Options we recently retested the 1050 TI Since we saw it was still an active Seller and then 1050 TI was at times About the same as Intel's arcade 380 but We still wouldn't buy a 2016 card in 2022 that's being sold for the same Price it was six years ago so now we get To the actual answer for this price Category for some 200 and that leaves us With basically the 1660 super and sort Of the RX 6600 when you can find it it's Sort of fleeting in and out in this Price range very readily available at 200 to 210 220 it's a little rarer below 200 but those two are the most sensible Sub 200 options that you can get right Now if you're buying new today and if The 6 1660 super is what you're looking For that one's from 2019 at the time it Performed plus or minus a bit the RX 590 Which was a pre-overclocked RX 580 which Was a pre overclocked RX 480. the 1660 Super was also beaten by a GTX 1070 in a Lot of scenarios if you see a used one Somewhere and that leads us to the 6600s Where we saw some of them for 190 but Again they were fleeting moving on to The 200 to 300 price range here's what We found in this price class Intel Arc Makes its first meaningful appearance at 290 the real price isn't shown here

Because it's the early adopter pain Price meaning you're going to be paying With pain to endure driver issues AMD Makes a fierce showing in this price Category particularly with the 6600 at That 190 to 210 dollar range if you'd Forgotten because I did before Researching for this piece the RX 6600 Launched at 330 dollars which is hard to Believe given that new units can be Grabbed for almost half of that in box Other cards include the 6650x T which we Didn't formally review because it's a Refresh that's 250 to 290 dollars it's Way too much at the higher end of that And it includes the RTX 3050 at 270 to 290. the RX 6600 XT has a one-off spot We found for 220 dollars by a board Partner we've never heard of this seems Rare most of them were out of stock when We checked but again we saw a few on Neweggs it's worth at least looking Around out of all these we think the 6600 is the best deal it's at the low Range of this so you could obviously go Up but it outperforms the Intel a750 in Most cases it's far cheaper and worst Case it kind of equals it yet it has More reliable drivers and the 90 bucks You save is Big that's an easy victory Over intel if you see the 6600 XT under 250 grab that instead as for the RTX 3050 that's all over the place the Rx6600 is generally better in

Rasterization like in Final Fantasy 14 Where the 6600 non-xt at 157 FPS average Through the 3050s 121 is a clear Victory It also added clear victory in 2 Numerator where the 6600 was at 126 FPS Average to the 3050s 92 and although the 3050 would do better in Ray tracing use Cases it's not really the right price Class to start worrying about that it's The wrong feature to add so for these Reasons we choose the 6600 as the best Value in this category based on the Pricing today and RT performance you Just mostly forget about worry about it Once you're 30 60 plus unless you have Specific use cases in mind already but By and large you just need more more Raster performance first to really to Matter for the vast majority of games so The a750 that's more of an Enthusiast Toy we have the review links below if You're interested in it but we wouldn't Recommend it due to the driver issues And the suffering you're going to go Through uh on and off with it and for The 6650 XT it's a refresh you could Consider it it just depends on price it Seems to have mostly replaced the 6600 XT for availability now but the 6600 is Just such good value at 190 to 210 that It's worth the strongest consideration Here on to the 300 to 400 price range For this one we found the 30 60 TI cards Rarely available at 320 but we noticed

Upon clicking through that those were Open box items so essentially used Except resold by a retailer instead of On eBay be careful with open box items If you don't want them retailers like Newegg in this instance don't always Make it obvious that it's open box until You click all the way through and Sometimes the text isn't particularly Large so these don't count new cards in This range included the RTX 3050 higher End models at 300 to 320 but these Should be skipped considering there are Cheaper options in the previous tier the RTX 3060 starts at about 340 dollars With the RTX 3060 TI at 380 to 400. the A770 can be mostly eliminated from the List if you're going Intel Arc at all The a750 achieves the vast majority of The performance of the a77 Andy but it's A lot cheaper our same disclaimers Remain for this one as before we want Intel to do well but it's not your job To subsidize a company with a market cap Of 123 billion dollars after they've Already been subsidized by governments Anyway Intel can figure this out for Themselves if you want the card because You're genuinely interested go for it But there's no need to Kickstart Arc we Can also eliminate the 3050 since it's Available that's here below this the RX 6600 XT can also be eliminated the 6650 XD has replaced it and it's available

Widely at 250 to 290 on NewEgg it seems To be about 290 on Amazon as well most Commonly we spotted it in the 300 to 320 Dollar price range that leaves the RTX 3060 on our list of cards in this range Compared to the 6650 XT and we'll use The 6600 XD as a standard when we first Reviewed it the rx6600 XT was already Outperforming the RTX 3060 in some of Our tests Tomb Raider for example had it On 135 FPS average versus 123 on the 30 60. 1440p yielded the same result 4K Pushed them to a functional equality and Three Kingdoms allowed the 3060 to equal The 6600 XT at 1440 PM 1080p Red Dead 2 Pushed the 6600 XT again above the 3060 And the 6650 XT would push even further Ahead of that for numbers closer to Today checking our a770 review we saw The 6600xc outperformed the 3060 by an Incredible 19 in some of these Benchmarks in total Warhammer 3 at 1080p Though the 3060 outperformed the 6600 XT By nine percent Rainbow Six Siege had The 66 XT at 340 FPS average which is a Lead of 12 percent of the 30 60. so There's a little back and forth and then Over the couple years as well it's moves Around slightly but overall purely on Rasterization performance you should Just buy whichever of these cards is Cheaper uh if there's more than say a 20 To 30 dollar Gap and at 250 to 270 for The best price to 6650 XT is it's pretty

Hard to beat for the 340.3060 but as it Gets closer to say 320 bucks for the 6650 XT it's it's there's a little bit Of external factors there from Rasterization and that mostly comes down To how you feel that Ray traced games And features so for RT performance the 3060 is vastly superior even in the Lightest RT test Tomb Raider with rt Shadows have the 3060 ahead of the 6600 XD this will remain true with the 6650 XT as well and despite its performance Uplift it's just not going to be enough So the way this price category breaks Down is pretty simple you only have two Cards to pay attention to for the most Part unless something more expensive Comes down into this class and the 3060 Takes the lead if you're interested in Experimenting with Ray tracing very Specifically if you don't really care You mostly play and rasterized stuff Meaning no RT then just get the 6650 XT Uh and you'll be good as for the 3060 TI That'll just depend on the price so There were a couple out there it's Mostly the same argument as the 3060. It's interesting for RT primarily but 100 to 140 dollars more than the 6650 XT Depending on how cheap that is when You're shopping just isn't really worth It for most users as far as we're Concerned it's time to speed it up a Little bit and widen the price range

We're gonna go from 400 to about 750 now And this becomes necessary because the Options start to space out a little bit From each other that is and they also End up being the difference is a smaller Percentage of the total cost so going From 600 to 700 doesn't feel quite as Bad as going from 100 to 200 and that's Where we're going to widen this so for This price range we found a couple of Things the 3060 TI's are at about 400 to 440 here they were slightly cheaper ones A little bit below this before 6700 XTS we're at 410 to 420 these are pretty Interesting the 6750 XT refreshes 400 to 450 the 6900 XT is actually super Interesting at 650 at the cheapest we Saw today and readily available that is Brand new RTX 3080s we're at 700 which Is the original launch MSRP and that Oddly includes some that don't release Until December meaning they're not even Out yet it's a little bit late 630 370 TI's are also available uh 530 30 70 Non-tis and then 530 dollar 6800 XTS so To simplify this one we'll work top down And go through each one's strengths the RX 6900 XT at 650 is actually pretty Great positioning especially compared to The original one thousand dollar launch Price if you're interested in high frame Rate gaming at 1440p this actually does Incredibly well it holds up okay at 4K But the RTX 3080 has some advantages at

Higher resolutions and 4K is a higher Resolution the 6900 XT and 6950 XT Aren't as strong in Ray tracing as the 3080 and that's especially true compared To the RTX 40 series but these cards are Powerful and non-ray traced performance The 4080r performs these but not nearly In a big enough way to justify the 1200 MSRP and an actual street price closer To 1400. moving on the RTX 3080 makes The most sense as a high-end Ray tracing Or 4K card while still Landing far below The RTX 40 series which for the 4080 is Woefully overpriced it made sense at 700 Two years ago to buy a 3080 and although It feels kind of bad that it hasn't Moved it still makes sense today even Though the 40 series is better it's Again just it's really not even close They don't make sense to compare to each Other the rx6800 XT is a fierce Competitor to the 3080 particularly at 1440p if you're trying to save 170 bucks The 6800 XT makes a lot of sense it's a Big cost savings you can put that Towards other parts of the build whilst Still got an overall excellent and Competitive non-rt performance and you Can see that in any number of our charts Over the last few years that it's Existed including some of the more Recent benchmarks now for RT performance It's still weaker than the immediately Equivalent RTX options as for the 30 70

The 6700 XT and the 6750 XT these three Options trade back and forth depending On the game and the resolution the 6750 Is it's just 700 except refresh it's a Little faster when the 30 70 is ahead we Notice that its lead is generally more Meaningful I mean a wider lead so for Example in our Rainbow Six Siege Benchmarks from when it launched it was Holding a pretty good lead over the 6700 XT it also has a stronger RT lead but The 6700 XT and the 6750 XT are cheaper At 400 to 450 versus 530 and they punch Pretty close to the 3070 depending on The game you're looking at now part of The reason we also kept that category a Lot simpler we're not going to go Through as many charts as we've been Doing of course they're all on the Channel if you really care about one of Those part of the reason though is Because with the 900 price floor coming In for the 7900 XT the brand new card Probably this category is going to be The one that shuffles around a little Bit we wouldn't be surprised to see some Of the cars that are between that 600 And 900 Mark maybe move a little more Downward in price as the new AMD cards Come out but we'll see what happens Spoiler alert the price has changed in This category so the 6700 6750 like we Just said at the beginning those prices Are lower now they're a lot more

Compelling at these lower prices because In 30 70 depending on where you're Looking at it does have a pretty big Lead over the 6700 XT uh depending on The application of course but big enough Where when they were closer together in Price the 3070 was more compelling but With the 6700x team moving around so Much it might become more interesting to You now but these prices are in constant Fluctuation with the sales going on Today specifically and so some of this You're going to have to take the Information we've given you and then Adjust it based on what the prices are At the instant you see the video and When it goes live there's a bit of a Latency there so we kept that one a Little shorter just because it's most Likely to be in flux soon the last Category here is 750 plus it's pretty Simple so obviously there's some stuff Like 3080 TI's and things of that There's still some 39 these 390 TI's out There the prices seem a little bit more Variable on those so the 390 TI's Briefly were like a grand a little bit Before the 40 80 and 90 launched and When we just briefly checked earlier They were closer to like 1300 1500 and That feels kind of bad so and even a Grand now is it's a little too close to The 4080 irrespective of its untenable Price to feel okay buying at this point

On the upside it's a cheap ish way to Get a lot of video memory if you get it For a thousand dollars but that's pretty Rare now so you're basically you the Ones to really pay attention here it's Going to be the 40 series the 40 90 is Genuinely an impressive performer just Looking at the numbers as they appear in The charts it did pretty well and the Design of the Fe cards I don't know if This is 48 or 90 90. they look the same Though the design of the Fe cards are Surprisingly good this generation There's not a lot of them though so you Are likely going to end up buying a Partner model the partner models in General are still going to cool better They have some extra features like dual V bios that are nice but the price goes Up obviously so anyway at sixteen Hundred dollars the 40 90 it's clearly Expensive but it at least behaves like a Flagship and it's priced like a flagship And that's something we're kind of used To or it's similar to looking like a Titan where you go okay ah it's a little Superfluous and the price is clearly Stupid for the performance Delta between The Titan and whatever the top end GTX Card was at the time but in this Scenario we lose that Anchor Point Because the 4080 is a really stupid Price like the 4080 is priced in a way That makes the 40 90 look compelling

Maybe that's intentional maybe it's the Classic upsell but either way for this 750 plus category We're gonna just leave this one to watch Our recent reviews because they're brand New Um there's no point in recap now it's Got the newest possible data we've Collected and the short version is the 4080 You Should Skip and the 4090 Maybe consider it but it's just that That 4080 price point just makes kind of Everything feel pretty bad right now on The Nvidia front of things so finally Just out of curiosity we also checked EBay this is obviously a total roll that Dies it depends on the seller everything Is based on a single unit so the stuff We're talking about probably won't even Be available when you watch this video But just for reference only and out of Interest we found RTX 3050s for 192 Dollars it's a good consideration over The 1660 super uh especially at that 180 200 Mark so you should consider it but Just it's probably used and 3050 maybe Wasn't as abused in the mines as say 3080s where but it's something you need To be aware of and it's really up to you If you want to play that game with Sellers we also spotted an RX 6600 Non-xt card for 170 which is actually a Pretty awesome deal assuming the card is In good shape and it's not a scam and on

EBay buy it now we saw the 6800 xt's for 525 130 that didn't seem worth it 3080s For 560 dollars a big price drop worth Considering if you're okay dealing with The third party sellers 6900 xt's for 630 not worth it compared to the brand New prices we saw a 6650 XT is for like 250 265 dollars also not worth it just Buy it new it's basically the same price And then 30 70s were like 350 to 360 Versus 530 news that's a pretty big Difference same thing worth considering At that price range uh personally I Haven't yet gotten screwed by an eBay Seller but we have bought scam cars now We intentionally bought those we knew They were scams we could identify them From the listing but the point is They're out there it's just you need to Be vigilant or at least Prepared and capable of dealing with it If it happens hopefully AMD kicks Nvidia In the ass just enough to nudge that Price down right on the 4080. otherwise As long as AMD can meet the demand They're gonna do pretty well in the 7000 Series for being the only one that Showed up at 900 a thousand dollars so That's gonna be it for that part of the List that that section 750 plus it's Really honestly our answer to that if You're buying 750 plus is probably if You can just wait no guarantee you get a 7000 series card of course uh but they

Will probably affect opinion and price Positioning of some of the stuff in this Category so that's it for this one thank You for watching as always subscribe for More you go to to Help us out directly and these best of Pieces like we said before uh setting The stage we're really just trying to Help people who kind of dip out for a Few years while they go build their Build and have fun with it and then come Back in So if you want all the detail as Always check out the individual reviews But that's the recap we'll see you all Next time

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