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Foreign And or episode 8 Once Again ratchets up The tension as Cassian is cooling his Heels inside an imperial labor prison And as the ISB continues to tighten its Grip in its search our old friend saw Guerrera turns down an opportunity to Join the Rebel Alliance directed by Toby Haynes narkina 5 shows more Imperial Oppression and why Rebel characters like Lutheran rail actually want them to Crank it up a notch we're going to break All that down plus a bunch of new Easter Eggs that we spotted before we get to All that we have to warn you you know How it works we're going to spoil Everything from here on out so if you Don't want spoilers please leave Go on get Oh Right there on program okay we're past The spoilers so let's get right to it Cassian is in prison on narkina 5 under An assumed name and it sucks that the Prison not the name it's definitely more Of a forced labor camp than anything Else so as he's coming to terms with his New status quo supervisor diedramiro and The ISB are still trying to hunt him Down not knowing that he's actually Already in their system Nero and the ISB Drill down on information provided by Former deputy inspector Cyril Karn who's Doing his damnedest to wind up working

For them by submitting a bunch of Fraudulent paperwork as all of this is Happening bixkaline tries to send a Message to Cassian because his adoptive Mom marva's health is failing over on Pharynx but that just brings the Empire Down on her and her friends and now She's on the run and while all this is Happening Lutheran rail visits saw Guerrera at his hideout on segra Milo And tries to get him to join the larger Operation and saw refuses and Lutheran Gets all shady and dark and says that he Wants the Empire to get worse because That will encourage people to join the Rebellion people like saw anyway we'll Get to that in a minute that was a lot To lay on you all at once so let's just Start at the beginning and recap Everything in detail a little more to Show how we wound up here so like we Said before Cassian spends this episode Getting acquainted with his new life as An imperial prisoner on narquino 5. they Can't wear shoes because That's why and that is how the Imperial Guards keep order in this here Work Camp Just straight up frying anybody who Steps out of line or steps out of their Cells it makes that magnetic floor Prison from Face Off look like a minimum Security Country Club the floor is Actually worse than lava it's Electricity I think that's worse than

Lava I don't know right away we meet Andy circus's gulp Shadow character Kino Loy he's a prisoner with 249 days left On his sentence so he's not putting up With any Shenanigans from newbies like Keith which is cassian's fake name for Now actually I lied it is kind of a Crappy name calcium joins Table 5 on Kino Lloyd's production floor and it's Clear right away that these prisoners Are being worked to death literally They're making some kind of mechanical Components that require a lot of Physical labor to assemble and that's What the whole table pulling their Weight they're constantly competing with Other tables to produce the most Whomever produces the least each day Gets Zapped by that shitty electric Floor so they have tons of motivation to Put out as many components as absolutely Possible every single day it's a high Pressure high stress environment when Cassian first arrives he's hit with the Realization that this is going to be Dank Ferrick nightmare because he's been Sentenced to six years of this the Episode goes to Great Lengths to show us That it is very unlikely that Cassian is Going to escape from this place not only Do the prisoners have zero privacy since Their cells don't actually have doors The floor zaps are cranked up to a Maximum so when a fellow prisoner loses

Hope and steps out of his cell on Purpose the floor just fries him on the Spot So at this point unless he gets out of This place there is a better than strong Chance that he is going to die here After all he himself was a replacement For a prisoner who didn't make it I mean Aside from the fact that we know that he Dies in Rogue one there are a few Glimmers of Hope for Cassian getting out He spotted prisoners making hand signals At each other between the glass hallways So maybe they have some kind of secret Plan in the works and then of course There's the very likely possibility that Miro and the ISB track him down and Whisk him off to who knows where though That could very well be more of an out Of The Frying Pan into the fire type of Situation Hey Some kind of ISB intervention seems very Likely because Miro is hot on cassian's Tail she had a hunch that a bunch of Equipment thefts throughout the Galaxy Were not random crimes rather that Carefully planned work of a secretly Organized Insurgency that is slowly Assembling people and Tech to eventually Stand against the Empire's might and That hunch which we know is true just Got the green light to become a special Investigation so Miro is free to go

Wherever she wants and bother whomever She wants and of course the first person She decides to bother is Arnold Hal Cyril Karn Karn is supposed to be Focusing on his new cubicle job at the Imperial Bureau of Standards but instead Of filling out TPS reports about pipe Fittings and safety walkways for Imperial military facilities he's been Using this new gig to submit quasi Fraudulent paperwork regarding one Cassian Andor in hopes of getting our Hero in trouble as revenge for costing Cyril his security job on morlana one Just to clear my name one would think You'd want to leave ferricks as far Behind as possible one would be wrong Despite initially giving card a bunch of for doing this Miro eventually Realizes that he has some value as he Provides some info that proves Immediately helpful she tells him to Stop submitting fraudulent reports that Attract the attention to the ISP and That she'd put in a good word for him With his bosses at the Bureau of Standards that Cyril has been a good Little boy and I'll give him a raise or Some cookies or whatever and that is When Cyril makes his pitch so Fire Said it foreign Can one ever be too aggressive in Preserving order

Miro's like that's cute kid you can go Back to work but the seed is planted Karn is not going to let up and when Miro's investigation hits a wall he's Going to be the guy to help push it Through we also get a scene inside the ISB briefing room where yet another Member of the ISB brass tries to give Nero the business for her investigation But major partagas steps up and publicly Announces his belief in her theory of a Growing rebellion and his support of her Continuing investigation hey that's nice We basically never see Imperial bosses Do stuff like that so great work party Guys anyway they have the star path unit That Cassian originally stole and they Know that Cassie and Andor was the guy Who stole it and now all they have to do Is you know find Cassie and Andor Meanwhile back on ferrics cassian's Adopted mom marva's health is failing Fast and Bix killing throws caution to The wind trying to contact Cassian via Hidden Rebel Communications on Coruscant Lutheran wants to answer the call but His assistant Clea says no that is very Stupid and that would immediately bring The Empire down on them and she's Totally right and of course bix's Transmission leads Miro in the ISB Straight to ferrics and the episode ends With her getting ready to interrogate Fix and she's not going to be gentle

About it that's that's not how they do Interrogations at the empire in the end Luther and claya don't respond instead Trusting that Veil and sento will Complete their mission which is of Course to assassinate one Cassian Andor Before he can lead the Empire back to Them it turns out that they're also on Ferricks hoping that Cassian shows up They'll eventually leave sad that Santa Wouldn't join her but Santa stays put Refusing to give up her Mission Mona is Working well there's much to be done oh I don't think you're on the menu tonight Say the senator is pitching politics not Charity saving the Empire from the Emperor As all of this is happening mon mothma Is still doing her thing on Coruscant This time that means having yet another Swanky soiree for the political movers And shakers as her husband parent is Working aggressively to get as up As possible on what appear to be gummy Worm and Prosecco Boilermakers mod Mentions that she needs Senate votes to Stave off yet more overreached by Emperor Chief Palpatine you know Emperors are kind of known for Overreaching that's sort of how that Thing works it's not long before take Coma shows up that's her friend and Possible co-conspirator from her Homeworld of chandrala and mon mothma's

Family members they're starting to be a Little annoyed that this dude is just Hanging around all the time these Rebel Insurgencies aren't going to plan Themselves folks even if it looks a Little suspicious anyway mon mothma is Having trouble moving like 400 000 Credits and is looking for help from tay But new banking regulations are making It tougher and tougher to move large Amounts of money around probably because The Empire wants to make it tough for Any dissenters to do you know exactly What mon mothma is trying to do here of Course before they get very far they are Interrupted by mon mothma's daughter Who's basically like this guy is sure Hanging around a lot and then she Awkwardly leaves so they can commit a Little bit of light treason in the Middle of a crowded dinner party which Honestly seems like kind of a bad idea Anyway later obviously knows that Something is up but she's probably got The wrong idea she thinks that her mom Is banging an old friend from high School behind her dad's back really what They're doing is dabbling in some light Conspiracy and treason working together To move money around to help what will Eventually become the Rebel Alliance now It seems likely that late is going to Accuse Monmouth Monte of having an Affair and since what's really going on

Is super duper punishable by death mod Is likely going to have to admit to These claims and preserve the secret she Could of course deny all the accusations Across the board but it's doubtful that Her teenage daughter would buy that just Goes to show you how much mon mothma is Sacrificing for the Rebellion she's not Just putting her life on the line she's Actually driving a massive wedge between Herself and her immediate family we Don't even know what she's doing they Just think she's kind of a jerk Until Krieger he's been probing the Imperial power station at spell house It's found a weakness in the defenses it May take some time to work up but he's Got an angle the man is an ox Slow And stupid as strong I want you to hear His plan and now for that last scene Between Luther and saw Guerrera not all That different from the one that we see Him occupying on Jedi in the First Act Of Rogue one what have you really Brought me Will know the truth Lutheran is like hey Man I've got some gear that I'd like to Sell you and saw is interested until he Hears Lutheran's asking price I'll take All three deflectors How much now you meet with Craig or They're free you don't I'll take them Elsewhere I walk alone that's what I'm

Trying to change I'm not going to put my People at risk Or someone else we need to pull together So we can deduce to this Anton Krieger Guy as another Rebel type about to mix It up with the Empire and he needs some Air support something that saw his group Could provide with at least the X-Wing They have parked outside but saw is not Having it Krieger is a dum-dum he says I Mean my words not his he's concerned That joining Rebel cells will just Doom Everybody to failure but Lutheran's Point is exactly the opposite and if They don't join up they're all doomed Anyway whatever a final version of Success looks like this no chance any of Us can make it real on our own Saul's Answer is still no and offers to buy the Gear that Lutheran wants to give him Which also doesn't work and that's when Lutheran Reveals His real plan something That he's kind of hinted at over the Course of the last few episodes We need the Empire to help we need them Angry you need them coming down hard Depression briefs Rebellion so the Imperial pressure that came after the Aldani heist is precisely what Lutheran Hoped would happen as the Empire begins To tighten the screws on the entire Galaxy they're actually setting into Motion even more Rebellion throughout The Empire The Rebel Alliance when it

Eventually comes together will use this As one of its main tenants More you tighten your grip tuck the more Star systems will slip through your Fingers so there you have it that's why Luther wants things to get worse and He's not alone in that and great news For him because it seems like the Empire Is going out of their way to oblige him Talk to me problems with another inmate I'll know before you do Losing hope your mind Good yourself don't ever Slow up my lines all right now it's time For the Easter eggs that we found and Here is what we got as former deputy Inspector Cyril card is getting grilled By ISB supervisor Mira we can see Clearly that the ISB is recording the Whole conversation and we know this Because of these security cameras which We also saw in A New Hope when Han Chewie and Luke took over the death Star's detention block right before they Rescued Princess Leia This episode marks the second time we've Seen any kind of toilet situation in Star Wars which we see when Cassian is Getting the tour of his cell the last Time we saw a Star Wars toilet it was Aboard the razor Crest in the Mandalorian season one Disney plus great For Star Wars great for Star Wars Toilets obviously saw Guerrera is kind

Of big for an Easter egg this is a Character who's popped up again and Again he was trained in Insurgency During the Clone Wars by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano he met the Ghost crew in Star Wars Rebels he meets Calcustus and kashuk and Jedi fall in Order and of course he meets his end in Rogue one a Star Wars story Also on seguramila we see two tubes Which is the Alias of the Rebel benfic Who has a twin brother named adrio both Of them were still working with saw when They first appeared in Rogue one now my Big question is where is moroth and and Bib's cousin Beezer Fortuna and what About the bore gullet I want more screen Time for these weirdos especially more Off show more off right now you cowards Now if you watch this episode very Closely you might have spotted a brief Glimpse of Andy's circus now you Probably know him as Gollum or King Kong Or Ulysses claw or Caesar the ape or Baloo the Bear or Captain haddock the Raging alcoholic this is technically Andy's first live-action Star Wars role But obviously he plays a much bigger Role in the Galaxy's future as the Heavily computer generated giant Towering supreme leader snoke who first Appeared in the force awakens we were Like who's this guy and then he showed Up in the Last Jedi we're like oh this

Guy's crazy and then uh Foreign You know what let's just leave it there Let's move on can we end this show I Don't want to talk about snoke anymore Anyway what did you think of this Episode is Luther rail's strategy a good One or is he doomed to fail can mon Mothma actually trust take Homa and when Will moroth get his own Disney plus Series hit us with your best series down In the comments below or just tell us Your favorite of Saw guerrera's henchmen I'm Max Scoville thank you for watching This episode of cannon fodder and for More Star Wars check out why the aldani Heist crew should be scared out of their Minds at this point and as always don't Forget to follow And subscribe to IGN Wherever you like to watch I'll see you Next week May the force be with you Foreign

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