Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm – Official Exclusive Clip (2022) Carey Means, Dana Snyder

[Music] Just take an ass but I'm sure you're Fine you're damn water meat okay is that All that's up I love the fry a lot have A good one oh I mean hold on I got another foot cancer you ain't got No feet not anymore I lost some hair loss and uh it burns When you pee say that what That's a film oh you better believe it It's called syphilis I have it now look At me and sniffles Where you staying I'll come to you Remember our old crib I'm next door Crashing my car and he prefer and when It's over but this is a very angry Person really drinks which is most of The time Shaking over there right cause you know I don't want to see him if he's there You tell him to take a walk okay well You tell him that he sucks it hot dog Because he does well I'll keep saying Stuff away from me When I tell you to say something you Repeat it like the puppet you are

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