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It’s almost time for the big heist! Cassian Andor and the rebels on Aldhani are about to knock over an Imperial garrison and steal the quarterly payroll for an entire Imperial sector. Seems like a suicide mission, so why are they doing this? Join IGN host Max Scoville for Canon Fodder for the full breakdown and all the Easter Eggs we could find.  

Andor episode 5 promises escalation for Cassian Andor. Trailer footage can’t convey the depths of the Cassian Andor story, but episode 5 fulfills the heist the characters worked toward in Andor episode 4. The Andor series is very atypical for Star Wars, with the journey longer and more adult as revolution draws nearer. Andor episode 5 is all about the heist as the Crew warms up to Cassian Andor. Easter egg clues are hidden in the episode again in this episode of Andor! Disney Plus is taking its time with this adult series based on the Star Wars film, Rogue One.

Andor must be examined under a different lens than the typical series, though that doesn’t exclude any Andor easter eggs, don’t worry, we’ll show them all. Though Rogue One is the end of the story, this Disney Plus show is all about the makings of a revolution and a hero, Cassian Andor. Episode 5 review articles are in, and we’re going through the whole episode a little differently on this corner of IGN. Andor marks an important chapter in the overall world of Star Wars. Easter egg hunters will want to keep a close eye on Andor episode 5. As always, the Andor Episode 5 promo trailer is far from the real story of the Disney+ Diego Luna fronted Lucasfilm production. Check out IGN Canon Fodder with Max Scoville for the full breakdown and to get the ending explained and all the easter eggs Aldhani has!

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